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Multimedia PC Computer Speakers: images/speakers.gif

Who has the best Computer Speaker for the money depends upon your Specs and your budget. Click Here for 'Bang For The Buck' Speakers. My personal favorite all around PC Audio Speakers has to be Altec Lansing.

Remember the Acoustic Research Powered Partner 570's? Those were the best top of the line PC Speakers before they were bought by Advent, changed and discontinued! Since the Acoustic Research Powered Partner 570's we're only a pair of Stereo Speakers they suffered on the low end from no Subwoofer so we had those hooked into a JBL IS-1 Bass Reflex Subwoofer. Apparently, Advent has brought the 570's back to life!

Keep in mind PC Speakers are suppose to be 'magnetically shielded' to prevent interference thus allowing use in close proximity to other Computer Gear such as Monitors.


Speaker News:
  1. - Sweet PC Sound - Reviews by PC Magazine: (3/14/2008).

  2. - Review Creative GigaWorks S750 Speaker System: "Does a PC really need a 7.1 speaker system of this caliber?" (1/30/2004)

  3. - 2.1 Speaker Smackdown Xhifi versus Logitech: New Speaker Manufacturer, Xhifi's Xducer 2.1 - Pricey PC Stereo Speakers (12/23/2003).

    1. Xducer

  4. - Sonic Surplus: Julian Hirsch, Audio Technology & PC Audio Speakers - How many Speakers are enough? (12/4/2003)

  5. Home Theater Nirotek One-speaker Surround Sound: "The systems are claimed capable of delivering full Dolby 5.1 surround sound performance from a single speaker. ...the NIRO 1.1 and NIRO 1.1 PRO were made possible through Nakamichi's unique implementation of HRTF (Head Related Transfer Function) theory, according to a mid-October announcement. "Never before has it been possible to create 5.1 surround sound from one speaker," said Nirotek sales and marketing v.p. Lonnie Pastor."" Relevant to Consumer Audio now and the Technology may become relevant to PC Audio soon! (10-31-03).


  6. - Review Boston Acoustics BA7900 5.1 Speakers: "Today, Boston's speaker sets are available only through Gateway, as this PC maker has an exclusive arrangement to sell Boston's PC wares with Gateway systems." (6/17/2003).

  7. - Sound Advice: Six Sets of Speakers Tested - See if you agree with their results (6/3/2003).

  8. Introducing the Klipsch ProMedia GMX A-2.1 Stereo Speakers - "Klipsch's GMX A-2.1 extends the styling and superior audiophile performance of the award winning GMX D-5.1 to a new analog stereo configuration. This Three Piece Multimedia [Industrial Design] Speaker System is designed for consumers who want true high-fidelity sound but do not require or have the space for a multi-speaker surround setup. On the back of the GMX A-2.1's subwoofer is an exclusive Klipsch SWS Link socket, enabling easy connection of one or more ProMedia SWS supplementary powered subwoofers to further extend and fortify low-frequency reproduction. The SWS Link fully integrates additional subwoofers with the rest of the system, allowing master volume and bass level adjustment entirely from the GMX A-2.1 controller. " Get your very own ProMedia GMX A 2.1 system for $149.99 today! (5/31/2003)

  9. Top 5 home-theater speaker systems - Electronics Reviews - What to look for when comparing Speakers (5/27/2003).

    1. Klipsch Synergy System 6

    2. Onkyo SKS-HT500

    3. Polk Audio RM6700

    4. Atlantic Technology System T90

    5. HTD Level Three (Black)

  10. Creative Offering Low Price THX-Certified 6.1 PC Speaker System: Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 Delivers 600 Watts Burst Power - "The Creative MegaWorks THX 6.1 650 speaker system is the first of its kind to receive THX certification. When combined with Creative's Sound Blaster Audigy 2 THX-certified sound card, it delivers an outstanding THX certified 6.1 PC audio experience, designed and delivered by the leader in PC audio," said Warren Mansfield, technical sales director for THX, Ltd. (3/15/2003)

