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  1. images/bullet2.gifComponents
  2. images/bullet2.gifMedia Players - Digital Playback!
  3. images/bullet2.gifPointing Devices
  4. images/bullet2.gifScreen Recorders - Video
Our qualifications for a great Digital Audio Media Player include:
  1. Digital Redbook CD-Audio Playback, NOT Analogue!
  2. Ability to read CDDB or
  3. Read CD-Text.
  4. Read, Create & Playback Media Lists.
  5. Rip Audio, (DAE) Digital Audio Extraction.
  6. Record Audio.
  7. Plays CD-Audio (Wav), MP3 & Windows Media Audio formats.

Media Jukebox has split into two products - Version 8.0, a "music only" product & Version 9.0, an "all media" product with a new name - "J. River Media Center". Version 9.0 will be released in a few weeks with features competing with Windows XP Media Center - See New Features Here (1/28/2003).


Digital Media Players:
  1. images/bullet2.gifTotal Recorder Standard Edition V4.4! Available in Standard, Professional and Developer Editions. Also... Announcing two new PC based Audio Applications from High Criteria - Phone-In Buddy - A program for Telephone based Dictation to a PC & Transcription Buddy (3/18/2004).
  2. J. River MEDIA CENTER, Media Jukebox has arrived! MEDIA CENTER 9.0 software has just been officially released! (5/27/2003)
  3. JetAudio 5 Plus (3/3/2003).
  4. - RealOne Player 2.0 reviewed by PC Magazine - Oh really? You decide who has the best Media Player! (1/21/2003)
  5. Audio CD Players by Rating - CWSApps: List of CD Players
  6. Gracenote CDDB-Enabled Players: Full List + Digital CD Players
  7. - Creative MediaSource: DVD-Audio Playback!
  8. images/bullet2.gifEAC - Exact Audio Copy: Very Nice DAE & Redbook CD-Audio Media Player on Win2000; Default Playback, Analogue! Set for Digital Playback! In the FAQ.txt accompanying documentation they mention:

    EAC Q: What are "Alternate CD Play Routines"? [Digital Audio Playback!]
    EAC A: These routines will playback audio tracks by extracting the data and
    directly playing them through the soundcard. It is not necessary that
    the drive is connected to the soundcard by a cable.

    This IS Digital Audio Playback! To enable: From EAC File Menu, select EAC, EAC Options F9. Select the 2nd Tab, General. Place a check mark by "Use alternate CD play routines". Press OK. Close EAC and restart to make sure changes are enabled.

    Under Win2000 we did experience a little stuttering during Digital Audio Playback. Pretty good for a Beta CardWare application! (8/2/2002 - 8/3/2002)

  9. images/bullet2.gifFeurio! CD Writer: Sold through Nero - Reads CD-R ATIP & Does Digital / Analogue Playback + selects which Sound Card to use if applicable!
  10. MEDIA JUKEBOX plays audio & video--organizes, rips, encodes mp3, real & wma: Uses Digital Rights Management
  11. images/  Download Center - Windows Media Technologies: Windows Media Player 7.1 plays back Digital Audio (Not Default), does NOT read CD Text.
  12. images/bullet2.gifMUSICMATCH Jukebox Digital Audio Software: Plays back Digital Audio (Default), DOES read CD Text. Special Nero Player version (TDK Digital Mixmaster) packaged with TDK CD-RW Drives.
  13. Quintessential Player: QCD Player - Plays MP3, Ogg Vorbis, Wav, Real Media (With Plug-In) and [Redbook] CD [Digital Audio] support!
    1. Tara's Real Audio Input Plugin for QCD v3.22 +: (2/20/2004)
  14. Sonique Web v3.0: Media Player


Media Player Plug-Ins:
  1. . DFX by Power Technology . DSP Sound Enhancement for Digital Audio
  2. () SRS Labs Inc.: SRS WOW Audio
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