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  1. ../images/bullet2.gifEmail Agents
  2. ../images/bullet2.gifEmail Clients
  3. ../images/bullet2.gifReading Mail Headers
  4. ../images/bullet2.gifMail Server Software
Email Tools, News & Updates:

Email, can't live with it can't live without it? Get use to this new level of a security threat. Yes, no matter how well you may think your system is protected with AntiVirus and a Firewall, if you receive Email you're inviting trouble. Protect yourself. Since knowledge is power knowing what comes from who will help you in tracking and stopping this nuisance.

A good Trace Route application can come in handy too. See: Visual TraceRoute & Email Tracker from Visualware.

  1. Warning: Unfriendly Greeting Cards Exposed! Just say No to E-cards (12/10/2002).
  2. images/bullet2.gifMailWasher: An easy solution to managing incoming email! (7/12/2002)
  3. images/bullet2.gifwhois, ping, traceroute, internet connectivity - VisualRoute by Visualware
  4. images/bullet2.gifChanging Email Addresses? Need to let others know where you've gone? Return Path - Your Email Change of Address Solution (7/9/2002).

Email Updates:
  1. images/bullet2.gifSpam: - Automatic Enkoderform: (10/17/2004).
  2. From Jerry Lee:  News E-mail viruses double - Feeling left out? (12/17/2002)
  3. Email is such a big deal with all of us. Since we're all so busy keeping it secure, here's a tool to keep email from becoming to boring sent to us from Gus Hrncir - IncrediMail - Email has Finally Evolved Have Fun & Enjoy! (8/21/2002)
  4.  'A' Is for Append - Email Address Appending as a Marketing Tool, NOT! Another way to spell SPAM? (6/24/2002)
  5. images/bullet2.gifLookOut Oops, Outlook Email Troubles... Geek News - MS Outlook banned at Cambridge University campus (5/27/2002).
  6. images/bullet2.gifEmail: Good Experience: May 23, 2002 - Download the report, "Managing Incoming E-mail" (5/23/2002).
  7. ../images/bullet2.gifMail Clients by Rating - CWSApps (5/9/2002).
  8. ../images/bullet2.gifPatent Pending - Software Reviews - CNET imagines the perfect e-mail client (5/9/2002).


Popular Email Clients:
  1. AllegroMail, Mail Client Software -
  2. Spam Free Email Accounts (2/5/2002).
  3. ../images/ - Email & Firewall Security (Recommended by AL Massey)
  4. ../images/bullet2.gifEudora
  5. Expressit!2000 Email Client Software
  6. GFI Email Security Testing Zone - Mail essentials
  7. Juno
  8. Netscape Communicator Messenger
  9. Mailexpire - Free Email Addresses to Avoid Spam - Because it's YOUR inbox
  10. MessageLabs- A Managed Service Provider (MSP) - Specializing in E-Mail Security
  11. Microsoft Outlook Express
  12. Microsoft Outlook
  13. Molly Mail - Login: An Email Agent - Access to your existing email accounts from anywhere!
  14. Omniva Policy Systems - formerly Disappearing Inc...
  15. Pegasus Mail
  16. Pine Information Center
  17. Postini - making email better with Spam Filtering, E-mail Virus Protection, Integrated Fax-to-E-mail, Wireless Email, and Email-by-Phone


Mail Server Software:

As we scan incoming Virus messages, we'll expand this List of Email Server applications. 

  1. Eudora Internet Mail Server:
  2.  Email Servers & Software:
  3. Making Eemail Better
  4. Free
  5.  The Full Power of Email - Sendmail, Inc.:
  6.  CommuniGate Pro Introduction
  7.  Mail Server for Windows:


  1. MailScanner: A virus scanner for e-mail designed for use on e-mail gateways. It can also detect a large proportion of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam) passing through it.
  2. Mail Servers - ServerWatch Mail Servers
  3. Routing mail through an ISP server
  4. How does Mail Routing Work


Email Agents:
  1. - A Solution For Email Abuse
  2. Christian eMail Service
  3. Netbula - AnyMail: Turn any POP3 account into Web Mail instantly, with a sense of security.
  4. - ALL-IN-1 Business Email
  5. mail2web
  6. Molly Mail - Login: An Email Agent - Access to your existing email accounts from anywhere!
  7. - Domain Name Registration Services: Email Services 
  8. ZapZone Free Instant Web Service: Provide Your OWN Email Service!
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