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BuildOrBuy News - Web Casting / Web Streaming
  1. images/bullet2.gifWeb Streaming News
  2. images/bullet2.gifStreaming Links
You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet!

OK, plenty to peruse here now, we're taking notes so you too can share in the experience! Since BuildOrBuy meets weekly in one location and we have participants around the world, we're exploring our options to Web Cast the BuildOrBuy eXperience live each week. If you're interested please contact us - Email Us:  (11/30/2002)

images/bullet2.gifPat Meier Associates - High Tech Public Relations: Webcasts From Lunch at Piero's Focus on Digital Photography, Digital Entertainment and New, Innovative Products (11/30/2002).

  • Listen to Dr. Jon Peddie's Presentation discussing PCs in alignment for the Dawning of the Age of Convergence and the Digital Media Home Entertainment Center. A follow-up from CES featuring Pat Meier's Sponsors - Live@Piero's - During CES (2/1/2003).
  • Live@Piero's - COMDEX: Fall 2002 Pat Meier Media Getaway Events


The Microsoft Producer add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint version 2002, makes it easy to create rich-media presentations viewable with a Web Browser.

  1. images/bullet2.gifBuilding a Mini-Studio for Creating Presentations with Microsoft Producer (7/14/2002).
  2. images/bullet2.gifPublishing Presentations with Microsoft Producer (7/14/2002).

Stay ahead of the competition with Webcasting from Activate Corp. Increase the success and revenue of your next customerís event with a Webcast. Learn more from their Webcasting Brochure (5/8/2002).

Web Streaming News:
  1. Oak Technology Introduces Lowest Cost Home Gateway Solution: "Introducing the Oak MaestroLink solution bridging the home DVD player and the PC using a wired or wireless home network to enable the viewing of streamed video, photos, music, games or Web content on the TV. The Oak MaestroLink Home Gateway IC is a low-cost ASIC for the DVD player and media processing software for the PC providing a connection between the PC and DVD player." (2/7/2003)
  2. - Microsoft to Acquire Web Conferencing Company: Putting its stamp of approval on the future of Web Conferencing, Microsoft plans to acquire an industry leader, PlaceWare (2/6/2003).


  3. images/bullet2.gifLeading Audio Chip Makers Announce Support for MS Windows Media Smart TV & Sound (6/10/2002).
  4. images/bullet2.gifDVD-Quality Video Over IP in the Works... Smart TV & Sound (3/12/2002).
  5. images/bullet2.gifRealNetworks licenses Sonic Foundry's MediaSite Live technology to power its new Conference Web-casting Service, allowing RealNetwork users to capture, encode, synchronize and stream rich media content (2/14/2002).
  6. images/ - Real Broadcast Network
  7. images/ - Sonic Foundry Media Systems - Media Site Live
  8. Press Release: Sonic Foundry Teams With RealNetworks to Deliver Best-Of-Breed Live And On-Demand Rich Media Streaming Solution (Wednesday, February 06, 2002).


  9. Snapstream Media Record TV, Watch Anytime, Anywhere. (11/14/2002)
  10.  Security Alert Webcasting Bill Dies in Senate (10/26/2002).
  11.  Streaming Media Duel or Dance (10/21/2002).
  12. images/  Better News for Net Radio Stations - The House of Representatives has unanimously approved a bill called Relief for Small Business Webcasters (H.R. 5469). 'Bout Time! (10/8/2002)
  13. Net radio raises a pirate flag - Tech News - (7/3/2002).
    • streamer - pirate radio for the digital age (7/3/2002).
  14. IT Management Webcasts: www.essentialswebcast: Enterprise Essentials Webcasts: Get Your Systems Ready for Anything - From Microsoft (6/25/2002).
  15. images/bullet2.gifMedia Creation Camtasia RealSystem Edition (5/8/2002).
  16. images/bullet2.gifCyberLink StreamAuthor (5/8/2002).
  17. images/bullet2.gifFreenet founder launches P2P product - Tech News - (4/30/2002).
  18. images/  Streaming Media Everywhere--And It's High Quality (4/18/2002).
  19. images/  Business News -- RIAA 'Webcasters Engaging in Propaganda Campaign' (4/12/2002).
  20. images/bullet2.gifStreaming start-up crosses middle mile - Tech News - EdgeStream (4/10/2002).
  21. images/bullet2.gifstreamOS from NaviSite Streaming Media (3/6/2002).
  22. images/bullet2.gifDigital Video Virtually Live Broadcasting (3/1/2002).
  23. images/bullet2.gifFrom Gus Hrncir: TechTV Bedroom DJ 101 (2/17/2002).
  24. images/bullet2.gifTechTV AudioFile
  25. Inspiring and Empowering Creativity - Web Video (2/16/2002).
  26. images/bullet2.gifDigital Video: Capture DVD Quality Video on your PC... InterVideo, Inc. WinDVR Profile (2/8/2002).
  27. NSTL Reports: RealAudio 8  and Windows Media Audio comparison test results - PDF (November 2000).



Streaming Links:

images/bullet2.gifwebstreaming services streaming video at

images/bullet2.gifNetwork Appliance - Case Studies - Yahoo! Broadcast Solutions (2/2/2003).


  1.  Streaming video and webcast production UK - ADM- live and on ...
  2. -
  3.  Media Director - "A series of intelligent digital business appliances designed to manage the delivery, storage and processing of data, audio, and video.  The Media Director can playback and record audio and video, and also process the delivery of real-time broadcast or internet stream." 
  5. Apple - Creative - Live Webcasting
  6. CCN Newswire WEB CASTING
  7. CWSApps: Audio-Video Streaming Tools by Rating
  8.  Real Video Streaming Video Conversion and Encoding Services
  9.  Streaming Video Technologies
  10. Digital Media Net
  11. | Inspiring and Empowering Creativity
  12. -
  13.  EyeWonder EyeMail Template
  14. High Criteria- Specialty Recording Software: Soundtrack Express
  15. Hyperionics - Powerful screen capture software ◊◊◊◊◊
  16.  Airscape's Webcasting Directory
  17. InterVideo, Inc. WinDVR Profile:
  18. muvee Technologies - autoProducer ◊◊◊◊◊
  19. N e t s t r e a m l i v e Remote Webcasting - Encoding
  21. RIAA - Webcasting FAQ
  22. SEK'D: Automatically "ON THE AIR" with AudioCaster (11/5/2002).
  23. Visual Communicator
  24. Streaming Media Made Simple!
  25. Soundtrack Express - The Voice of Media
  26. SpacialAudio Solutions: SAM - Streaming Audio Manager
  27. SRSWOWcast Technologies - Providing Audio Solutions For Broadcasting & Streaming Media
  28. Streambox: Digital Video Solutions for a Wired World
  29. StreamAudio:
  30. Streaming Media business - technology - content
  31. Streaming Media World Media Player Reviews & Streaming Video, Audio, & MP3 Information:
  33. VideoDome Networks Inc. - The Home of Digital Media Publishing
  34. Video Streaming Forum:
  35. Visual Webcasting Services:
  36. (  (  (
  37.  International Webcasting Association
  38.  All About Multimedia
  39. - WebCamMail
  40., the web guide for motion picture pros
  41.  Audio Webcasting Demystified (Web Techniques, Aug 1997)
  42. Windows Media Technologies Home - Download Center
  1. On-Site Live Webcasting!
  2. Digital Webcast
  3. On-Demand Webcasting
  4. Webcast Now!
  5. Want Better Web Events-

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