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Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) Specifications:

Formerly codenamed "Big Water..." [Sink or Swim?] "Balanced Technology Extended (BTX) - A new Interface Specification providing a common, flexible foundation, based on Standards used to build innovative Desktop Systems. BTX is also optimized for the newest Desktop Technologies, including PCI Express and Serial ATA; www.Intel.com [ATX replacement.]

"BTX Interface Specification was developed to provide Standard Interfaces and Form Factor Definitions to address electrical, thermal and mechanical attributes of Desktop Systems. The Specification describes critical mechanical and electrical Interfaces for the design of Chassis, MotherBoards, PSU (Power Supply Units) and other System Components necessary for integration and interoperability.

The new BTX form factor specification gives developers options to balance thermal management, acoustics, system performance, and size in the system form factors and stylish designs that are desired in today's products. The BTX form factor is a clear break from previous ATX form factor layouts and was developed with emerging technologies such as Serial ATA, USB 2.0, and PCI Express* in mind. In addition to smaller than microATX system sizes, BTX also was designed to scale up to tower size systems using the same core layout by increasing the number of system slots included." www.FormFactors.org

  1. www.ExtremeTech.com - FIC Introduces Piston PS-P4B915G: Cylindrical small-form-factor (SFF) PC. "The Piston is built around a pico BTX MotherBoard." (3/11/2005)
  2. Architect with BTX for Better Routing, Thermals, and Structural Support:
  3. www.FormFactors.org: Download BTX Specs.
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