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Windows 2000 Bootstrap - Setup & Startup Process:

The Windows 2000 startup process is similar to the startup process for Windows NT 4.0 but is significantly different from other operating systems. In MS-DOS, Win95, and Win98, the computer loads the IO.sys file followed by Msdos.sys and Command.com. However, in Windows 2000, these files only exist on computers that have multiple-boot configurations with Windows 95, Windows 98, or MS-DOS.

The following list describes the startup sequence on a computer running Windows 2000 Professional:

  1. Power-on self test (POST)
  2. Initial startup process
  3. Bootstrap loader process
  4. Operating system selection (if the computer has a multiple-boot configuration)
  5. Hardware detection
  6. Hardware configuration selection (if you are using more than one hardware profile)
  7. Kernel loading
  8. Operating system logon process

Note: System Startup Sequence only applies to a system started from a reboot or a power off state. This sequence does not apply to a system turned on from a hibernated state. This startup sequence applies to all versions of Windows 2000.

  1. Win2000 Bootstrap -PDF
  2. microsoft.com:  Windows 2000 Resource Kits: The Windows 2000 Startup Process.
  3. microsoft.com:  Startup Process: Troubleshooting Startup Problems
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Win95 Bootstrap - PDF.
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