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../images/bullet2.gifFile & Folder Compression: Compression Choices
Win2000 Pro Compressed Folders:
  1. NT Compatible - Can I enable compressed folders under Windows 2000 - YES!
  2. Tech Toolbox - Windows 2000 - Enable compressed folders in Windows 2000
  3. Microsoft Security Bulletin (MS01-019): Passwords for Compressed Folders are Recoverable. IF you password-protect your compressed folders then yes, apply the patch! 
Enabling Compressed Folders in Windows 2000

The Windows 98 Plus! Pak includes a zip package (Compressed Folders) that lets you browse zip files from Explorer. Windows 2000 does not come with this capability. IF you have Win98 Plus Pac, this is a way to keep using it or buy a new compression product. Enable this feature in Windows 2000 by following these steps:

1.) From Win98 Plus! Pak CD-ROM.

2.) Inside, extract all zip-related files (i.e., *ZIP*.*): - DUNZIP.DLL - DUNZIP32.DLL - DZIP.DLL - DZIP32.DLL - ZIPFLDR.DLL

3.) Copy these files to your system32 directory (c:\winnt\system32).

4.) Run the following command from DOS Command Line Window:

C:\> regsvr32.exe c:\winnt\system32\zipfldr.dll

5.) You will see the following message: DllRegisterServer in [path]\zipfldr.dll succeeded. Usually, no need to restart PC or Explorer session.


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