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NTFS - New Technology File System:

NTFS - An advanced File System designed for use specifically within the Windows 2000 & WinXP Operating Systems. Both of which support FAT, FAT32 & NTFS File Systems. NTFS supports File System Recovery, extremely large storage media, long file names, and various features for the POSIX subsystem. It also supports object-oriented applications by treating all files as objects with user-defined and system-defined attributes. And... In NTFS - All filenames are Unicode based, and 8.3 filenames are kept along with long filenames.

POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface for UNIX) - An (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) IEEE 1003.1 standard that defines a set of operating-system services. Programs that adhere to the POSIX standard can be easily ported from one system to another. POSIX was based on UNIX system services, but it was created in a way that allows it to be implemented by other operating systems.

  1. images/bullet2.gifNTFS.com NTFS vs FAT32 FAT16 FAT.Comparing Performance: Comparison Chart.
  2. images/bullet2.gifNTFS.com Hidden System Files in Windows NT.XP.2000:
  3. 100108 - Overview of FAT, HPFS, and NTFS File Systems:
  4. msdn.microsoft.com - File System Components: NTFS File System Components - "...FAT32, FAT16, and FAT12 implementations are legacy technology."
  5. Enumerating NTFS Properties:
  6. Linux NTFS Project: Currently Read Only support (11/6/2003).
    1. Home - NTFS Documentation: "NTFS is the File System of Windows NT, 2000 and XP. It supports almost all POSIX features, all HFS features, and all HPFS features."
  7. www.winntmag.com - Inside NTFS: (January 1998).


NTFS & ADS - Alternate Data Streams:
  1. msdn.microsoft.com - NTFS: Platform SDK: Storage - Default Cluster Sizes
  2. Master File Table - MFT for NTFS (MBR)
  3. File Management Under NTFS
  4. Supported File Systems: Under Windows, see NTFS.
  5. NTFS Recoverability
  6. Multiple Data Streams:
  7. NTFS Streams - (ADS) Alternate Data Streams.
  8. images/bullet2.gifNTFS Alternate Data Streams - The Dark Side of NTFS (Microsoft’s Scarlet Letter)
  9. Hidden NTFS Alternate Data Streams (ADS) Explained - NTFS Alternate Data Streams; Stream Files do not show in Directory/File Lookups.
    1. Free NTFS ADS Check utility (9kb).
    2. TDS v3.2.1 now available! (2/4/2003)
  10. Windows, NTFS and Alternate Data Streams (May 9, 2001).
  11. M-034 Window File Wiping Utilities Miss Alternate Data Streams
  12. NTFS.com Alternate Data Stream.Multiple Data Streams.
  13. FAQ NTFS and ADS
    1. Heysoft - LADS: List Alternate Data Streams (Freeware!).
  14. NTFS Alternate Data Streams
  15. Maresware computer forensics, Alternate Data Streams hides data:
    1. www.dmares.com/maresware/ac.htm#COPYADS
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