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Acid / Sonar Audio Loop Libraries & Loop Sequencing
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  2. images/ - Keyboards and Synths The Sample Database
  3. images/ - Product List: Loop Editors
Audio Loops for Sonic Foundry Acid Audio Type Music Content Creation

Painting Music By Numbers... Catch The WAV!

New to Looped Music Creation? Do you have a Project requiring an Audio track? Ever notice the impact of Video when balanced with a great audio track? Need something more than a canned track of ho-hum music? What if you could take parts or loops of a little ditty you created but need a little help in making it tight or just want that layered sound? Audio Loops and Royalty Free BuyOut Music can help you to achieve your goals.

An easy topic if you know the drill - All audio parts music loops, license-free! How that's accomplished is another matter. Can almost anyone create an audio loop or song for publishing to CD, the Web or Video - Yes! Even those of us who consider ourselves musicians will find new ways of writing music with these new tools.

Although I do not care for the name Sonic Foundry chose for their Audio Looping program, after using this program, and others, anyone can quickly see why it's appropriate - Acid Audio pH1- WOW! Once you're into it, you're hooked! And having a blast! You'll see music in a whole new way. And hear rhythms as never before visualized.

In time, we're going to be covering this topic in greater detail. Consider Looped Music just another tool in your arsenal of DAW Audio Tools alongside Tascam's GigaStudio, Propellerhead's Reason and Cakewalk's Sonar.

For the time being, we'll compose a List here of Audio Loop Libraries and further discuss their capabilities. If you have yet to try Music creation from this standpoint, give it time to sink in - You might like what you're able to accomplish the otherwise impossible!

To get started, go to and listen. Buy Acid Pro. Watch for Specials from Guitar Center or Mars Music. They will have Loop Libraries On sale with Acid. And sometimes have their own House Brand Loop Libraries deeply discounted. A great deal right now to get started is the Special Offer - $19.95 buys a CD with 500 Samples + Acid Music & Sound Forge XP - Deal! Keep an eye on for Loop Audio Library Updates and Announcements - Enjoy!

Update 2/14/2002:

In case no one told you...
Check out the Loops CD's from
Peace Love Productions - Excellent!

Audio Loop Updates:
  1. - Loopheads Soundware Announces Loopkit Pro v1.0: New Acidized Loops Libraries (10/9/2003).
  2. M-Audio Announces ProSessions Sound Library - "A fresh new collection of affordable top-quality samples created by some of today’s top musicians, composers and producers. The ProSessions library delivers inspiration across a wide variety of genres and styles including hip-hop, dance, pop, Latin, R&B, rap, drum & bass, techno, world beat and more. Designed with songwriters, producers and remixers in mind, each ProSessions sample features a top-quality recording, meticulously edited by hand for rock-solid professional timing and easy integration into other grooves. Each CD delivers over 400MB of world-class samples in multiple formats — AIFF, WAV, REX2 and Acidized WAV." (6/3/2003)
  3. - Loop-slicing tools such as Propellerhead ReCycle, Sonic Foundry Acid, and Ableton Live have taken the electronic-music world by storm. Published, April 1, 2003 (5/3/2003)
  4. REMIX THIS! Peace Love Productions Remix Competition - Ends May 15th: Peace Love Productions (PLP), the producers of Designer Dance Tools, Trance Solid NRG, DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics, and the ACID DJ 3.0 Expander pack Loops For ACID by Sonic Foundry, has teamed up with and Dsound to form their latest remix competition. The contest is simple, download the 20 free loops and start remixing. Prizes include PLP loop CDs($180 value), gift certificates from, and Dsound's Stompin FX plug-in pack. All entries must be fully uploaded by midnight CST on May 15, 2003. Winners will be announced May 31, 2003 (3/27/2003).
  5. images/bullet2.gifSmart Loops and Cakewalk Partner to Deliver Top-Quality Loops in SONAR 2.0 (4/10/2002).
  6. images/  S2 Sonic Scenes Collection from Soundforest (3/3/2002).
  7. images/lime_bullet.gif NEW CAKEWALK LOOPS: X-MIX X-PRESS LOOPS — ONLY $19: X-Mix X-Press (2/14/2002).
  8. images/lime_bullet.gif Audio Loops:  New Ambient Dreams Wav Sample CD from (2/14/2002).
  9. images/lime_bullet.gif Audio: Code Audio Debuts New Loop Creation Tool, BeatBurner (2/9/2002).
  10. images/bullet2.gifAudio Sampling & Loops: PowerFX hooked up with Sonic Foundry and uploaded over 9,000 samples from their "Loops for Acid library" + New 2rAw sampling series CDs featuring ReCycle (Rex) files, Reason refill and Acidized wav files) (2/8/2002). Site Offline!?! (2/23/2004)
  11. images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central SonicEmulations Launches Sonic Stop Web Site and Loop Libraries (2/6/2002).
  12. images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central Free Audio Sample of the Day Newsletter Launches (2/5/2002).
  13. images/bullet2.gifSonicEmulations Launches Sonic Stop Website (1/24/2002).

