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The ClearType font-rendering technology of WinXP flavors improves Font Display Resolution over traditional Font Anti-Aliasing / Font Smoothing techniques.

According to Microsoft, "ClearType improves readability on color LCD monitors with a Digital Interface, such as those in Laptops and high-quality Flat Desktop Displays. Readability on CRT screens [may] also be somewhat improved."


  1. ClearType Font Technology and LCD Displays (1/2/03).
  2. cleartweak: Allows you to change the contrast setting of the ClearType setting for Windows XP.
  3. ClearType information page - activating ClearType - ClearType news - ClearType FAQ
  4. Microsoft ClearType Tuner Customize Your Screen for Your Eyes
  5. Use ClearType for screen fonts
  6. Microsoft typography
  7. images/bullet2.gifClearType Step 1 Turn on Windows XP ClearType: Activate & Tune your ClearType settings.
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