    1. - Cambridge SoundWorks

    2. THX, Ltd

  11. Klipsch unveils the Future of Multimedia! Discover the excitement of Digital 5.1 Surround Audio with industrial design and the killer performance, Klipsch ProMedia GMX D-5.1 (2/3/2003).
  12. Computer-Speakers.Net: PC Speakers
  13. Creative Launches New I-Trigue Brand Of Sleek, High-Performance PC Speaker Systems  - Press Release (12/6/2002).
  14.  Speakers from Anything From Fall Comdex (11/21/2002).
  15.  Speaker Buying Guide (11/1/2002).
  16.  1029.LSE PowerPak Multi-Channel Monitoring System from Genelec (10/28/2002).
  17.  Review 7 5.1 Speakers For Under $200 (10/14/2002).
  18. images/  AOpen Debuts Cylindrical Speaker System - AOpen's Titanium GT Surround Sound Speakers (4/12/2002).
  19. images/  Cambridge Klipsch Vie for Top 5.1 Honors - So they prefer Cambridge (3/21/2002).
  20. images/bullet2.gifAudio, Soundbug turns flat surface into speakers - Tech News -; Want a SoundBug? See: Newlands Technology Terfenol magnetostrictive smart material (3/15/2002).


Audio Listening... A highly subjective experience

PC Computer Speakers come in all sizes for all ears for all locations. All of the speakers listed below are of the regular old Analogue plug-in type meaning nothing on USB Digital. And you don't have to get the BOSE Acoustic Mass for $1200.00 or so to get the best. The best speakers are what suit your listening pleasure in your listening environment.

Products below are those we have Auditioned to some degree. Nothing scientific. Personnel preferences as noted. IF you require Studio Quality Reference Speakers for your Small Recording Studio, there are others better suited for that use from the likes of Fostex, Mackie or Roland.

Just for listening, Altec's are great! Remember those flip up cube speakers + base reflex? Klipsch has the best speakers by far. Before Advent was scooped up by Acoustic Research, we had the opportunity to talk @ length during Fall Comdex. Great Speakers, seemingly good people! EggHead sold those Advent Speakers retail through stores before going the way of the virtual wind. The JBL Media Sub is a great addition if you already own a pair of stereo speakers and lack that bottom end on your bass sounds. The other JBL PC Speakers are not worth the plastic - IMO. Give 'em a listen and you be the judge!

BenWin sounded promising. Not sure where they're going though. We have not had extensive experience with them. Gave good lip service @ Comdex, no follow through from internal PR.

Now, for the money... On the low price quality end, AltecMM for say $100.00 retail or going into Klipsch for say around $150.00 retail. Shop around.

A nice feature if you have multiple PC's setup very close, Speakers with Dual Inputs saves space. AltecMM has that on some of their Speakers. Comes in handy! Make sure whatever you get is powered and shielded. Otherwise, batteries get expensive and so does the noise incurred on your monitor. You'll think your Monitor is on the blink when the video signal starts wavering. Enjoy! GB


Bang For The Buck Speakers:

Who has the best Computer Speaker for the money Depends upon your Specs and your budget.  For example:

  1. $ 100.00 Altec Lansing's or Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Refurbs!
  2. $ 150.00 Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 Refurbs (90 day warranty), direct: OR (3/14/2008).
  3. $ 200.00 Klipsch ProMedia 4.1 New (IF you can still find them). Why settle for 2.1 when you can have 4.1!
  4. Bose 3-2-1 System - Why Not? (3/14/2008)
  5. $ 3999.00 Genelec 1029.LSE PowerPak system consists of five Genelec 1029A two-way, bi-amplified active monitors, one Genelec 7060A LSE Series Active Subwoofer!

Since DVD-Audio is taking off, expect to see more 5.1, 6 & 7 Channel Surround Speakers. DVD-Audio? HD... HiDef/ BlueRay? On a PC - Wow!


Speaker Manufacturers:
  1. Acoustic Research -

    1. Powered Partners by Advent - Site Off Line?!?

    2. Advent Products Multimedia Speaker: AV570 (AR Powered Partner 570)

    3. Advent AV570 Powered Partners - $249.88

  2. Studio Monitors: Alesis New Products: Alesis ProActive 5.1 - THX™ approved, 450 watts RMS, Digital and Analog I/O & Wireless Remote Control. SP: $399.00
    1. Alesis Newsroom Press Releases: Alesis ProActive 5.1 - Ideal for Home Studio / PC Systems.
    2. Alesis ProActive 5.1 System - Pre-Order (5/28/2003).
  3. Altec Lansing - Our All time favorites over the years. Reasonably priced.

