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Tape BackUp Solutions: 

Appears Tape has maintained prominence in the Corporate environments. Yet, Tape has apparently left the Desktop! 5/9/2008

Historical Below:

We've come a long way since Tape on the Desktop. Tape still has it's place and it's following. Remember Drive Letter Access to Tape? Imation was one of those companies promoting that feature. Did you ever experience Tape Failure or loss Data from in incomplete Tape Restoration? How far can you throw a bad Tape? Not far enough! So for those Desktop Tape fans out there - Enjoy!

Tape lives and prospers on the Server these days...

  1. Data Protection Mandates from Ziff Davis Media White Papers at

    1. - Data Protection Mandates: "IT managers are retooling their data protection infrastructure—whether they want to or not... So what's wrong with tape?" (10/31/2003)
  2. - AIT Technology Forum Advanced Intelligent Tape: Sony's AIT - Advanced Intelligent Tape 

    1. images/bullet2.gifAIT Technology Forum AIT Forum Members -

  3. LTO - Linear Tape Open

  4. SDLT - SuperDLT... Digital Linear Tape - Digital sold Technology to Quantum.

    1. images/bullet2.gifDLTtape Drives and Media - DLT Tape Drive - Super DLT Tape:


  5. - Advanced Digital Information Corporation: ADIC Tape Libraries - Corporate Solutions - AIT, LTO & SDLT Drive support. Now:

  6. - CA overhauls ARCserve data backup software (2-7-08)

  7. - Tape backup, tape drives & tape library units
  8. - J & J Peripherals - VersaTape and Pereos: Gone!
    1. Datasonix Pereos Tape Drive - Gone! Products made by Sony. Manufacturing costs went up by 50%!
    2. Rodriguez back with new tape drive firm Ecrix (April 1997) Gone! - Article Gone!

  9. Exabyte Corporation - Tape backup, tape drives, tape libraries for data storage and disaster recovery
    1. Ecrix - VXA Tape Drives and Media for Data Storage and Backup
  10. HP - Tape Backup
  11. IBM Tape and Optical Home page IBM TotalStorage
  12. Imation - Tape Storage - Data Center
  13. by NovaStor
  14. OnStream Data - Recording the Digital Age? - Out Of Business as of March 16, 2001!?! 
    1. New OnStream Data Company: - Gone! (5/9/2008)
    2. - Onstream User Info.
  15. Plasmon - Manufacturer of optical and tape storage:
  16. images/bullet2.gifQIC Tape Solutions:
    1. images/bullet2.gifQIC Tape Subsystems Buying Guide:  Gone!
  17. Storage by Sony:
  18. Spectra Logic - Quality Products that Solve Backup Problems
  19. Syncsort: Backup Express is fully compatible with all leading tape formats including SDLT, LTO and AIT. Backup Express supports all leading tape libraries and is fully certified with all SAN, NAS, disk, library, switch and operating system vendors (3/21/2003).
  20. Tandberg Data:
  21. TapeWare Tape Backup Software for Windows, Netware, Linux, and UNIX
  22. Tecmar Inc. - 4mm and Travan network tape storage solutions. Gone! " remains to assist you with troubleshooting operational problems." ?!? Gone for good (5/9/2008).
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