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And they say, "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys?" Wonder who said that? Sam McJunkin is responsible for most of these links. Sam is not satisfied to just BuildOrBuy A PC, now he's into modifying them too! Another form of self expression? Expression through Case Modification... More Bells & Whistles!

Do you need Neon Case Lights, Hovercraft Cooling Techniques, Colorful Cases or Front Panel Do Everything Lights & Connections? Sam McJunkin installed a DigitalDoc5, should he have tried the RD2 PC Geiger (PCI Bus Multifunction Analyzer) instead? So many decisions.. Why choose? Just use both! O, we kid, some of these Toys may be essential Tools for the seriously minded Power User, and for the rest of us - you decide... Enjoy! GB

  1. PCToys - Play Hard! For the PC in need of Everything! (12/13/2002)
  2. Microsoft Windows Powered Smart Displays Windows XP Anywhere in the Home (11/26/2002).
  3. Now Barry Woolbright's son sent him this little ditty. As Barry says, "My son sent this to me. His birthday is coming up. I think maybe this is a hint." Maybe we should start a page of Drive Bay Components?
  4. images/bullet2.gifThinkGeek NewQ Platinum PC Audio Graphic Equalizer (3/16/2002).
  5. images/bullet2.gifwww.newq - PC Audio
  6. images/bullet2.gifTiqit Computing for Mobile Professionals: As reported by Cutting Edge Tiqit's Tiny PC.
  7. images/bullet2.gifThe Kim Komando Radio Show®-One of 10 Most Listened to Programs in the US and Most Influential Talk Radio Hosts in America! Airs in Houston, TX - AM 740 on Saturday Afternoons from 12 Noon to 3 PM. NEWSRADIO 740 KTRH - Houston


PC Modification Links:
  1. - Manufacturer of computer cases, rackmount enclosures, multimedia peripheral, power supply
  2. Google Search case badges
    • Cooler Master - Products Guide - System Cooling - System Case - ATCS - ATC-210 Series
  4. Crystalfontz - Liquid Crystal Displays -
  5. Danger Den - Water Cooling Blocks & Computer Hardware News.
  6. DesignComp inc., Custom Designed Computer Solutions - Zebulon, North Carolina.
  7. The PC-DVD Guide - DVD-ROM Drives specs...
  8. - Deep Discounts Direct!
    • XP Case Badge - AMD Athlon XP Processors
  9. (1/19/2002).
  10. images/update.gif DigitalDoc5 Multiple System Protection: Thermal Sensor, Fan & Voltage Monitor
  11. HDD Sheriff - A product which can protect you from continual hard drive changes or deletions. Protects against unauthorized changes to the configuration or Operating System!
  12. Googlegear: Asus iPanel Front USB I/O Connectors LED System Status Display Email & Explorer Key (For Asus motherboards only) (2/16/2002).
  14. Koolance, Inc. - Superior Liquid Cooling Solutions
  15. Leadman Electronics - SuperMicro Server and Mini ITX Solution Provider and Distributor Since 1986
  16. Lian Li Industrial Co., Ltd - Aluminum PC Case Manufacturer 
  17. - A Conto Systemhaus GmbH - Der Spezialist für geräuscharme PCs - A package of products that significantly reduce the noise produced by typical computers (1/22/2002).
  18. PC Case Gear - Quality Case Accessories and Components
  19. PC Watchdog - PC Watchdog - A circuit board that automatically reboots a PC when its hardware or software malfunctions.
  20. Where the Completely Addicted Come to Cool Off
  21. VICS Technology Inc. RD2 PC Geiger: RD2 PCI Bus Multifunction Analyzer - Monitors PCI Bus clock speed and its activity status on your system; Front USB & FireWire (2/16/2002).
  22. 1.877.243.8266 World's Largest Selection of PC Modification Supplies
  23. Review Locator - Hardware Review Search Engine
  24. RD1 BIOS Savior! RD2 PC Geiger & RD3 Gladiator Cable - IOSS International Co.,Ltd.
  25. Ruggedized Notebook Computer Products - AMREL Forms Federal Computer Group – To Meet Heightened Homeland Security Needs With "Customized COTS" Solutions (commercial-off-the-shelf) (1/28/2002).
  26. AMREL Forms Federal Computer Group – To Meet Heightened Homeland Security Needs With Customized COTS Solutions -- (1/28/2002).

  27. Skyhawkgroup - Aluminum PC Cases & Components
    • ACE-112C - Front Panel Drive Bay Multimedia Connections for USB, 1394 FireWire, Audio & Serial Ports. 
  28. Slink-e - A Serial Controller for Sony S-Link (Control-A1 and Control-S) and all Infrared Equipment - $249; Standard RS-232 communications - can work with any computer. Independent control of FOUR S-Link busses. 12 CD changers can be controlled with a single Slink-e. Control Your CD Jukeboxes and A/V Equipment From Your Windows PC Computer! - Gone!
  29. Swiftech: Manufacturers of the world's best active coolers!
  30. T-1000 - Spec Sheet
  31. Thermaltake - PC Thermal Solutions
  32. ViewSonic Products ViewPad 1000 Tablet PC
  33. VapoChill - CPU Cooling Technology
  34. Zalman Tech - Home of Noise Prevention: Noiseless Cooling Fans. Not in the mechanical sense! All copper fins are spread open for better cooling.
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