    images/bullet2.gifAltec Lansing - How to Choose: From 2 Piece Speaker Systems + Sub Woofers to Audiophile to Complete Home Theater! PC Music 2.1 Speaker System Examples:

    1. ACS33: MSRP: $49.95
    2. 221: MSRP: $49.95
    3. 2100: MSRP: $99.95 *** Excellent value for the money! Model we use for Presentations & Demos. I've also seen the 4.1 version of these and they sound great too!
    4. 621: MSRP: $149.95
  4. Benwin Designer Multimedia Audio Speaker Systems -
  5. Bose - What can we say, 'Expensive.'
    1. Bose Home Audio - Wave-PC Interactive Audio System
    2. Bose Home Audio - MediaMate™ Speakers
  6. Boston Acoustics, Inc. -
  7. Cambridge SoundWorks: Made by Creative Labs so don't expect much.
  8. Go to: Home Audio / Video, AVS Series, Home Theater Speaker System - AVS-5.1, AVS-632 ($276.00 to $339.95) & AVS-316.
    1. Cerwin-Vega -- Home Theater -- AVS Series:
    2. - CERWIN VEGA AVS632 - 6-Speaker Home Theater Package:
  9. . C y b e r   A c o u s t i c s Home . -
  10. harman multimedia
    1. Champagne SE - The Champagne Special Edition features Harman Odyssey™ Series loudspeakers ($169.95)
    2. JBL Sonnet ($99.95)
    3. HK 19.5 ($29.95)
  11. images/bullet2.gifGenelec Active Monitoring and Home Theater Systems
  12. holoMaXx TRADE Computers Home Theater Electronics: Introducing the AViC ONyX GRAViTON powered subwoofer, from holoMaXx (1/1/03).
  13. JBL Professional  -
  14. JBL - JBL Home Audio: Multimedia
    1. images/bullet2.gifMedia Sub: MultiMedia Subwoofer
    2. Media 100/200: Loudspeaker System(s) 
    3. Media System 2000: Complete 3-Piece MultiMedia Loudspeaker System
  15. Jensen Multimedia -
  16. Kinyo Multimedia Speakers and Video Accessories -
  17. Philips: PC Speakers and Soundcards
  18. Planet Klipsch - ProMedia Product Line (◊◊◊◊◊)
    2. ProMedia 5.1 - MSRP: $399.00 
    3. ProMedia 4.1 - MSRP: $299.00
    4. ProMedia 2.1 - MSRP: $199.00
  19. Polk Audio - Computer Speakers, Multimedia Speakers & Subwoofers
  20. LABWAY CORPORATION: Major OEM customers include Philips, IBM, Guillemot, I/O Magic, Yamaha, SIEMENS, Fujitsu, Legend (China) and ACER.
  21. - The Computer Peripherals Experts: So-so, Speakers.
  22. Logitech Products Speakers - Steer Clear of this brand for the time being. Whether Bad Batch, Bad Design or Bad Manufacturing, they blow easily.
  23. Midiland Inc. - Bringing Technology To Life
  24. Monsoon - "Best Of CES 2001": SRP: $99.00 to $299.00 No more PC Audio Speakers! Gone (8/25/2003)! (◊◊◊◊)
  25. - RockSonic Car Speaker System: Sure. They also have 5.1 Home Theater Sound. China. Quality unknown.
  26. Sonystyle_6-Speaker System - SA-VE815ED $999.95 (MSRP $1500.00)
  27. - From, site under construction!
  28. TDK: Tremor - Multimedia Speakers S150, S80 & S60
  29. Yamaha Computer Speakers Product Listing -
  30. Xducer


Surround Sound Headphones:
  1. MultiChannel Surround Headphones.
  2. URL Domain Name points to nothing but... From Yahoo Store:
    1. Headphones: Mentor True 5.1 Surround Headphones.
    2. Same people: Sunnytech Mentor 3D 5.1 Surround Sound Headphones - Professional, Deluxe & AC-3 Headphones. Interesting. Also... Indicates USB Headphones. And we were wondering what happened to USB Speakers!?!
    3. They also have: Redirects to IP Address. Mentor Professional 3D Headphones & Mentor Deluxe 3D Headphones + Super+ Headphone stand. Pick your take! ;)
  3. Zalman ZM-RS6F 5.1 Surround Headphones. Theatre 6 selected as Finalist for Best Product of COMDEX 2003.
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