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  1. Capacitors - Leaking Capacitors...
  2. ESD - Electrostatic Discharge: Bad News for a PC! Static Electricity - Shock in a bad way. Stay grounded when handling your PC components! ESD has a residual build up effect causing problems down the line over time.
  3. Power Glossary - JOULE; Surge Suppression, Surge Protection
  4. MOV's (Metal Oxide Varistors): Used in Surge Suppression Technology. MOV's divert surges to neutral and ground lines. Surge protectors are given joule rating. A joule is a measure of energy. Joule ratings refer only to the amount of energy surge protectors can absorb, not what actually gets through! What does this mean to Users? A false sense of security.
  5. Vishay Intertechnology: Vishay Resistors
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