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Password Recovery Suggestions:

Password Tips from the Office of Standards and Product Evaluation National Computer Security Center as quoted from www.ComputerLanguage.com. As for Password Protection? Sure.

  1. CHANGE PASSWORD FREQUENTLY - The longer you use a password, the higher the risk of losing it.

  2. USE GOOD PASSWORDS - Don't use persons, places or things that can be identified with you.

  3. DON'T DISCLOSE YOUR PASSWORD - Your password is as valuable as the information it protects.

  4. INSPECT YOUR DATA - If you suspect someone has tampered with your files, report it immediately.

  5. NEVER LEAVE AN ACTIVE TERMINAL UNATTENDED - Always log off or lock your terminal before leaving it.

  6. REPORT SUSPECTED COMPUTER ABUSE - Whether directed against you or not, abuse or misuse of your computer resources only hinders the timely completion of your tasks.


Password Recovery Tools:

For Windows, the O/S, Applications & Bios.

  1. Sunbelt Software NTAccess (2/13/2003).

  2. Offline NT pw & reg-editor, bootdisk (7/3/2002).

    1. images/bullet2.gifOffline NT Password & Registry Editor: "Utility to (re)set the password of any user that has a valid (local) account on your NT system, by modifying the encrypted password in the Registry's SAM file. Works with NTFS Drives."

  3. images/pointared.gif Microsoft's Policy Regarding Missing or Invalid Passwords (Q189126)

  4. AccentSoft Utilities. Passwords Recovery Tools.

  5. AccessData.com: Password Breakers

  6. CrackPassword.com: Lost Passwords Recovery & Crackers Software

  7. ElComSoft.com: Password Recovery, advanced registry tracer

  8. Security - Lophtcrack Downloads

  9. www.lopht.com

    Lost Wind2000 Administrator Password? Use LophtCrack to crack the Sam File located in C:\winnt\repair

  10. LostPassword.com: Password Recovery Software

  11. Iopus.com: Password Recovery for revealing your forgotten Passwords - Free Software provided by IOPUS Security and Internet Software

  12. NTware.com: Data Recovery software for Windows 2000 - Workstation - Win2000Archives.com

  13. PWCrack.com: Password Crackers, Inc. - Password Recovery Services

    1. images/bullet2.gifBIOS Password and Locked Hard Disk Recovery

  14. PwdSservice.com: Passware - Password Recovery Products List

  15. UnCoverData.com: Recovery Solutions
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