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Noise Reduction Software & Plug-Ins:
  1. PureNotes and Merging Announce First Noise Removal Implementation for DSD/SACD - Merging Technologies and PureNotes Ltd announced today that they will be releasing noise removal tools that can operate in Pyramix's DSD domain. A pre-release live demo of the technology will be available at the Merging Booth at AES Amsterdam from March 22-25, 2003.

    "The Pyramix digital audio workstation is, in our view, the most cost effective, high quality, real-time solution for professional use and is a technology leader in the DSD multi-channel record, editing and mastering market. Merging have always been interested improving the results of audio restoration and we are very happy to have this opportunity to work with them. Together we will bring a higher level of quality and ease of use to the noise removal market. I believe this is the first noise removal product that is designed for DSD/SACD." Said Manelli Hosseini, CEO of PureNotes Ltd. (3/20/2003)


Noise Reduction Products:
  1. Algorithmix - EasyTools - Noise Reduction Plug-Ins for Audiograbber
  2. Arboretum Systems Digital Audio Technology: Ionizer-DX & Ray Gun
  3. images/bullet2.gifBias Debuts Sound Soap - Audio Noise Removal & Restoration Pug-In
  4. CEDAR Audio Ltd Audio Restoration Systems
  5. Diamond Cut Productions, Inc: Diamond cut Audio restoration software
    1. PCDJ Audio Cleaner
    2. Audio Cleaner Pro
    3. PCDJ Enhancer
  7. SADiE.COM: Cedar De-Noise Plug-In
  8. SEK'D Audio Restoration Suite - DeClicking and DeCrackling Module
    1. CEDAR for SADiE
  9. Sonic Foundry - Noise Reduction
  10. Steinberg: Steinberg international english - creative tools - CLEAN
  11. Spectral Design: DeClicker, DeNoiser & Clean (Steinberg)
  12. Restoration Bundle (PlugIn, Host application required)
Audio DJ
Audio Plug-Ins
Audio Processing
Audio Restoration
DAE - CD Ripping

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