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BuildOrBuy News -
  1. Burn-Proof: CD-RW Buffer Under Run Technology
  2. CD-R Media
  3. CD Speeds (MPC Tests)
  4. CD-Recording Software:
  5. CD-RW Brands
  6. CD-ROM & DVD Technologies
  7. DAE - Digital Audio Extraction - CD Ripping
CD-ROM / DVD Technologies:
  1. 227425 - CD-ROM Changer Mapped as Single Drive Letter in Windows 2000: Check the Windows Hardware Compatibility List (HCL) for compatibility (12/6/2003).
  2. DVD-copying code loses free speech shield CNET "While the DeCSS cases still set an important precedent, the DVD-copying issue has moved on. Other software that allows DVD copying is widely and freely available online, and retail packages are even sold in stores..." (8/25/2003).
  3. From Milt Gugenheim: If you bought a CD anytime during the last ten years, a class action settlement has been reached. You may get between $5 to $20 back depending on the number of claims filed. No proof is required.

    The site is

    Good Luck! (2/6/2003)

    "The Final Settlement Hearing was held on May 22, 2003, and the Settlement was approved on June 13, 2003." (8/25/2003)

  4. Jorgen Stadje, Nonsens Page The Case of the Exploding CD-ROM (1/30/2003).
  5. - Consumer Watch - CD Owners Get Money Back In Settlement "Forty-one states are part of a settlement of a huge price-fixing lawsuit with several major music labels. The deal calls for companies to return $44 million to customers." (1/20/2003)
  6.  VIA moves up CD-RW chip production to October (10/8/2002).
  7.  CD Books: Compact Disc Books (8/26/2002).
  8. Team 1 Music Record Industry: "The music recording industry and production of CDs through a supply chain analysis." By Students @ Duke University - Team One of Sociology 142.  A rather interesting view into the Music CD Industry (8/12/2002).
  9.  CD & DVD Writing Written June 11, 2002 (8/3/2002).
  10. images/bullet2.gifPioneer preps notebook recordable DVD drive - Tech News - (8/1/2002).
  11. images/  DVD+RW Drive-By - DVD+RW Compatibility Not All That Was Expected (4/9/2002).
  12. images/bullet2.gifAs announced in October 2001, Yamaha  [Yamaha CRW3200E-VK (ATAPI model)] has just now started shipping the 1st (Mt. Rainier) CD-MRW Drives (1/24/2002).
  13. images/  - InCD 3.14: CD-MRW Format (Mt Rainier Format) is now supported.
  14. images/  ReadCD-MRW!
  15. images/bullet2.gifCD Media World
  16. images/bullet2.gifsoftlandmark - CD-R Diagnostic Tools and Utilities - Excellent List of CD-R File Recovery Applications! (1/29/2002)
  17. Mitsumi And SAI Collaborate To Offer Mt. Rainier Compliant CD-RW Hardware And Software Solutions For PCs -- (12/27/01).
  18. Go for the burn - Software Reviews - CNET reviews 7 CD-creation apps (12/11/01).
  19. r o x i o Putting Your Web Site on CD (Win) (11/17/01).
  20. Sony Data Media DVD-RW products information ( 10/26/01).
  21. DVD Heaven - Encoders: WinDVD
  22. WinDVD D/L: InterVideo, Inc. The Digital Entertainment Company
  23. HP to Ship Its First Combination DVD+RW/CD-RW Drive - (Aug. 20, 2001)
  24. CloneCD - The perfect CD Replicator! -
  25. Alternate CDFS.VXD 4.00.1030 Freeware D\L for Win9x Versions.


Burn-Proof Logo. Click to View List! - A proprietary technology, which helps protect from Buffer Under Run Errors while burning CD-R/CD-RW's. BURN-Proof stands for Buffer Under RuN error Proof.

Burn-Proof, developed by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is the technique to record the end point of the data and the following data beginning point without the gap even if the write error (Buffer Under Run Error) which occurs by data forwarding from host (PC) cutting temporarily while writing of the data from the CD-R/RW drive to the CD-R/RW media.

