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  1. images/bullet2.gifAudio Plug-In Index
  2. images/bullet2.gifAudio Plug-In Listings
  3. images/bullet2.gifCakewalk DirectX
  4. images/bullet2.gifSteinberg VST
  1. images/bullet2.gifDXi - DX Instruments
  2. images/ products What`s Open Plug-in Technology - OPT
Audio Plug-In News:
  1. - Plugzilla Rackmount Plug-In Player Now Shipping: "Manifold Labs today announced the general availability of Plugzilla, the rack-mounted plug-in player, an embedded Linux host optimized to run VST instrument and effect plug-ins. Plugzilla price: $3,495." (7/30/2004)
  2. Got Noise? Get Redunoise! Voxengo introduces Redunoise VST PlugIn - A high resolution Audio Noise Reduction system in PC VST plug-in format delivering an unprecedented quality, offering the most comprehensive control.

    "Redunoise uses advanced analysis and filtering approaches offering an unprecedented audio analysis resolution and musically-sounding noise reduction filtering. Chances are, you will like what Redunoise has to offer in the field of broadband noise reduction." (10/31/2003)

  3. Voxengo Lampthruster PC VST Plug-In Released! Analogue tube gear in the native DAW environment - Lampthruster, featuring: 9 artistic pre-amp models; Built-in vintage equalizer; Factory presets; Mono -> Stereo, Stereo -> Stereo processing modes; All sample rates supported; Highly optimized DSP plus 64-bit internal precision (7/7/2003).
  4. WavToMidi Conversions: knzaudio - MIDIFIER - The first real-time Audio-to-MIDI VST Plug-in Converting Monophonic Audio tracks to MIDI (6/23/2003).
  5. Voxengo Deconvolver 1.4 released! "Today convolutional reverbs become more and more demanded. With convolution we have an opportunity to capture the sound of anything in the world that can generate a reverb, and use these sound impulses freely in any situation imaginable. This enables us to use the sound of the high-end reverb units, the real-world rooms, halls, cathedrals, synthetic reverbs and other sources, including non-reverb ones, without any hassle and in a uniform way using only a single program or a plug-in module.

    Voxengo Deconvolver supports almost all sample formats (bit-depths) of uncompressed mono/stereo WAV files. And offers a very convenient environment to deconvolve large sets of recorded files. Voxengo Deconvolver also offers a true mathematical FFT deconvolution which delivers 100% exact deconvolution. At the same time this puts a huge demand on the system memory - Deconvolving a 25-second stereo file at 96 kHz may require up to 100 MB of memory." (6/3/2003)
  6. Cakewalk VST Adapter now available for download! Seamlessly add support for VST audio effects and instruments to any DirectX compatible application - The Cakewalk VST Adapter converts VST format plug-ins to DirectX and DXi format, giving you sample-accurate automation with identical audio fidelity. Best of all, you will experience no additional latency and almost no additional CPU resources are required (4/26/2003).
  7. IK Multimedia: New Pro Plug-ins! Both VST & DX...  Plus, SAVE Big Bucks with the New IK Studio Bundle... Now Shipping! The new IK Studio Bundle offers everything you need for state-of-the-art music production...and saves you a bundle! The Studio Bundle includes: AmpliTube plug-in; SampleTank 1.1 XL with 4 CDs of sounds and 2.5GB of samples & T-RackS plug-in. This Special Offer is only available for a limited time and will not be repeated. This Studio Bundle special offer ends April 30, 2003. Order your Studio Bundle and save today!
  8. Voxengo releases CurveEQ VST 1.7 - A professional WYSIWYG ("what you see is what you get") linear-phase spline equalizer PC VST plug-in - was released. This new version was in beta for quite a long time and existing users have already got the idea which features were added. For those who unaware of the improvements made, CurveEQ now works much more stable and faster. Many new GearMatch options were added, spectrum inertia and slope controls were implemented. Now captured SpectruMatch spectrum can be loaded from/stored to a disk file which makes it possible to catalog captured spectrums for further reference. Several new factory presets were added, help file was improved and main GUI skin was redesigned for a nicer look and feel.

    The major improvement of this version of CurveEQ was reimplementation of saturator's algorithm. CurveEQ's saturator became a vintage limiter with a high quality action. Now it is possible to bring a nice analog-style limiting to any audio material being processed. Saturator can be successfully used as a mastering limiter too. Just give it a try! (3/24/2003).
  9. March Trade Shows: Cakewalk Acquires FXpansion VST Adapter Technology - Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Hall 5.1, Stand C78 (05 March, 2003) - Cakewalk, developer of the world's best-selling music and sound software for Windows, announced it acquired VST Adapter Technology from U.K. based FXpansion, a leading independent developer of soft synths, audio plug ins and the VST-DX adapter. As a result of this acquisition Cakewalk gains exclusive publishing and distribution rights of the FXpansion VST adapter technology. In addition, all support and updates for registered FXpansion adapter users will be handled directly through Cakewalk (3/5/2003).
  10. - DX Modulation Pack Version 3.0 Now Available: "...special introductory pricing [$69.00] through February 28, 2003. The DX Modulation Pack is a collection of 6 discrete plug-ins: phaser, flanger, chorus, tremolo, c-delay and modulated resonant LP/HP filter." (2/17/2003)
    1. - DX Modulation Pack 2.0:
  11. - WaveSurround: "Revamped as pro audio plug-in for PC VST/DirectX compatible Audio Host applications. WaveSurround is a spatial enhancer. It uses HRTF binaural processing and sophisticated crosstalk cancelling technology to put you inside stereo tracks and mixes, making music surround you." (2/5/2003)
  12. T-RackS: New T-RackS plug-in extends compatibility - World renown mastering suite now available for VST and DX platforms (2/4/2003).
  13. ../images/bullet2.gifAudio: ABSYNTH PC (Soft Synth) now available! ABSYNTH PC runs stand-alone or as a VST and DXi plug-in with up to eight instances (4/30/2002).
  14. images/bullet2.gifHarmony Central Universal Sound Bank Releases Fourth Plugsound Virtual Instrument (4/26/2002).


