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Networked Audio:

Since anything that CAN be Digital WILL be Digital, we're going to start tracking this Technology progression moving forward. For those of us interested its intended application and possible uses from ProAudio to Consumer choices - Stay tuned! GB - Enjoy!

We recently asked - "How is Digigram working with implementing Gibson's CAT5 MaGIC protocol?" Answer: Digigram does not plan to implement Gibson's MaGIC protocol. EtherSound and CobraNet have clearly emerged as the transport protocols best suited to the sound reinforcement, installed sound, and professional audio markets. (3/18/2003)

  1. announces immediate availability of FX Teleport DAW Networking Solution.

    With FX Teleport it's not only possible, but also very easy to setup a DAW on multiple
    Computers connected via TCP/IP LAN. Working with FXTeleport is as easy as launching a VST host on one machine and VST instruments and FX on the other(s) and enjoying the
    newly configured Audio Processing Farm. (7/22/2003)

    For more information visit:
    14-day trial version available:
  2. - The benefits of Ethernet-based audio networks: "Some 100BASE-T Audio Networking Technologies support as many as 128 audio channels over a single CAT5 cable (1,280 using Gigabit Ethernet)..." (7/9/2003).
    1. Peak Audio - Developers of CobraNet™
    2. CobraNet Competitive Analysis
  3. - Use Your LAN to Beef Up Your DAW: "FX has announced the forthcoming release of FX Teleport, a DAW Networking Solution." (5/20/2003)
    1. FX Teleport is a unique revolutionary DAW Networking Solution for VST Audio PlugIns!
  4. AES Technical Committee Network Audio Systems: "...research, development and practice in the use of networked audio systems..."
    1. Networked Audio Devices
    2. Digital Mixing Consoles for Live Sound
  7. - BridgeCo networked entertainment: (ENA) Entertainment Network Adapter.
  8. - DisCommWin - DIS and HLA Simulated Radio Technology: DisCommWin provides a software interface to Windows applications and DIS and HLA-compatible networked audio.
  9. - Networked Audio: University of Essex, Networked Audio - Course Summary
  10. Stream Audio over Ethernet
  11. images/
    1. - Digital Guitar System: MaGIC protocol over CAT5!
    2. MaGIC Specifications: Media-accelerated Global Information Carrier
  12. Gibson Guitar to make MaGIC with 3Com, AMD and Xilinx (10-7-02).
  13. - TINI Demo: Affordable New Micro controller Streams Audio Over the Internet!
  14. - Mini-Component Audio Client System:
  15. - Developers of CobraNet™: "Developed by Peak Audio, CobraNet™ is the industry's leading technology for distributing uncompressed real-time digital audio over a Fast Ethernet network."
    1. CobraNet Overview Specifications and Terminology: Real Time Digital Audio Distribution
    2. Peak Audio Licenses CobraNet Technology to Digigram: (June 2001).
  16. - MediaMatrix:
    1. - R & D Industries, Inc. - Sound Systems - Mediamatrix
  17. - MIDIoverLAN+: "A new enhanced version of MIDI Replicator." (12/23/2003)
  18. - 2001, report, section 4: Group Report: Networked Audio Devices Interoperability Standard Requirements Document.
  19. - QSControl Systems:
  20. - Controlling Audio Systems with ActiveX
  21. - Networked Digital Audio State of the Art for the Arts: Article (6-1-02).
    1. Power Line Conditioners: "...all voltage is not created (or distributed) equally." (2-1-03).
  22. - Cogency Semiconductor, Escient(R), and Texas Instruments Announce Availability of First UPnP Compatible HomePlug Networked Audio Player Reference Design:
    1. HomePlug Powerline Alliance
  23. Turtle Beach Connected Audio - AudioTron: "AudioTron is a 'smart stereo component' that takes full advantage of the power of home networking..."
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