Burn-Proof prevents the record failure of CD-R/RW and it is remarkable as technology to make it be possible to use safely as the back-up media of choice.

When product has passed verification, it is issued an authorization proof and a product name as mentioned in the authorization product list. Note Firmware Version on Certification List. See Drive Manufacturer regarding Firmware Revisions. System Solution Center Tochigi Co., Ltd.; 'BURN-Proof' is a Trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.


CD-Recording Software:

This List of CD Recording apps is getting so long, we were considering making this a separate page in the near future. We did - Enjoy!



DAE - Digital Audio Extraction Tools & Technologies: 


Digital Audio CD Media Players:



 Recommended CD-RW Drive Brands: 

images/bullet2.gifBurn-Proof - Get It!?! Buffer Under Run Protection licensed from SANYO.

  1. Plextor - Burn-Proof!

  2. TDK - Burn-Proof!
  3. HP - Some are, some are not. And they're not telling which ones! Pass for now.
  4. LiteON - OEM products. Burn-Proof! Good drives and inexpensive.
  5. Yamaha - 1st to Ship CD-MRW (Mt. Ranier Drives!)
  6. Sony -
  7. Toshiba (CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive)
  8. Smart & Friendly (Out Of Business!)

    Note: may be offline but Perry Solomon <Perry888@AOL.COM> still owns the domain name! Smart & Friendly and High Technology Distributing share addresses & phones! WhoIs Search indicates Domain Record expires on 07-Jun-2003.


CD-ROM & DVD Technologies:
DVD recordable currently wears 4 hats - DVD-RW, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM & DVD-R. All currently have 4.7GB capacity disks.

Sony and Philips introduced the Compact Disc - Digital Audio Format in 1982. This was the start of digital media. The Digital Music Compact Disc (CD) has grown from there building upon that success as a preferred storage medium for transport and archive of computer data. 

"The Digital Music Compact Disc (Audio CD) was introduced in the U.S. in 1983. Three years later, sales of CDs and CD players exceeded sales of LPs and turntables." Quoting Computer Language Dictionary now known as 'Computer Desktop Encyclopedia' (8/6/2002).

  1. DVD-Audio
  2. DVD Recordable Technologies
  3. Learn About - DVD Recording DVR-A05
  4. Pioneer Electronics, DVR-A04
  5. DVD-R (DVR-103) - Pioneer: Press Release (January 10, 2001).
  6. DVD-RAM - Panasonic & Hitachi
    • PublishingPerfection.con Sales: DVR-A03: (EIDE) - Under $1,000.00
  7. hp dvd-writer - HP DVD+RW / HP DVD-Writer - dvd100i
    Pioneer SuperDrive - DVR103
    Panasonic DVDBurner - LF-D311
  8. DVDA - DVD Association

  9. DVD PRO 2000 Conference & Expo
  11. CD Page - Home - CD just about everything!
  12. EMedia Live
  13. EMedia Live News Feeds
  14. All About DVD from Technicolor
  15. Digital Media Net - Goldmine of Digital Resources 
  16. Sonic DVDit! - The Easiest Way to Publish on DVD!
  17. DVD Demystified
  19. Desktop Video Group - An Overview of Digital Video
  20. HP DVD+RW - HP dvd100i
  21. SONY DVD: Features - 1996
  22. Story: How to Know When It's Time to Buy DVD - 1997
  23. Philips DVD+RW - Soon to be released product! Or so they keep promising...
  24. DVD+RW Alliance:
  25. DVD+RW InformationThe DVD+RW Alliance
    1.  DVD+RW Alliance - DVD+R Double Layer - Introducton:

    Vendors: If you have a Product or Technology you'd like us to Evaluate, please contact us for our Review Instructions & Guidelines. Email Us!

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Data Recovery
Digital Media Players
Anti-MPAA - Win Ripper
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