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Remote Power Control Switching, Distribution & Monitoring:

Years ago we had this ability to remotely turn on a PC under Win3x. Difficult to remember that product's name or disposition. We can however deal with the subject today relative to what's currently available.

As usual, we're starting this List from which we'll then comment further as to Technology relevance and proper application. We can thank Sam McJunkin for this research since he asked about the ability to remotely Power On a PC for work or play! We're Listing Manufacturers and Product Sales locations in our effort to document product availability.

This goes beyond the usual KVM (Keyboard, Video & Mouse) Technology! And everything so Listed is a scaleable solution whether Corporate IT / MIS, SOHO or Individual Business Professional or Consultant. Enjoy!


  1. www.42u.com:  remote ip access--Remote Server KVM Over IP Access Solutions
  2. www.apcc.com: MasterSwitch Power Distribution Unit (PDU) providing remote on/off/reboot capabilities & Remote Power-Off Device.
  3. www.baytech.net: RPC (Remote Power Control) - Remote power switch provides means to turn On/Off, or reboot equipment; Dialup Console Power Control + Remote Reboot.
  4. www.bomara.com:  Remote Reboot Switches -
  5. www.csipower.com: Network Power Switch & Telnet+Dial-Up Network Power
  6. www.dataprobe.com/power: Remote Reboot and Power Switching; See: PowerPAL
  7. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.deltronix.com: Multi-Link Power Stone - Remote Power Switch for Remote activation! = $129.00 + $10.00 S&H.
  8. www.dcbnet.com:  Data Comm for Business, Inc APS01 Data Sheet
  9. www.foxns.com:  Cybex ReBoot II - Remote Power Control by Telephone
  10. www.icsadvent.com:  Expandable Remote AC Power Switch
  11. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.kvm-switches-online.com:  Remote Reboot-Power Cycle
  12. www.kvms.com: Remote Reboot
  13. www.moxa.com: NPower Commander - Remotely OnOff any unattended devices
  14. www.netino.com:  NETWORK INDUSTRIAL OPT.: Network Industrial CT1000W card is a PCI card that can be inserted in any PC server.
  15. RackitTechnology.com:  Expert Solutions for the LAN Environment
    1. NetBotz Environment Monitoring System: Remote Monitor - Temperature, Humidity, Air Flow, Audio alarm, Door opening, Visual, live picture (via built-in camera), Amps drawn + Connection to 3rd party sensors. Provides Pager and e-mail alerts! Browser-based interface and easy setup! (RackBotz 303 $925.00)
    2. TeleReach: Secure access via Internet, LAN/WAN, or dial-up modem. TeleReach Remote Control includes capabilities to access locked up servers, upload / download files, change CMOS settings, handle SVGA graphics, interact with any server as if the remote user were actually there, and even rebooting.
  16. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.remotepowerswitch.com: (DelTronix.com)
  17. www.servertech.com - The Leader in Remote Power Management
    1. New Power Tower XL:
    2. www.servertech.com -  Reboot with Sentry Remote Power Management Switch Products
  18. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.teleboot.com: TeleBoot - Remote Access & Remote Power Control
  19. ../images/bullet2.gifwww.usacommunications.com: Remote Power Control with TeleSwitch
  20. www.wti.com: Remote Reboot, Network Power Switch, On-Command Power, On/Off/Reboot Switching & Call Back.
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