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Screen Recorders - Capture Streaming Video :

Recording Audio is a Snap, Video Streams offer us new opportunities! To capture streaming video - Try to save it from your Temporary Internet Cache Folder. Unable to capture streaming video with a screen grabber program? That video stream may be displayed as an overlay by the video hardware and not actually being drawn to the screen. The video must be drawn to the screen to allow you to capture it. To disable video overlay, go to Display Properties, Settings, Advanced, Troubleshooting. Move hardware acceleration from full to none. This should force Media Players to draw the video to the screen rather than overlay that video stream. GB - Enjoy!

  1. WM Recorder - Record Windows Media (tm) Video and Audio: (4/9/2004).
  2. - My Screen Recorder: Record Image, Video and Audio files!
  3. images/bullet2.gif ASFRecorder
  4. Bulent's Screen Recorder: "Screen Recorder captures images of the Desktop, a window or a user specified region as an AVI file and BMP files. Or 'HandyCam' can be used to capture screen."
  5. - Screen Recorder Gold - Record Screen to AVI video files:
  7. HyperCam
  9. FrontCam
  10. New! - Audio Record Wizard - Sound recording
  11. images/ - Camstudio: A tool for recording screen activity into standard AVI video files. Create Presentations & Record a movie stream. "CamStudio is currently the only Screen Recorder in the industry that is able to record sound from your speakers. It is also the only one that is free and Opensourced."
  13. By
  16. Streambox's Streambox VCR:
    1. Court blocks Streambox from distributing products - Tech News - (01-19-2000).
  18. images/ Camtasia Studio & SnagIt
  21. - WinAVI Video Converter is the fastest video convert solution in the world!:
  22. - Full Motion Screen Capture:
  23. New! - Auto Screen Recorder, Screen Capture, Create EXE & GIF Animation
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