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BuildOrBuy News - Buy Out Music
  1. ../images/bullet2.gifAudio Loops
  2. ../images/bullet2.gifProduction Music - Audio Libraries
And Production Music Libraries - Sound Effects... Sound Tracks...

Need an audio track for background ambiance or a theme and no time to create or time to hire the job done? Try Buy Out Music - Royalty Free Music a.k.a. Production Music / Audio Libraries where you pay once outright & upfront - Usually for use without license restrictions. When in doubt, read your EULA (End User License Agreement)!


  1. Harmony-Central.com -  Frank Serafine Releases New Ambience 5.1 Sound Effects Library (4/29/2003).
    1. www.frankserafine.com
  2. images/bullet2.gifAudio Loops & BuyOut Music FX: Sound Ideas & Westar Music - 60% Off One of Our Best Blue Plate Specials! (5/09/2002)
  3. Sound Ideas The Mix Signature Collection Combo: This month's Blue Plate Special includes a Great Deal on the entire Mix Signature Series. 16 power-packed CDs with full length and commercial length mixes. 8 categories with over 250 individual themes and 1,000 tracks.

    The list price on this package is $995.00. For this month it is available for only $495.00*! This represents over 50% off. From the USA1-800-387-3030 (1/10/2002).


Production Music / Audio Library - Sound Tracks:
  1. New Listing! www.AccentMusicCDs.com - Royalty Free Music Products: New Listing. Site Updating... Back on 1/4/2004. They provide Royalty free music either as MP3 download or on CD format (12/24/2003).
  2. Chestnut Mills Musicraft - buyout music, royalty free music, production music: D/L Demos in mono Real Media & Wav file. Difficult to tell of quality based on D/L demos. Good instrumentation. Worth a listen.
  3. Crank City Music - Royalty Free Music: Demos in Real Audio & MP3. Order Free Demo CD. Now that's motivating & exciting! Very crisp intonation. Feel the passion! Nice Bolero rendition! Great orchestral articulation. This is REAL music! Great Audio! 5/5
  4. CSSMusic.com:  One Stop Source for Buy Out Music & Sound Effects, Royalty Free: D.A.W.N., Digital Audio World Wide Network - Excellent Quality! Voice overs are a bit annoying but... 4/5
  5. Digital Juice: Digital Juice BackTraxx Music Library - Listen to the Samples, Synths & Midi. OK for industrial audio productions. ..."digitally remastered tracks..." Red Book Audio format. Definitely production music. Professionally done.
  6. Gene Michael Productions a unique Production Music Library: Have to order Demo CD. "GMP 2000 Music Sampler contains a 60 minute categorical overview." Nothing on-line to review. If you're in a hurry, move on.
  7. Geoffrey Wilson Buyout Music: "buyout music with a custom music sound" Click Listen for Shockwave audio demos. Then go to MP3 demos. Good audio.
  8. HollywoodEdge.com: Sound Effects and Production Music Libraries - D/L MP3 Samples! If you like it, Buy IT! You should be able to find sounds here of anything for your composition. Get the catalogue too! Great SFX!
  9. .iamusic.com:  Production Music Library Royalty Free Music Buy Out Music:
  10. MusicBakery.com: royalty free music, production music, ...: Demos? Sure FOR SALE! They have a Demo CD. Try it. IF you want it now - get out your CC.
  11. Music2Hues.com: Royalty Free Music and Buy Out Music from MUSIC 2 HUES Production Library: No D/L Demos. Order Demo CD. All CD's are Red Book Audio. "All (99.9%) of our music is recorded LIVE using musicians. Occasionally, depending on the style of music and CD, we add keyboards if it helps achieve the sound and style of a theme." Quality unknown. In a hurry - move on.
  12. PocketFuel.com:  Your Source... For Sounds On The WEB: D/L FREE ACID, REX, RCY and MP3 loop demos from their Sound Gallery. Want more 200+ Megs of free loops? Register On-Line. Great Audio Loops!
  13. PowerFX - Your Sound Provider! Online Sound Database for Samplers & Loop Audio Samples. 
  14. Royalty Free Classical and Semi-classical Music Library: D/L Real Media Demos. Just what they claim. Very good quality demos.
    • Arranger's Tool - "Get started in composition or expand your harmonic repertoire." D/L midi examples.
  15. SFXSearch.com - www.gefen.com - "Gefen Inc. is the world's largest distributor of sound effects, production music & production element libraries for the professional audio market." Need we say more? No Previews.
  16. Sonic Desktop Software: SmartSound
  18. Sound Ideas Sound Effects and Music: Great FTP On-Line Demo Library.
  19. SOUNDS ONLINE - EastWest Audio: Your #1 Source for Professional Royalty-Free Sounds! (GigaStudio Sampler Libraries!)
  20. Soundware -- Samples, Loops, and Buyout Music libraries: Performance Drum Loops. Free Loops links to MP3.com.
  21. QCCS Productions and the PBTM Library! - Royalty Free Pro Background Theme Music "Professional Music You Can Afford to Use!" See: PBTM Library for On-Line Demos. Industrial Audio. Some Audio OK, you'll have to dig a little.

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  22. www.ultimatesoundarchive.com:


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