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BuildOrBuy News
  1. CD Recording Software
  2. CD-ROM & DVD Technologies
  3. DAE - Digital Audio Extraction Tools & Technologies
  4. DVD Recordable
  5. Screen Recorders

Creating & Testing Accurate CD-DA Redbook Burns - "Burn a track to CD, extract it, flip the phase, and add it to the original to see just how accurate your burns and extractions are. You want a zero sum product." Suggested by:

Even though Roxio went on a buying spree, some of the best CD Recording Software lives on! Enjoy!

  1. 310439 - CD Audio Is Played Even Though an Audio Cable Is Not Connected to Your CD-ROM Drive: By Design. Sound card driver supports Digital Audio Extraction.
  2. - Tips for writing CDs: Lower Speed; Close other apps; Disable Screen Savers & Power Saving features; Defrag HD; Clean CD Burner & Media; Failed Media, use different Brand.


CD Recording News:
  1. SurfSecret's - Make perfect copies of your DVD Movies - Without the need for a DVD Burner! Requires a DVD-ROM Drive and a CD-R (CD Recorder) in your computer. Create VideoCDs of your DVDs for play in most DVD players, portable DVD players, home entertainment systems, and computers! Download Free 30-day trial, or purchase for only $34.99 today! (2/6/2003)
  2. CD Tests: Arrowkey: How fast is your CD Burner? NEW TimeWrite FREE download! (1/30/2003)
  3. New CD Recording App! - More than an Image Writer, now includes all the features needed to make it a full Audio & Data CD Authoring program while still maintaining speed and ease of use. Read: BurnAtOnce History (1/30/2003).
  4. CD Recording: NeroNET: Share a CD recorder in a Network (1/30/2003)! 
  5. Muska & Lipman - CD Recordable Solutions (1929685114): Book companion for your CD Recorder, Download a Chapter Preview (11/29/2002).
  6. images/bullet2.gifSpecial Offer From,  WinOnCD - WinOnCD™ 5 Power Edition - Only $39.95! We have not seen WinOnCD since version 3.5 on Win98SE. (11/28/2002)
  7. Sonic to Acquire Veritas' Desktop and Mobile Division (11/13/2002)
  8. images/bullet2.gifBuy CD Architect 5.0 for only $149.95 Through December 11! (11/12/2002)
  9.  End Of The Road For CD Burners (10/26/2002).
  10. TechTV How to Write CD-RWs (8/26/2002).


CD Recording  - CD Burning Software:
  1. 7tools DVD Grab and Burn - copy Video DVD without quality loss! Includes Virtual CD Emulator. Russian site. 
  2. ◊◊◊ Ahead Nero - ◊◊◊ Burning ROM - BEST!!! ◊◊◊◊◊ Trial D/L Available. Included with most CD-RW Drives!
  3. Alpha Music CD Recorder ??? Unable to locate. From 1998?
  4. Arrowkey - AccuBurn-R
  5. Asimware HotBurn - - web site down? Now UP?
  6.  Burn CD Create audio and data music easily with our CD Burner! (12/16/2002)
  7. - Burn Data, ISO, Cue image & Audio
  8. Binary Magic - Magic CD/DVD Burner Pro
  9. the ultmate cd copy solution - Claims Blindwrite Suite is the perfect tool to reproduce any CD. (Copy any CD, even protected ones.)
  10. - Utility Software: Total Burn™ Platinum & Total Burn™ Platinum Suite.
    1. Special Offers: Total Burn Platinum: Now Only $29.00! Hurry! This offer expires April 2, 2003! (3/22/2003)
  11. - The new free burning solution!
  12. - Image Writer + full Audio & Data CD Authoring program (1/30/2003).
  13. - MP3 CD BURNER software by
  14. - CD Burner Software Burn to Empty CD Audio Disc
  15. CDBurnerXP Pro: "Added support for Burning ISO files." (12/6/2003)
  16.  CD Burner Software - MP3 to CD Burning, Burn WAV or MP3 (12/27/2002).
  17. CD-DA - Digital Audio Extraction
    1. CD-DA X-Tractor -
    2. Easy CD-DA Extractor - by
  18. Easy CD-DA Recorder -
  19. CD Recording Software CD Burners Soundcards Plug-ins and Music Software (2/2/2002).
  20. CD-ROM Productions
    1. AccuBurn-R - CD Data Protector
    2. images/bullet2.gifCD-ROM Productions - CD-R Diagnostic - Claims to be the premier tool for recovering data from and analyzing CD-R and CD-RW discs. If you are having problems with reading your discs, this is what you have been searching for! Get CD-R Suite (CD-R Diagnostic™ PLUS CD-R Verifier for only $59.95.)
    3. Super Blank - Designed for the mass-blanking of CD-RW discs in multiple writers.  This is freeware that was written by Kris Schoofs.
    4. Freeware: File Identifier - Works in conjunction with CD-R Diagnostic.
  21. CD Copy - Great solution for ripping and burning CDs.
  22. Cheetah CD Burner Software: Also Cheetah Audio Converter (6/9/2004).
  23. Feurio! CD Writer Also available from; Reads ATIP Info! (8/12/2002)
  24. - IgD's CD-R Portal: FB is a compact yet full-featured CD-R/W burning software package used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world!
  25. K-PAR Archiving Software - CDCreation Archiving Software
  26. CeQuadrat WinOnCD - WAS BACK! Owned by Roxio (Adaptec). Gone Again! (6/9/2004)

    Great program! Created a Virtual CD-ROM Drive for Testing AutoPlay CD's. Helped somewhat with AutoPlay.inf file but could have better supported that feature!

    1., El Torito CD-ROM Boot Spec v1.0 - 01/25/1995.

