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images/bullet2.gifScreen Recorders - Capture Streaming Video
images/bullet2.gif249334 - Troubleshooting DVD Problems in Windows 2000
DVD Recordable Technologies:

DVD Technologies still exist in a format war. Pioneer's DVD-A04 was seemingly the unit of choice for Digital Videographers or for those creating DVD-Audio CD's. And for Data, appeared HP's DVD 200i had that lead for a while. Now HP has the 300i. So what's a PC Digital Editor to do? Lots of homework, some perseverance and dedicate some time to research! Below are a few places worth your time. For a Total Solution, we suggest a Solutions Provider Bundle unless you prefer to create your own total solution.

Since Sony has announced their next generation DVD Recorders (DRU-500A) will embrace both DVD-R & DVD+R, we suggest waiting until those DVD Recorders ship to see what else might be available. IF however you cannot wait, we suggest the Pioneer DVR-A05U unit since it appears to be faster (9/24/2002, Updated 2/8/2003).

  1. www.microsoft.com - DVD and Microsoft Operating Systems
  2. www.dvdirect.com - Understanding DVD Formats


DVD Recordable Information & News: 
  1. www.EETasia.com - Pioneer DVD writers with 16x write speed: "Pioneer Corp. [has] announced... [DVR-A08] the world's first DVD writers capable of recording at up to 16x write speed on DVD-R or +R discs and at up to 4x write speed on DVD+R DL (double-layer) discs.

    The devices are playback compatible in all DVD formats, supporting the playback of DVD-RAM, DVD-R, +R and DVD+R DL discs, and are designed for vertical or horizontal mounting. It can also be installed in a slim-type PC." To be available in Black, Pure White and Silver. (7/21/2004).

  2. www.StorageBySony.com:
    1. www.sony.com/dvdburners
    2. Sony Ushers In High-speed DVD Recording With New 8X DVD+R DUAL RW DVD Burners (October 20, 2003).
  3. www.plextor.be - Products - PX-708A: Writing DVD+R @ 8x (11/7/2003).
  4. www.TDK.com - Indi DVD 8x Burner: "1x CD speed = 150 KB/sec. 1x DVD speed = 1350 KB/sec. Therefore, an 8x DVD recording speed is equivalent to a ~72x (!) CD recording speed, in terms of data transfer rate." (11/7/2003)
  5. www.extremetech.com - Pioneer Drive Adds DVD+RW Support: "Pioneer Corp. took a step away from its exclusive support of the DVD-RW standard by announcing a new recordable DVD drive for PCs, the A-06 [DVR-AO6-J], which will support the DVD+RW and DVD+R standards." (5/23/2003)
  6. From www.Pioneerelectronics.com, DVD Recording Newsletter: Pioneer Electronics - DVD Recording: 9 DVD Recording Drives, 48 hours, 9 Film Schools, 100 Plus College Students - A project documenting 2880 minutes of creativity! Pioneer gave each film school a Pioneer High Speed DVR-A05 Drive and 48 hours to write, shoot, edit and burn a short film on to DVD. They produced a web site to explain the project and show the results. Take a look! (4/22/2003)
  7. Adobe Encore DVD: DVD Authoring - Available in summer 2003 (4/13/2003).
  8. DVD Backup Movies: DVD MAGICK PRO (4/13/2003).
    1. www.dvdsqueeze.com - Copy any DVD to a CD (4/13/2003).
  9. 321 Studios DVD Copy Plus: BACKUP COPY and RESTORE your own DVD Movies using nothing more than this software, a DVD-ROM and CD-R. (3/24/2003).
  10. Videomaker Magazine DVD Authoring Software: Special Buyers Guide (3/18/2003).
  11. Former president of JVC heads up New Storage Company Debuting DVD+RW Burner - The K2XTREME DVD+RW/R. Writes at 2.4X speed for both recordable and rewritable functions. Include Roxio's Easy CD Creator 5.3 DVD Edition (2/22/2003).
  12. ExtremeTech.com - DVD Recordable Standards Duke It Out: Sony DRU-500A DVD+RW / DVD-RW Recorder & Pioneer Electronics DVR-A05U DVD-RW Recorder (2/8/2003).
  13. pcmag.com - DVD Creation Guide (1/21/2003).
  14. www.microsoft.com:  DVD Writing Support and Windows (12/7/2002).
  15. mixonline.com:  Burn This! Affordable DVD Drive Bundles (12/2/2002).
  16. images/bullet2.gifPhilips develops DVD-rewritable design - Tech News - CNET.com (10/23/2002).
  17. Storage Inc. Magazine: The Versatile DVD Media Formats: Which One is Best? (10/16/2002)
  18. images/bullet2.gifBurnworld - Sony DRU500A - DVD Combo Drive (10/14/2002).
    2. www.storagebysony.com:  Sony DRU500A (10/14/2002).
  19. ExtremeTech.com:  DVD Compatibility Still As Ugly As Ever (10/1/2002).
  20. images/bullet2.gifZDNet Battling DVD burners Written April 16, 2002 (7/23/2002).
  21. USATODAY.com - Recordable DVD takes positive spin Updated 04/08/2002 (7/23/2002).
  22. Harry Potter DVD protection goes poof - Tech News - CNET.com Dated June 20, 2002
  23. ZDNet Recordable DVD makes its debut Dated March 22, 2002 (7/23/2002).
  24. writable DVD - a searchStorage definition - see also recordable DVD, rewritable DVD
  25. images/bullet2.gifPioneeraus.com.au:  DVD Recordable Formats
  26. MedioStream Provides Complete Camcorder-to-Disc DVD Publishing Solutions.
  27. images/bullet2.gifdvd business solutions articles - writing with 2x dvd-r media