Getting Started, Loop Library Suggestions:
  1. Essential Sounds II - Even though Essential Sounds I came with Acid Pro ver. 1, this is my 1st choice for building a Loop Library. Great material!
  2. SoundClips 10,000 - 8 CDs fully loaded. Over 10,000 unique, royalty-free samples. Top that! They did... Best value, great audio & excellent price!
  3. 10,000 Wav Samples - 9 CDs containing over 10,000 sound samples! I have not auditioned this library yet. Our only concern - Is this a regurgitation of content on SoundClips CD's above? Let us know if you find out! Otherwise - Enjoy! 
  4. They produced the Acid DJ Loops CD for Sonic Foundry. Listen to the Demos and then Buy the 6 CD Set - Over 2900 Loops below! Worth it!
    1. MIX MEISTER PRO 4 LOOPS Peace Love Productions: CD Quality. Original & Royalty Free Acidized Loops!


Loop Content Creation Programs:
../images/bullet2.gifAudio Editors

Commercial Applications...

  1. Sonic Foundry - Acid Audio, Sound Forge, Vegas Audio/Video & Loops!
  2. Cakewalk Music and Sound Software - Sonar, FruityLoops, Plasma + ACID™-format loops.
  4. Steinberg - Cubase, WaveLab &
  6. Ableton Live
  7. AudioMulch Interactive Music Studio
  8. BeatBurner
  9. DAE - CD Ripping - Test You CD-ROM Drive Capabilities...
  10. CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool
  11. Translator by Chicken Systems
  12. Sound recording tools Total Recorder - captures any audio from the Internet, records audio from CD, microphone, line-in, converts any sound formats to WAVE and MP3 - The Best!
  13. Sonic Desktop Software: #1 Name In Soundtrack Creation! (Anything can be Looped!)

Shareware & Freeware...

  1. CutterMusic - SawCutter
  2. [syntax phreaks germany]: ian's iBeat v.1.4c Audio Loop Generator
  3. "Little Drummer Boy" drum loop creation sofware
  4. Loop Recorder Sound Recording Software for Windows Record anything anytime.
  5. Möbius - Loop Editing Tool
  6. - Will Morton's Music Software: QLB - The Mini Loop Sequencer - Site Gone!
  7. Zero-X PC: BeatCreator & Seamless Looper
  8. - F@ctory 42 - Software BeatMe: Site Gone!
  9. MP3 MIX DJ SOFTWARE - MixVibes
  10.  VoiceSFX - Voice Effects Software
  11.  Tuareg - Interactive Phrase Sampler by Bram Bos
  12. Hardware Looper: .. electrix products repeater ..
  13. WaveKnife: Loop Slicer / Loop Splitter.

Anything can be made into a Loop! Use your imagination! And have fun!


Audio Loops:

Loops can be found anywhere. The following are a few highlights.

