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BuildOrBuy News - KONTAKT & ABSYNTH - 6/3/2002
Native Instruments News:

Subject: Native Instruments Newsletter 05/2002
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 22:56:05 +0200
From: newsletter@native-instruments.de

Native Instruments Newsletter 05/2002


  1. PC Demo Versions KONTAKT and ABSYNTH
  2. ABSYNTH PC Update 1.3.2
  3. Sounds and Samples
  4. The Art of Combination
  5. Forum Discussions
  6. Updates for the Pro Tools Edition
  7. Interview with Gareth Jones
  8. What's Next?


1. PC Demo versions KONTAKT and ABSYNTH

PC demo versions are now also available for the two newest NI products. If you're looking for a powerful software sampler with an incredible feature range and outstanding efficiency, check out the KONTAKT PC demo.
And if you would like to have a charismatic synthesizer which provides incredibly animated sounds and allows for completely new approaches to sound design, try the ABSYNTH PC demo. Both demo versions run stand-alone and as plug-ins via VST and DXi.


2. ABSYNTH PC Update 1.3.2

The PC Update can now be downloaded for free on our website. Version 1.3.2 improves stability, allows up to 8 instances when used as a DXi plug-in, contains an integrated recorder, BPM setting for the effects, and many more improvements.


3. Sounds and Samples

For registered users of KONTAKT and BATTERY STUDIO DRUMS we now offer additional samples, kits, and instruments for download. KONTAKT users will find three new pad instruments, while for BATTERY STUDIO DRUMS users there is a new percussion kit produced by Yellow Tools. Don't forget to check for more in a few weeks!


4. The Art of Combination - REAKTOR Tutorial

Besides the ability to construct completely new sound tools, REAKTOR can also be used to easily combine existing instruments into a unique performance machine. In his new Multi-Synth tutorial, ProgramChild shows how to build an individual ensemble out of the huge reservoir of instruments. Plus a brand new 8-2-2 mixer and the tutorial ensemble are available for download.


5. Forum Discussions

We were able to bring in some great new moderators for the KONTAKT, FM7 and ABSYNTH forums, including ABSYNTH developer Brian Clevinger. In addition the 1200 contributions in the REAKTOR creators list have been archived and can be rummaged through for specific
creations with the search function. An outstanding forum feature is the ability to subscribe to threads per email. This way you can conveniently read contributions and reply.


6. Updates for the Pro Tools Edition

The first updates for both the NI-SPEKTRAL DELAY PTE and the STUDIO COLLECTION bring an increase in performance and many improved details. When operating multiple HTDM plug-ins, they occupy only one SRAM chip. Additionally, with Pro Tools|HD sampling rates up to 192 kHz are supported.


7. Interview with Gareth Jones

As co-producer and sound engineer for groups like Depeche Mode and Erasure, Gareth Jones uses many NI applications. Enough reason for us to interview him.


8. What's next?

FM7 Sounds Vol. 1 goes into production shortly, and it looks like it will be available in 3-4 weeks. Included are 256 professionally produced soundsets for the FM7, which make use of the expansive sound possibilities of the FM7. Noted sound designers have built up a wide selection of exotic pads, tempo-synced loops and electronic drum sounds, as well as a number of impressive new percussion and synthesizer sounds.

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