DirectX and VST audio plug-ins

Windows PC Audio Plug-Ins can be Soft Synths or EFX. Audio Plug-Ins come in two varieties or formats - VST (Steinberg Cubase) & DirectX for DirectX enabled applications. Cakewalk has taken DirectX Effects Audio Plug-Ins a step further with their use of DXi (DirectX Instruments) Audio Plug-Ins. Currently, only Sonar from Cakewalk utilizes DXi Audio Plug-Ins.

Tascam's GigaStudio has their own Audio Plug-Ins format (NFX Pro Effects 1-4). Of which, there are four shipping. Another announced GigaStudio NFX Audio Plug-In from ReValver has yet to ship. Currently only Tascam, formerly NemsSysMusic has GigaStudio Audio Plug-Ins.

What makes Audio Plug-Ins so special? Enhanced capabilities to existing applications. Some Audio Plug-Ins are stand alone. Most require a host application or container application to run.

There are also Video Plug-Ins available which are beyond the scope of this dissertation. We're going to assemble a List of Audio Plug-Ins here over time. These Audio Plug-Ins have nothing to do with Browser Audio Plug-Ins except for Crescendo who ahs a DXi Audio Plug-In.

images/ - Plug-Ins: Product Sales

images/ - Direct X Plug-Ins

images/ - VST Plug-Ins

images/ Classroom - Plug-ins - Compatibility

images/bullet2.gifUsing DirectX Audio Plug-Ins

images/bullet2.gifStienberg Cuabse VST tips and techniques. Plug-ins, digital, analogue, sampling, john.


Audio Plug-In Listings:
  1. AudioMelody - Plug-ins
  2.  Plugins News & Updates
  3. Harmony Central Software The Plug-In Database
  4. PluginSpot: VSTi Effects & SoftSynths
  5. Plug-ins - The Sonic Spot
  6. Sounduser: Cubase VST Plug Ins
  7. The DirectX Files: (Cakewalk)
    1. The DirectX Files Developers
  8. - The ultimate list for audio plugins: Search


Audio Plug-In Index:
  3. images/
  6. - Surround Sound Plugins: PanHandler Plug-ins (DirectX & VST)
  7. DXi & VSTi
  10. [DFX] - Super Destroy FX VST Plugin Pack
  11.  DDClip Audio Effects DirectX Plug-in Chainer
  15.  Virsonix Audio Software: BBE Sonic Maximizer Plug-In
  17. xhosaudio -- vst plugins and audio software links
  18. Waves Ltd. Digital Audio Processing: New! Restoration Bundle

    images/bullet2.gifON the list for 2002 - TEC Awards: Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards (8/8/2002).


Cakewalk DirectX Audio Plug-Ins:
  1. images/bullet2.gifAnalogX Power User  Direct X Audio PlugIns
    1. images/
  3. images/
  4. - DSPFX Professional Quality DirectX Audio Effects Plug-ins
  5. The original "VST Adapter" Plug-In! Get VST support in DX apps.
  6. - DirectiXer: VST adapter for DirectX host applications.
  7. images/  DX Gallery
    1. - DXi Soft Synths
    2. The DirectX Files Developers: DXi & MFX info.
      1. DXFiles Press Cakewalk Releases DXi SDK
  8. Triangle II Synthesizer Download: Free To Registered Sonar Users!
  9. iZotope, Inc.: iZotope Ozone 2.0 for DirectX available now! (11/26/2002)
  10. WaveWarp effects processor


Steinberg VST Audio Plug-Ins:
  1. ARTURIA - Computer Aided Music and virtual instruments: Storm Music Studio
  2. Big Tick Audio Software - Rhino VST Plug-In (3/28/2003)
  3. Camel Audio VST effects plugins CamelPhat Distortion, Compressor, Filter
  4.  - Industry
  5. CutterMusic - Software Synthesizers and Guitar Simulators
  6.  Virtual Synth Designers - Site Gone!
  7. [DFX] - Super Destroy FX free Audio Units, free VST plugins
  8. - FX & Instrument Solutions with MAXimum Efficiency!
    1. FX Freeze: A new DAW CPU resource management product.
    2. Giga VST Adapter - Coming Soon! For GigaStudio!
  9. IK Multimedia: Play SampleTank VST live with full MIDI control
    1. AmpliTube: AMP, Stomp, Effects & Mic Modeling
  10. - K-v-R [VST DX AU] - Supporting Open Standard Plugins
  11.  Virtual Instruments
    1.  Plugzilla Hardware VST Plug-In Host
  15. New PlugIn Listing! otiumFX VST-i plugins for PC & graphic resources:
  16. SoundHack Spectral Shapers!
  18. - SFX Machine RT, Real-Time Multi-Effects Plug-in:
  19. Steinberg VST PlugIns Developer Information Area: Don't expect this link to last! Steinberg does not apparently like User friendly links for User OR Developers!
  20. UGO - VST-Audio-Visual: Texture, Rez, Motion and String Theory
  21. MusikMesse 2003: VirSyn announces CUBE - a milestone in additive synthesis Read more... (3/14/2003).
  22. - Sound with a Soul: Voxengo offers high quality professional audio software, VST plug-ins and crisp reverb impulses - CurveEQ VST & Mastering Limiter.
  23. Steinberg international english - VST SDK Download: (2/23/2004).
Noise Reduction
audioMIDI - Plug-Ins
K-v-R [VSTi DXi AU]

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