  1. ACID Loops
  2.  acid loops, drum loops, music loops and sound fx
  3. www.acidplanet - Check out the contests & participate!
  4. Banana Whale!
    1. Harmony Central Bananawhale Productions Debuts Loops Deluxe 1.0 (4/30/2002).
  5. New Listing! New Loops! - Drum Loops for ACID Acoustic Drum Loops:
  6. - Where fire in hip hop production samples starts and never ends! Beware of Pop-Ups when you leave that site! (1/14/2003)
  7. Soft Synths & Loops
  8. ../images/bullet2.gifBitshift Audio: The Loop Library - pHAtfactory / 001 (12/11/2002).
  9. - Site Gone!
  10. - Site Gone!
  11. Discrete Drums - Claims, "The most useable, flexible, customizable drum library ever."
  12. - Music Loops, Vocal Samples and Sound Effects - Flash, Acid, anything
  13. - Violin loops,fiddle loops, electric violinist: Listen & Enjoy! Violin Loops - Pleasant and smooth! (10/25/2003)
  14. e-LAB Start: They Built the Loop Library for Reason by Propellerhead Software!
  15. - Loops & Samples for TechnoHeadz Worldwide!
  16. Loop Libraries for Acid, SampleCDs in wav-format -
  17. Free Loops, Acid Loops and Sample Libraries
  18. a.k.a. Sonic Stop ( - World Class Samples Factory Direct! (2/9/2002).
  20. - Cool Sounds & Sample CDs
  21. Acidized Guitar Loops!
  22. New Listing! New Loops! - Hark Loops - Loop Libraries, Loops For Acid, Acidized Loops & Free Loops: New Piano Loop Libraries!
  23. ILIO SAMPLE CDS AND CD-ROMS + Loops, Sounds, Software and Tools for the Modern Musician.
  24. - Sounds, Synthesis and Software
  25. Cool Tools for Music Making... Acid Loop Libraries
  26. Kid Nepro Synth Patches and Digital Samples
    1. Harmony Central Triton-Karma Rhythm & Beats Available for Any Sampler (4/11/2002).
  28. - Home of Loopkit Pro v1.0 ™ - Dynamic Sound Loop CD: (10/9/2003).
  29. Wanna Play? Currently awaiting better gear?
  30. images/ - Resource site for Loopers, DJs and Musicians - Acid Loops: (2/23/2004).
  32. www.loopasonic -
  33. Looperman download free drum loops, bass loops, synth loops, Fx loops
  35. Acid Loops- Site Gone!
  36. MagixMusic -
  38. - Special Promotional Offer: Join Platinum, $19.95/year to receive mH2O's "Best of" Sample CD with music studio software (Acid 2.0™ and SoundForgeXP™) and 500 samples + 500 downloadable samples of your choice! Slick Deal!
  39. Multitrack Drum Loops
  40. Royalty Free Music, Music Loops and Sound Effects, Download free to use examples of royalty free music. from
  41. One Stop Beats - Hip Hop and R&B for Akai MPC 4000, MPC 3000, MPC 2000, and MPC 2000XL + GigaStudio & Acid Pro. Not very attentive. (11/4/2002)
  42. Royalty Free Music, Free Sound Effects, Download Free Flash Music Loops
  43.  Music Production On Your PC
  44. images/  Creators of ACID DJ Loops: Listen to the Demos. Buy the Bundle - Worth the price! (11/4/2002).
  45.  - Free acid loops & samples:
  46.  Your Source... For Sounds On The WEB: D/L FREE ACID,REX,RCY and MP3 loop demos from their Sound Gallery. Want more free loops? Register On-Line.
  47. -
  48. PrimeSounds - Your Ever Expanding On-Line Sample Library!
  49. Pro-Rec's Synth Sounds!
  50. Q Up Arts - Inspiration For The Musician / Producer: Sample collections for computers & samplers.
  51. - [Drum Loops] - Acid Loops & Sound Samples
  52. RENAISSANCE SFX Library, the first sound effects library encoded and produced entirely in Dolby surround (2/12/2002).
  53. Rob Kirkwood's FREE music tracks and loops
  55. Smart Loops (
  56. - Real Drum Loops! Site Gone!
  57.  Sound design, voice-overs, audio loops
  58. -
  59. Sonomic Instant Access to the Sounds You Need
  60. - Supporting the Art in ARTist! Demo's Available!
  61. Royalty free Sound Effects, Music Libraries, Music Loops and FREE Sound FX:
  62. - Sound Soure 24: Professional and "copyright free" sound files. Site Gone!
  63. Peace Love Productions Site:
  64. Wizoosounds - professional sample instruments online: (EXS24, Giga & HALion formats.) 
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