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Soft Synth News:

As always, we're starting some new research on an old idea. Seer Systems, inventors of the first professional synthesizer software for Windows PCs delivered to Intel the first GM Software Synthesizer, for 486DX (integer-class) CPU's (1993). We'll keep you up to date regarding this Technology progress. This List Compiles some of the Top Soft Synths around.

  1. March Trade Shows: Cakewalk Acquires FXpansion VST Adapter Technology - Musikmesse, Frankfurt, Hall 5.1, Stand C78 (05 March, 2003) - Cakewalk, developer of the world's best-selling music and sound software for Windows, announced it acquired VST Adapter Technology from U.K. based FXpansion, a leading independent developer of soft synths, audio plug ins and the VST-DX adapter. As a result of this acquisition Cakewalk gains exclusive publishing and distribution rights of the FXpansion VST adapter technology. In addition, all support and updates for registered FXpansion adapter users will be handled directly through Cakewalk (3/5/2003).


Wavetable & Software Synthesizers Or Synth Samplers?
  1. Antares Audio Technologies:
  2. Applied Acoustic Systems:
  3. BitHeadz, Inc.:
  4. Cakewalk:
    1. images/bullet2.gifProject5.com
    2. Cakewalk Project5 Soft Synth Workstation
    3. Cakewalk DXi Soft Synths
    4. Cakewalk SONAR 2.2
  5. DashSounds, Exactly what you need EXS24 Battery Halion Kontakt WAV
  6. Virtual Synth Designers by DashSynthesis.com
  7. Edirol Corporation North America: (Roland)
  8. GMEDIA Music:
  9. IK Multimedia:
    1. images/bullet2.gifwww.native-instruments.com/comparesamplers.info (3/7/2003).
    2. images/bullet2.gifNATIVE INSTRUMENTS Kontakt PC out now! Connect To Sampling! (5/3/2002)
  11. Propellerhead Software:
  12. www.SeerSystems.com - Where are they today? Who made Creative's AWE64 possible & famous? And Audio for Intel on 486's? This Domain name, as of Wed, May 15, 2002 is now owned by Stanley Jungleib Music Company. And is currently residing on BlueDomino.net Servers. Interesting? Time & Technology marches on! Remember MidiSoft? Keep you eyes open to see what the NEW SeerSystems.com has to offer!
    1. Reality: "A professional, real-time, 128 polyphonic voice, 16-channel multi-timbral software-based Midi Synthesizer & Sampler offering five different synthesis methods, including "Analog", Frequency Modulation (FM), Digital Sampling, Physical Modeling and Modal synthesis. It also imports Soundfonts for access to thousands of free high quality sounds on the net for you to turn into monster or sweet sounds." Win9x Only!
      1. harmony-central.com - Reality Software Synth Now Shipping (5-1-1997).
    2. Seer WaveSynth + AWE32 = AWE64 Gold (ISA PnP) - Status, retired to unknown? Sample based Wavetable Synth. Utilized EMU8000 hardware Wavetable Synth Chip.
  13. Sound Quest Inc.:
  14. Steinberg:
  15. TASCAM GigaStudio: HD Based Sampler, GigaStudio
  16. U and I software:
  17. VirSyn Software Synthesizer:
  18. YAMAHA XG Sondius XG Home Page
  19. Hiro's page - WinGroove Version 0.A4 will be available soon!! Software Wavetable Synthesizer
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