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File & Sampler Audio Converters:
  1. Apple - MPEG-4 - AAC Audio: Get acquainted with the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) Audio Format now. Once Apple gets a PC version of their iTunes software and you'll need to install Apples QuickTime whether you want it or not, then we can download -  'Audio - Listen Whenever, Where Ever'!  PC not supported just yet. Maybe this fall of 2003!
    1. Apple - iLife - iTunes - Import CDs:
    2. Apple - Music: Requires Apple's iTunes software to access the The iTunes Music Store.


  2. - Propellerhead Releases Free Reload Utility: "Reload is also useful for anyone importing WAV files. Utilizing a very simple elegant interface, Reload makes one of the world's largest sound libraries [Akai] available to Reason and Recycle."
  3. Mp3 To Wave Converter features -
  4. - Audio File Format Converters, Encoders & Decoders.
  5. images/bullet2.gifBitHeadz - Unity 3.0 Session: The Premiere Synth/Sampling Environment!
  6. CDxtract - Sampler Library and Conversion Tool
  7. images/bullet2.gifAudio Conversion Update - Professional Sampler File Formats: Translator - by Chicken Systems Version 2.5 Released (12/06/01).

    1. SoundFont | Kurzweil | Ensoniq | Akai | Pulsar
    2. GigaStudio | Roland | Reality | EXS-24 | WAV | 
    3. SampleCell | Emu | Reaktor | Korg | AIFF | 
    4. - Translator

      1. Translator Sampler List

  8. Pro Tools 5.1.3 and DigiTranslator 2.0 Released (11/18/01).

  9. -  New Version of Sample Wrench Audio Editor and Price Cuts (11/14/01).

  10. MIDI/SMDI SCSI Musical Data Interchange Info>>>.

  11. Wav to Midi & Midi to Wav, Mod to Midi Conversion Tools; Audio Transcription and Virtual Cabling.

  12. images/ - Total Recorder - (Audio Recording Solutions.)
    1. Check out Total Recorder and capture ANY audio source! Works great! Convert it? Record it!
  13. SEK'D: Audio-EDL Translating Tool for Windows (09/30/01).

    "EDL Convert Standard lets you transfer edit decision list files between Samplitude, SAWPro, Vegas, Cool Edit Pro and Wavelab. EDL Convert Pro adds support for SEQUOIA, SADiE, SONIC STUDIO, Discreet and AES31 formats."


  14. Sonic Engineering: Xtrakk - Extract samples/instruments/layers/presets from SoundFonts (Creative Labs/EMU Sampler Bank Format) and to write them to wav files or to send them via SCSI (SMDI) to Samplers.
  15. FMJ-Software - Awave series of Audio Tools:
    1. Awave Studio
  16. - Convert Audio Formats MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG Vorbis
  17. NEMESYS - S-Converter: GigaStudio SConverter - Integrated into GigaStudio; Converts Akai S1000 / S3000 format libraries from CD to either Wav or Gig files.
    1. - Destination-Gigasampler-Gigastudio:
  18. GigaStudio AConverter - Converts RedBook Audio (audio CD's, sound effects CD's) into Wav Files for later conversion to GigaStudio Gig files.
    1. GigaStudio - General Support: SConverter & AConverter Info.
  19. ReSample - Supports Microsoft's WAV_FORMAT_EXTENSIBLE format for multichannel surround WAV files with specification of speaker layout (e.g. "5.1 Surround" DVD-Audio, etc).
    1.  Sounds Logical Releases ReSample Batch File Converter (12/14/01).
  20. - WAV-MAKER-1600: Boss BR-1600CD Project File to Wav Conversion Utility. Backup and convert Boss BR-1600CD Project Folder files onto PC. BR-1600CD appears as a removable hard disk to PC.
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CD Record
DAE - Digital Audio Extraction
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File Format List - The Sonic Spot
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