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FAT16 File System:
  1. www.microsoft.com/windowsxp - NTFS vs. FAT Which Is Right for You: "The FAT16 File System was introduced way back with MS–DOS in 1981..." (10/01/2001).
  2. 320284 - Problems When You Eject FAT16-Formatted Removable-Storage Devices: "This problem may be caused by the 8-second write-flush delay on FAT16 File Systems. This delay was originally created for performance reasons. FAT16 Partitions range from 16 MegaBytes (MB) to 2 GigaBytes (GB). This was a common size for HD Drives in the past and has become popular again as Removable Media Storage sizes increase. FAT12 volumes do not have this problem because they are primarily used for Floppy Disks and are not designed to use a write-behind delay." Resolution - Obtain the Latest Windows XP Service Pack (9/5/2003).
  3. 310561 - Maximum Partition Size Using the FAT16 File System in Windows XP: WinXP supports creation of Primary Partitions and Logical Drives up to 4 GBs using FAT16 File System. Maximum cluster size = 64K.
  4. 118335 - Maximum Partition Size Using FAT16 File System: Win9x Versions.
  5. 127851 - Problems Accessing FAT16 Drives Larger Than 2 GB: Win9X & NT.
  6. msdn.microsoft.com - FAT16 and FAT12: Volume size & Cluster size
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