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BuildOrBuy News - Hard Drive Defrag Utilities:
  1. Defrag - Defragmentation Utilities
  2. images/bullet2.gifOrganize Your Hard Drive by Gene Barlow
  3. images/bullet2.gifGene Barlow's Organized HD PowerPoint Presentation
Defragmentation (Defrag):

Fragmentation occurs as files on a Disk are used, moved, deleted and new files are added to the mix. It slows disk access and degrades the overall performance of disk operations. The scattering of parts of the same Disk File over different areas of the Disk can eventually cause a PC Disk to crash when System Files cannot be found due to Fragmentation.

As we make use of larger Hard Disk Drives for more Files of Larger Sizes, Defragmentation (Defragging) becomes all the more important for a Healthy PC to continue to operate smoothly.

Defragmentation is the process of rewriting parts of a File to contiguous sectors on a Hard Disk to increase the speed of access and retrieval. When files are updated, the computer tends to save these updates on the largest continuous (contiguous) space on the Hard Disk, which is often on a different sector than the other parts of the File. A sector is the smallest unit of storage read or written on a disk. When Files thus become fragmented, the computer must search the Hard Disk each time the File is opened to find all of the File's parts, which slows down response time. Digital Audio & Video Files are a good example.

The Win9x Swap File & Win2000 & WinXP Pro Paging File should also be contiguous files respectively. Executive Software's Diskeeper can Defrag the Paging File. Diskeeper does this by providing a method by which the User can Defrag the Paging File on Disk Volume at Boot-time. This is part of Diskeeper's Boot-Time Defragmentation feature.

As always, we suggest Users Defrag often. How often? On average - If you use your PC every day, 5 days a week then Defrag once a week. On today's PC's Defrag is a quick process to solve an old problem - Fragmentation. Defragmentation is preventative maintenance for Personal Computers.


Defrag News:
  1. A Totally Different Perspective on Defrag -  "23 Ways To Speed WinXP Without Defrag..." (2-3-04).
  2. CTN: NSTL Develops Free Evaluation Utility for System Administrators (10/05/01)
  3. Disk Defragmenter in Windows 2000 Maintaining Peak Performance Through Defragmentation
  4. Registry Defragmenter
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  9. Speed Disk stops responding at different points during optimization: Gee, Thanks! 
  10. Disk Defragmenter Hangs After Choosing Disk to Defragment - Win98 / WinME
  11.  Essential Utilities - NT, 2000 & XP:
  12. Winternals Software - Advanced System Tools: Defrag Commander
  13. Inside Disk Defragmenting
  14. Sysinternals Freeware
  15. Regmon v4.32
  16. ERD Commander 2000 v2.0
  17. Monitoring
    Boot-time Registry


Defrag - Defragmentation Utilities:
  1. Diskeeper - Version 8 Best! ◊◊◊◊◊ Version 8 is out now!
    1. Executive Software Press Releases:
      1. Executive Software - Press Releases: Diskeeper 8.0 (September 2, 2003).
      2. Executive Software - Press Releases: Diskeeper 7.0 Second Edition (February 3, 2003).
    3. "Test-For-Yourself" Utility.
    4. Specials: Diskeeper 8.0 - Executive Software Diskeeper Defragmentation 
  2. VCOM - SystemSuite
  3. DefragMentor.Com - FREE!
  4. Vopt -
  6. features Diskeeper for Windows 95-98-NT-2000! Brought to you by
  7. Raxco Software Inc. - PerfectDisk disk defragmenter PerfectDisk 2000
  8. Defrag Manager - Winternals Software - Advanced System Tools (10/28/2002).
  9. Contig v1.40
  10. Inside Disk Defragmenting
  11. O&O Software - Tools for Windows: O&O Defrag 2000

Do you REALLY wanna Defrag a HD - Try FDisk & Format - Works Every Time! Kidding?!?

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DSL Modem compatibility with SWBELL & Windows XP using WinXP Built In DSL Driver Software (PPPoE)
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