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  1. SACD - (Super Audio CD), Direct Stream Digital (DSD)
  2. XRCD

images/bullet2.gifAre You Ready for 5.1 Audio on Your PC?

6 Channel, 24-bit /96kHz, DVD-Audio:

The DVD Forum oversees development of DVD-Audio whereas SACD is under the development of Sony & Philips. Keep is mind, Philips holds the Redbook CD-Audio (Compact Disc-Digital Audio / CD-DA) format license. Redbook CD Audio Specifications. The RedBook CD-Audio Format was introduced in 1982.


DVD-Audio News:
  1. - Minnetonka Ships discWelder Chrome II: (6/28/2004).


  2. - High Definition Audio: (6/28/2004).

  3. Intel Announces Name Of Next-Generation Audio Specification - New Audio Technology, New Name. "The High Definition Audio specification [Azalia] is currently at the Rev. 0.9 level. Intel expects to release the final specification by midyear under royalty-free license terms. The technology will also be featured with the "Grantsdale" chipset scheduled for release in the first half of 2004." So which is it? Azalia, as Intel would have to believe or Azalea like the flower? (1/12/2004)

  4. - DVD-Audio - The Ultimate Standard in Music Listening (4/24/2003).

    1. - Creative MediaSource:

  5. - Feature Articles: Creating Your Own DVD-Audio Records using discWelder STEEL (4/24/2003).

  6. High Fidelity Review DVD-Audio News New 192kHz PCM and DSD Solutions from Cirrus Logic - New 192kHz PCM and DSD Solutions from Cirrus Logic - AES 114: Cirrus Logic announced new digital-to-analogue converters and CODECs for both PCM and DSD high-resolution sources. (3/31/2003).

    1. Cirrus Logic

  7. - DTS Encoder for Nuendo Now Available: Steinberg has announced the availability of the DTS (Digital Theater Systems, Inc.) Encoder for Nuendo Production Systems (3/26/2003).

  8. Announcing Sonic Foundry's Vegas 4 & Vegas + DVD - Two new affordable Professional standards for Audio, Video & DVD Production - Special Introductory Pricing -

    1. Save up to $500 through March 15 on Vegas 4 or

    2. Buy Vegas + DVD Now! Only $499 through March 15! Save $500 (2/6/2003).

  9.  DVD-Audio 101 - "DVD-Audio is a new music format that can provide a major advance in audio performance by providing the listener with advanced resolution stereo (2 channels) and/or multi-channel surround sound (up to 6 channels) music." (11/25/2002)
  10. Press Release Dolby Laboratories Welcomes Expansion of DVD-Audio to PC Platform: "Inclusion of DVD-Audio on Creative Technology's Sound Blaster Audigy 2 soundcards signals the high-quality, versatile audio format's move toward widespread adoption" (11/16/2002).
  11. images/ Introduces DVD-Audio Creator LE - Available October 15th. DVD-Audio Creator LE priced @ $5,999 U.S. (9/18/2002).
  12.  Price Breakthrough in High-Resolution Audio (8/3/2002).
  13.  SigmaTel Takes a Step Toward PC DVD-Audio - SigmaTel(R) C-Major(TM) STAC9460 Consumer Audio Codec.
  17. Sound & Vision Online: Introducing DVD-Audio
  18. Sonic Introduces DVD-Audio Creator LE; First Affordable DVD-Audio Authoring System with Advanced Features and Hybrid DVD-Audio - DVD-Video Capability
  20.  DVD Audio Counterpoint
  21. - Applying DVD-Audio Authoring Pioneers Report from the Frontier
  22.  What is DVD -Audio- DVD-Audio was introduced late in the year 2000 (8/12/2002).


DVD-Audio Players:
  1. - Creative MediaSource: DVD-Audio Playback! (11/16/2002)


DVD-Audio Production:
    1. The new site for Dolby, DTS, and MLP encoding.
    2. images/  Minnetonka Audio Software, Inc. discWelder
    3. Minnetonka Audio Software: A-plus Authoring System for DVD-Audio for DVD-R Discs (Pioneer A03).
  3. images/  DVD-Audio Creator: DVD-Audio Authoring
  4. SonicStudio HD Configurations
  5. SigmaTel - STAC9460-62: Consumer Audio Codecs and DACs - Supporting variable sample rate 24-Bit D-A conversion, as well as analog processing.


Dolby Digital (AC-3) Decoders:
  1.  AC3 Decoder - Ogg, MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3.
  2.  Xtensa AC-3 Decoder Package


AC-3 Encoders for DVD Authoring:
  1. images/bullet2.gifLicensed and Certified Dolby Digital Professional Encoder Manufacturers
  2. Audio Plug-Ins: Kelly Industries Surround Sound Plugins: PanHandler Plug-ins
  3. Surround Authoring System - Vortex Surround Mixer & Encoder
    1. Meridian MLPProfessional Encoder
  5.  AC-3 Encoder
  6. SurroundPack: 5.1 Surround Plug-In Pack includes: AC-3 Encoder Plug-In & AC-3 DVD Burner!
  7. - Integrated AC-3 Encoder
  8. ReSample - Supports Microsoft's WAV_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE format for multichannel WAV files with specification of speaker layout (e.g. "5.1 Surround" etc).
    1.  Sounds Logical Releases ReSample Batch File Converter (12/14/01).
  9. MinnetonkaAudio's site for Dolby, DTS, and MLP encoding.
  10. Digigram Multichannel Digital Audio Encoder - - "Multichannel encoding software for Dolby Digital 5.1 that creates a multichannel sound with no special hardware" and Full version of Xtrack included for Multitrack [PCM] digital audio editing (11/29/2002).
  11. Real Time Ac3 Encoder
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