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BuildOrBuy News - Data Recovery
images/bullet2.gifFile Systems
  1. images/bullet2.gifData Protection and Recovery in Windows XP
  2. images/bullet2.gifData Recovery and Disaster Planning Support Center
HD & CD-R Data Recovery - Disk Duplication Help:

Since we keep getting so many requests for Data Recovery Help, we have provided this page. Ontrack has the best software if your HD is accessible. If you require more help, DSTX whom we met through Ontrack, can tackle your problem for a FEE! They are NOT Free. Do not contact them unless you're ready to pay for their services. If your data is retrievable, DSTX can do it!

Update: DSTX is now -  Electronic Evidence - Data Recovery (1/5/03).

images/bullet2.gifIf you're experiencing Data Recovery problems with CD-R's, get CD-R Diagnostic. Seems to be what everyone else is running, using or selling.


  1. images/bullet2.gifHDDRecovery... the Onsite and D.I.Y. Data Recovery Site: Self Help Tutorials and Demo Software available as well as providing complete Recovery Solutions - Our friends in Australia! (3/18/2003)
    1. Data Recovery Software from R-TT. File Recovery & Undelete Software.
  2. PC INSPECTOR File Recovery: (9/12/2003).
  3. Stellar Phoenix - NTFS Data File & Partition Recovery: (9/3/2003).
  4. CompuApps DataRecall - Digital Media Recovery: Data Recovery for Hard Drives & Flash Media (6/26/2003).
  5. - BadCopy - Floppy Disk Repair & CD Data Recovery:
  6. Iomega Data Recovery In-Lab and 24x7 On-Site Data Recovery Services for Hard Drives, Servers, Removable Disk Drives, CD-DVD, and More: Free Data Recovery Handbook (4/4/2003).
  7. CDRoller - Toolset for CD data recovery: CD Data Recovery & CD Test / Media Analysis Tool (3/20/2003).
  8. McAfee - EasyRecovery Pro: Supports NTFS - New Technology File System (3/17/2003).
  9. - Windows NTFS FAT 32 Data Recovery Software:
    1. Data Recovery Software for Windows - VirtualLab
  10. Arrowkey, now InfinaDyne: Home of CD/DVD Diagnostic, Data Retriever, Inspector & AccuBurn-R (1/30/2003).
  11. Software Architects SAI:
    1. File Recovery Utilities (12/8/2002).
  12. Arco Data Protection Systems: DupliDisk2 RAID - The most cost effective method of Data Recovery Protection! 
  13. CDCheck - CD checking and recovery software (12/1/2002).
  14. UNERASER.Undelete FAT,FAT32,NTFS files in DOS.Data Recovery Software (10/28/2002).
  15. CDRoller: Proclaims to be a powerful, easy-to-use and low cost toolset for CD data recovery. Also has a new UDF Reader!  (8/26/2002)
  16. DiskInternals - Recover deleted file, undelete files - Supports: FAT / FAT32 / NTFS / NTFS5; CD / DVD Recovery & NTFS Reader for Win 9x.
  17. DriveEasy Diagnostic Software Application for Troubleshooting CD Recorders: They claim to be able to recover lost files from CD-R / CD-RW's to HD and provides Media Information (8/14/2002).
  18.  CD Data Recovery CD-R D-RW & CD-ROM - A Service, not a product to D/L and try; Free Diagnostic Evaluations (8/12/2002).
  19. CDCheck - CD checking and recovery software (8/12/2002).
  20. Eco Data Recovery - Provides Hard Drive Data Recovery & Hard Disk Repair: Plus RAID Data Recovery & CD Recovery! (7/23/2002)
  21. IsoBuster: The Ultimate CD/DVD data recovery tool! (6/22/2002)
  22. CD-ROM Productions: CD-R Diagnostic (1/29/2002).
  23. DSTX Data Recovery Recover Deleted Files 1(888)811-DSTX Texas - The Best!
  24. images/bullet2.gifOntrack Data Recovery has recently updated its domain from to - Data Recovery and award-winning PC Utilities by Ontrack Data International - Excellent Software! Get the Pro Version!
  25.  Windows won't boot - DOS data recovery (5/27/2002).
  26. - Active@ File Recovery Software & Web Service
    4. - UNERASER. Undelete NTFS FAT32 files DOS Data Recovery Software.
  27. File Scavenger - Data Recovery & Ffile Undelete NTFS Volumes (3/20/2002).
  28. images/  Undelete Main Page (3/20/2002).
  29. Restorer2000.NTFS Undelete.Recover deleted files on Windows 2000 NT XP.NTFS (3/20/2002).
  30. - Undelete utilities and data recovery software (Link removed as requested by Vendor. We do NOT know if this product / Service is viable.)

    Quoting: "[D]ue to googles recent and ongoing jagger / bigdadday algo update which
    devalues and even punishes sites that exchange links with non closely related
    category partners I ask that you please remove our link from your website at

    Many sites are already seeing the down effects of this update and I ask you to
    please remove our link URL before we are affected by it.
    Thanks you

    Data Recovery Clinic"

    Gladly - GB

  31. - EasyRecovery Pro
  32. Data Recovery software for corrupted files.
  33. Data Recovery - Recovers Deleted Files (1/19/2002).
  34. Winternals Software - FileRestore
  35. InstantRecovery - Disaster recovery solution from NovaStor Corporation (3/5/2002).
  36. Byte Back Data Recovery and Computer Investigation tools. Perform risk-free data recovery and uncompromised computer investigation and forensic analysis .
  37. Copy Hard Drive Images Fast & Easy with DriveUp - Upgrade to a Larger Drive NOW! (3/5/2002)
  38. EZ-Imager Details - Hard drive upgrade software, backup, restore, image your hard drive, disaster recovery protection (3/5/2002)
  39. Data Recovery Software, Virus Protection Software, form (3/5/2002)
  40. CaptureIt Utilities Software by Ontrack Data International (3/5/2002).
  41.  Future Systems Solutions - DriveSpan
  42. Solitaire Hard Drive Duplicator from Advanced World Products
  43. Image Masster Solo - Hard Drive Duplicator
  44. DISCookie Highlights
  45. CD Data Guys Data Recovery Center Hard Drive CD-R CD-RW CDR CDRW
  46. Computer Forensics, Investigations and Security. WinHex as a Data Recovery and Computer Investigation Tool
  47. DFSee disktool, Fsys Software: Disk analysis, maintenance and recovery utility.
  48. Solitaire Handheld (Portable, handheld, 1 to 1 HDD Duplicator):
  49. - Free Hard Disk Utilities Recover Deleted Files and Lost Data: (3/26/2004).
  50. images/bullet2.gifFrom Tom Tyner: Drive Rescue - the hard disk recovery tool (5/18/2002).
  51. MBR: DiskPatch v1.0 - A low level utility for MBR, partition table and boot sector recovery. Replaces RepoMan. Plus... iRecover (Supports FAT, FAT32 & NTFS) & DataBack Lite (8/21/2003).
    1. - MBRtool, same people.
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