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Leaking Capacitors / Electrolytics  & Capacitor Failure:
  1. Leaking Capacitors - Google Search An old Problem still hanging around! (10/19/2005)
  2. www.theInquirer.net - MSI capacitor class action page up (10/19/2005).
  3. Blown and Leaking Motherboard Capacitors - A Serious Problem - PCStats.com: (10/19/2005).
  4. theinquirer.net - PC component failure the problem that dare not speak its name - Isolate this, mobo makers - Saturday 08 February 2003.
  5. www.theInquirer.net - Leaking capacitors get own rogue gallery (5/11/03).
  6. www.overclockers.com - How ANYONE Can Replace Leaking Capacitors (4-13-03).
  7. News & Analysis: FAULTS & FAILURES - Leaking Capacitors Muck up Motherboards - Finger-pointing and fury as manufacturers try to dodge blame (Feb 2003). Link Gone!
  8. http://www.epa.gov/superfund/sites/npl/nar1648.htm
  9. Slashdot Illicit Leaky Capacitors Killing Motherboards
  10. Electronic News: Got Juice? Leaky capacitors shorting circuits; problem spreads - "Failing capacitors... heart of this controversy are low-ESR aluminum electrolytic capacitors, all of which were made in Taiwan. ...the capacitors start leaking electrolytic fluid within days or weeks after the computer is turned on. In most cases, the leaking fluid causes short circuits. Less commonly, they actually explode." (10/28/2002)
  11. Electronic News: Penny Wise, Tons Foolish - Low-quality components flood consumer market, create testing nightmare for OEMs - "...systems are suffering premature deaths from faulty parts such as aluminum electrolytic capacitors and other commodity parts." (10/21/2002)
  12. www.overclockers.com - Capacitors Not Just For Abit Owners (10/9/2002)
  13. SAGEwire Manufacturing problems Bad capacitors ruin motherboard
  14. BSEE The Current Zone Troubleshoot: Leaking Electrolytics
  15. classiccmp.org - Faulty capacitors.
  16. www.ttiinc.com - Zogbi On Passives, October 2002Problems in Taiwan's Aluminum Capacitor Industry (October 14, 2002).
  17. overclockers.com - Serendipitous Stupidity (5/23/01).
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