DVD Recordable Drives - DVD-R or DVD+R:
  1. images/bullet2.gifDVD+RW Alliance - Compatibility Lists: DVD+RW and +R Compatibility (9/18/2003).
  2. www.storagebysony.com - Sony DRU-510A: (9/18/2003).
    1. www.storagebysony.com:  Sony DRU500A (Posted - 10/14/2002; Updated 9/18/2003).
      1. dru500a_rev2_data.pdf
      2. Firmware 2.0F Update Instructions: Sony DRU-500A/DRX-500UL - uninstall Intel Application Accelerator!
      3. http://sony.storagesupport.com/freeupgrade
  3. www.pioneerelectronics.com - Computer Drives - DVR-A06U:
    1. Pioneer DVD: DVR-A05: 4X DVD-R Recorder, "...4X DVD-R, 2X DVD-RW, 16X CD-R and 8X CD-RW capabilities."
    2. Pioneer DVD: DVR-A04: DOES support CD-R & CD-RW Burning!  Writes: DVD-R, DVD-RW, CD-R & CD-RW; ATA / ATAPI-5 - UDMA33; Buffer Under Run Protection. The DVD-A04 is a 4th Generation Model with 2MB Buffer.
  4. CenDyne, Inc. - Support: CenDyne DVD-R/RW EIDE (Includes buffer under-run protection) Out of Business!
  5. HP DVD Writer Drives - DVD Players and DVD-ROM Drives Compatible with DVD+R and DVD+RW Discs: HP DVD-Writer DVD200i - Previous Link Gone!
  6. Pacific Digital Products DVD-R-RAM: According to the Box - Does NOT support CD-R & CD-RW Burning!
  7. Panasonic Digital Storage DVD Multi Drive LF-D521U: DVD-RAM / DVD-R/DVD-RW


DVD Recording Applications:
  1. CopyMyDVD.comDVDCopyPlus4.0 (8/21/2002).
  2. DVD-Audio: Content Creation, Authoring & Playback
  3. Gear Software: GEAR DVD Burning & Mastering Edition Software!
  4. InterVideo: WinDVD Recorder, WinDVD Creator & WinProducer DVD.
  5. images/bullet2.gifSonic Foundry: Vegas + DVD - Sonic Foundry releases new version of non-linear editing system and adds DVD authoring and surround sound encoding.
  6. images/bullet2.gifSonic-My DVD: Desktop DVD - Video Authoring Application
    1. ReelDVD Home: Sonic ReelDVD is designed specifically for independent and corporate video projects and brings exciting multimedia DVD to your professional productions. 
  7. Stomp Inc.: Formerly Veritas-Record Now MAX, now owned by Sonic - CD and DVD Recording Application. Provides Drive Letter Access (DLA) - A utility providing the ability to copy files directly to recordable CD and DVD discs.
  8. images/bullet2.gifCyberLink - Digital Video: Power DVD XP - DVD-Video and Multimedia Player & PowerProducer.


DVD-R Media:
  1. www.buy-dvd-r.com
  2. www.cdrdvdrmedia.com
  3. www.dvdrrack.com
  4. www.dvdxshop.com - Buy DVD and CD burning supplies at thte lowest prices!
  5. www.mediasupply.com/dvdr
  6. images/bullet2.gifMaxell-Data.com
  7. images/bullet2.gifpioneerelectronics.com:  dvd products - recordable dvd products: See DVD-R Media 
  8. images/bullet2.gifTDK Electronics - DVD Media
CD Record
CD-R Media
Copy Protection
DVD Playback
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