    2. Phoenix Technologies - Phoenix Platform System Software Product Documentation: PC Industry Specs

    3. cdbootmenu.txt - El Torito CD-ROM Boot (Win98SE, ASCII Text):

    4. CD Boot Menu - Bootable Windows 98 CD-ROM Startup Menu Screen

  27. Write2CD included with Philips CD-RW Drives, 1997/98 CeQuadrat GmbH.

  28. PacketCD - CeQuadrat now owned by Roxio... r o x i o servicepacks
  29. RMBSoft-Quick-Burn: Audio CD Burner

  30. (Formerly Adaptec) Easy CD Creator Deluxe:

    1. Having trouble with CD-RW Discs? Roxio Easy CD Creator includes DirectCD which includes a utility called ScanDisc that can be used in the event of a corrupt disc.

    2. Data Recovery Tools - See: #1 & 2 On Our List For Help!

  31. VideoPack - r o x i o VideoPack 5 Overview: Author and Burn to DVD, VCD and S-VCD! $499 USD
  32. just!audio - CeQuadrat, now r o x i o willkommen
  33. Corel CD Creator - Swallowed up by Adaptec a.k.a. Roxio...
  34. CDMate is a CD burning application, with various writing modes including TAO, SAO, DAO, RAW-DAO, with Real-time MP3 conversion and 11 methods of copy protection. 

    Let us know if any of you try this program. They asked us to look @ the demo version. We do NOT evaluate Demo, Crippled or Beta ANYTHING! Even with a few shortcomings, Nero is hard to beat!

  35. Elaborate Bytes - CloneCD 3: CD Replication Tool & DVD Region Killer
  36. CD-Recorder 4 -
  37. Data Becker Music CD Recorder -
  38. DiscJuggler: Padus, Inc. Home Page
  39. CD & Disk duplication
  40. DVDit! Home - DVD+RW support
  41. - Easy CD-DA Extractor: BURN-Proof enabled software.
  42. Elektroson Gear - - Off Line? GEAR from Elektroson is now GEAR Software. See below.
  43. GEAR Software - GEAR PRO Professional Edition for DVD/CD-RW
  44. Golden Hawk Technology: CDRWIN supports the BURN-Proof (buffer under run protection) feature.
  45. HyCD - Play&Record + HyCD Publisher for PC
  46. Iomega Software Download - Iomega Hotburn Software -
  47. CDBURNER.COM - MP3 CD BURNER software to burn your mp3s to cds that play in your home or car stereo!
  48. MUSICMATCH Jukebox - The best Digital Audio Software on the planet - Jukebox Plus
  49. NTI CD-Maker -
  50. -
    1. Prassi CD Right - Now owned by as VERITAS PrimoCD Plus -
    2. - abCD - CD-RW Packet Writing
    3. CD Rep - ??? In May 1997, the Company released CD Rep™, a complete professional CD recording and duplicating software solution.
    4. CD Right Plus also by Prassi - ???
  51. Digital CD Recording Studio II Professional Edition -
  52. NovaStor: CD-Tools.Com - NovaBACKUP Suite of CD Power Tools (Previously InstantCD Suite)
  53. VOB CD Recording Software - Consumer & Pro...
  54. Minerva Networks, Inc. - Bringing Vision to the Net!
  55. SimpliCD Recording Software -
    1. SimpliCD V1.3  (2/6/2003).
    2. Purchase: Oak Online Store or call (800) 656-5443 within the US.
  56. Sateira Software - CD & DVD Burning Software. Sateira CD & DVD Burner and DropToCD
  57. images/  ReadCD-MRW! - ReadCD-MRW! The world’s first software to support reading “Mt. Rainier” formatted CD-RW disks on Legacy, non-Mt. Rainier Drives. See: CD-MRW.
  58. SmartDisk MVP: Allows users to combine digital Music, Video and Pictures to create CDs - all with one click of a mouse.
  59. - CD & DVD Burner & Grabber Core
  60. Steinberg - Products - Production systems - WaveLab: 24-Bit Wave Editor & CD Burning.
  61. Stomp, Inc.: RecordNow Max, Click'N Burn Pro + Backup applications. Trial D/L's Available.
  62. New Version for CD & DVD Recording!SwiftDisc - Burn ISO Image to CD/DVD - Specs look impressive. Have not tried it yet.
  63. - Virtual Original CD Emulator, Original CD Burner, CD-ROM Emulator, CD Copy & CD Copying Product: "The Original CD Emulator & CD Burner will help you rip your own CDs to hard disk or to network images, and to create a Virtual CD on your computer to access those images."
  64. images/bullet2.gifWave Repair: For Recording from Turntable to Hard Drive to CDs.


CD Duplicators:
  1. Cyclone Firewire CD Duplicators
  2. EZCD2 CD Copier Controllers
  3. - CD-R, DVD-R Duplicators and Printers


LAN CD Recording Options:
  1. - CDServer Virtual CD Tower:
  2. CD burner protocol: A way to control CD burners from other computers without wasting CDs usinf VNC (easy way to control one computer's desktop from another).
  3. CD duplication and duplicator Systems: LAN enabled duplicators.
  5. images/bullet2.gifwebCDwriter: Software can be used to make a single CD-writer available to the users in your network (4/30/2002).


ISO Images:
  1. ISO Images
CD AutoPlay
CD Image
CD Labels
CD-R Media
CD Tests
Copy Protection
Data Recovery
ISO Image
Media Players
Restore CD
Virtual PC
American Digital. Wholesale
CD-RW Central
EZCD2 CD Copier Controllers
IsoBuster, Ultimate CD-DVD Recovery Tool

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