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GigaByte GA-7VRXP RAID MotherBoard:

images/bullet2.gifFYI - System Update: For those of you following our Build Spec Recommendations, the current Gigabyte Motherboard we're using, GA-7VRXP (RAID) has proven to be a good foundation for a "Current Technology" PC. We have experienced only 2 anomalies to date.

  1. Getting the Motherboard to Post initially [GA-7VRXP Rev 2.0].
  2. While running WinXP Pro - Audio Breakup during playback. [Rev 2.0]

Until we were able to get the Motherboard to Post, we could proceed no further! The system would shutdown within 3 seconds of powering up. This first problem was solved by applying power to the Motherboard with only CPU / Fan + RAM installed. After the Motherboard would Post signaling a Video Error, then the CPU Fan would remain ON and we could continue. Power down, install Video then proceed.

This behavior was not exhibited on the Rev 1.1 Motherboard but on the Rev 2.0 Gigabyte GA-7VRXP (RAID) M/B. Yes, we tried jumpering the Bios to reset to no avail. Expect attempting to powerup, 8 to 9 times or more before Posting occurs. Always make sure there is nothing else wrong with your system! This encounter initially happened to me personally while using the Antec 430 watt power supply. Sounded like operator error to me! Only way to Know Technology is to Experience it!

The second problem of Audio Breakup apparently was solved by Gigabyte with a Bios Update of F11 (Oct. 02, 2002) Fixed: Onboard sound chip plays a broken sound when some UDMA mode 6 Hard Disk installed [Maxtor ATA/133, 2 MB Cache, 60 GB HD, 7200 RPM OEM we tested]. Our BuildOrBuy Motherboards shipped from AxionTech.com with Bios version F8 (Jul. 09, 2002). According to  Gigabyte, this issue may have been resolved with Bios Update F9 (Aug. 01, 2002), Fix: "System will hang in 'Hardware monitor' CMOS Setup when CPU fan is less than 700 RPM".

We have NOW verified this Bios update - YES! Broken On-Board Audio issue in WinXP Pro resolved! System is a little slower to boot though into WinXP Pro. IMO - Worth it! GB (10/7/2002).

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