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DAE - Digital Audio Extraction Tools:

Digital Audio Extraction (DAE) or Ripping and Digital Media Players have some amount of overlaping features. This is a List to get you started with understanding the Technology of Digital Audio Media. Generally, DAE consists of extracting Redbook CD-Audio of 16 bit / 44.1 KHz Audio as Digital Data for transport to another Media or Data manipulation whether for enhancement or editing.

  1. 271647 - A Description of the Digital Audio Extraction Feature: Digital Audio Extraction feature of Microsoft Windows Media Player.

  2. 310439 - CD Audio Is Played Even Though an Audio Cable Is Not Connected to Your CD-ROM Drive: By Design. This behavior occurs if Sound card driver supports Digital Audio Extraction.

  3. Xing Technology Corporation - MP3 - AudioCatalyst 2.1

  4. images/bullet2.gifAudioXTract - Receive, play and record internet radio for free! Stream, Listen, Record!

  5. Audiograbber, CD-ripper for Windows 95-98-ME-NT-2000 (1/8/2002).

  6. Audio Rip'n'Coder, WaveFix, MPAction MP3 Encoder, MP3 Player, CD Ripper Wave to MP3, MP3 Decode to Wav + ID3 Tagger

  7.  Music and Audio Software - RipEditBurn
  8. CD DAE homepage CD DAE ◊◊◊◊◊
  9. CD-DA X-Tractor
  10. CDex Home Page - CD Ripping software (Freeware Audio CD Ripper) Excellent Program! ◊◊◊◊◊
  11. CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool - Professional Sampler Library Conversion Tool.
  12. CD Speed99 - (CD DAE 99, CD Ripper) Benchmark for Testing CD-ROM drive performance.
  13. CD Copy
  14. images/bullet2.gifCD Looper with MP3 Looper - eHartwell Products: Extract, Convert and Slow Down CD Tracks to learn your favorite song! (2/7/2004)
  15. 123 CD Ripper for Win (Added 3/18/2003).
  16. CD Rippers
  17. images/bullet2.gifdBpowerAMP: Fastest Ripper Going & Converter! Even Rips Sound to 5.1 Channels! No Media Player Module. ! ◊◊◊◊◊
  18. Easy CD-DA Extractor - BURN-Proof enabled software.
  19. Easy CD Ripper Homepage
  20. Electronic Cosmo: MPEG Suite 2001 (1/31/2002).
  21. images/bullet2.gifEAC - Exact Audio Copy: Very Nice DAE & Redbook CD-Audio Media Player on Win2000; Analogue Playback by default! Set for Digital, see Media Players List for info! ◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊◊ (8/2/2002)
  22. Feurio! CD Writer: Poor Tech support. Don't bother.
  23. Appears to run Banner Ads. What did you expect for free? EULA: "FreeRip MP3 is advertising supported, free to use and distribute... Banners shown by FreeRIP are downloaded from the Internet, anyway FreeRIP is NOT spyware: it does NOT collect or send information about you or your system. If you don't like banners you can purchase a license from MGShareware to disable them." Any Questions? FreeRIP Registration = $10.00 (11/21/2002)
  24. images/ - Total Recorder - Sound recording tools... Capture any audio!
  25. MarvinTecs CD ripper ACXtractor: Audio CD Xtractor (12/6/2002).
  26.  Advanced Encode Decode Tools, CD Ripping
  27. Easy CD MP3 Workshop - CD Ripper, CD Ripping, MP3 Encoder, CD to MP3, WMA, WAV, Convert Wave TO MP3
  28. MUSIC EXCHANGE -- Digital Rights Management & MEDIA JUKEBOX (12/6/2002).
  29. MP3rat Home Page, Your Personal Music Jukebox (1/24/2002).
  31. Virtuosa the best music & movie jukebox - CD Ripper
  32. images/bullet2.gifWindac - Digital Audio Copy:
  33. images/bullet2.gifTotal Recorder 4.5 by High Criteria. Saves Digital Audio Streams - So how do you capture those elusive sounds your hear on your PC yet do not seem to be able to record? If you can hear it, you can record it! One of Microsoft’s favorite apps! Register Total Recorder. This one’s a keeper! ◊◊◊◊◊
  34. images/bullet2.gifNTONYX VIrtual Audio Cable 3.06: Reroute Digital Audio Streams - Creates a pair of Wave In/Out devices for each cable. Features Up to 64 cables. Record Soft Synth output direct to disk (8/21/2003).
  35. New! WM Recorder - Record Windows Media (tm) Video and Audio: (4/9/2004).
  36. Xoteck - ( RipCast Streaming Audio Ripper )
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CD Recording
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