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BuildOrBuy News: Windows XP 64 Edition
  1. images/bullet2.gifAMD.com - Microsoft Windows XP 64-Bit Edition and the AMD64 Processors
  2. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft.com - Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
  3. images/bullet2.gifMicrosoft Support - Windows XP Professional x64 Edition
Windows 64 Bit!
  1. WinHEC Preview 64-Bit Goes Live
  2. 32-bit & 64-bit Software Applications that Support AMD64 Technology: "The AMD64 Ecosystem now showcases over 1300 software packages from over 300 software developers. "
  3. AMD.com - WinXP 7 - pre-release software is available from Microsoft. The Irony... "Important: Windows XP Professional x64 Edition cannot be successfully installed on 64-bit Intel Itanium-based systems!"
  4. Cakewalk.com - White Paper Benefits of x64 for Audio Workstations (2/11/2005)
  5. Cakewalk Announces First Truly Native 64-bit Host DAW Application (January 27, 2005)
  6. Intel Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T) "Intel EM64T requires a computer system with a processor, chipset, BIOS, operating system, device drivers and applications enabled for Intel EM64T."
    1. Intel Developer - Extended Memory 64 Technology (EM64T):


Windows, In The 64 Bit Beginning... Chicago - 25 or 6 to 4, great song, another better Windows or more of the same?

Do you currently own now or are you expecting to own an Intel Itanium Processor Family workstation? Rich Uncle? Are you on MSDN? Not a Developer? OK so maybe you're a bleeding edge technologist! Then get the Athlon 64 and run with! Windows XP64 promises a single Desktop for technical and business applications.

Tired of memory problems? Windows XP 64-Bit Edition will support up to 16GB of RAM and up to (8) terabytes of virtual memory.

We currently have 2 choices outlined for us to acquire Windows XP 64-Bit Edition with Itanium systems. First, buy a Dell, HP, IBM, Fujitsu or Hitachi Intel Itanium Processor workstation. Or, if you're into Building your own workstation, get Microsoft's MSDN subscription. 

And... Expect, soon to follow, 64-Bit Windows XP applications. www.Cakewalk.com

Microsoft.com: Windows XP 64-Bit Edition... Windows XP Professional x64 Edition

Microsoft.com: Top 5 Reasons - To move to Windows XP 64-Bit Edition.

  1. Large Memory Support
  2. Originally optimized for the Intel Itanium processor family and now for the Athlon 64!
  3. Multiprocessing
  4. Interoperability
  5. Same programming model

"Microsoft has introduced its first 64–bit client operating system, Microsoft Windows XP 64–bit Edition, to meet the demands of specialized, technical workstation users who need large amounts of memory and floating point performance in areas such as movie special effects, 3D animation, engineering, and scientific applications.

The platform is available for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)."



October 15, 2001: Filemon v4.34 for Windows XP 64-bit Edition/Itanimum

Windows 64: Software 2000 is 64-bit Windows XP-ready


  1. From Joe Whinery, LinuxHardware.org LinuxHardware.org 64-Bit Desktop Battle! (3/3/05)
  2. AMD Athlon™ 64 Processor: The Real Deal!
  3. O'Reilly Network No Opteron Support in Windows 64 bit [March 25, 2003]: "...Microsoft has announced that the upcoming Windows 2003, 64 bit edition will *not* have support for Opteron's 64 bit mode!" (3/25/2003).
  4. XP64 Scales to 512 processors - Wish List Material?
  5. MotherBoards... ?
  6. Dell - PowerEdge 7150 Server
  7. Dell - Precision 730 Workstation - We can work with this, maybe... Supports 16GB ECC SDRAM memory. Link Gone! For further Info on this beast, go to Dell link and search Precision 730. Voila - There you go! ;) 
    1. Contents Dell Precision WorkStation 730
    2. Intel 460GX Chipset with 266MHz system bus
    3. 16 DIMM slots support 1GB to 16GB ECC SDRAM memory
    4. RJ45 NIC connector (rear)
    5. One 4XAGP Pro110 Slot
    6. Five PCI slots
    7. Three 64-bit 33MHz
    8. Two 64-bit 66MHz
    9. 800 watt power supply

Intel(R) Itanium(TM) Processor - Intel(R) 460GX Chipset Documentation


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