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M-Audio Delta Revolution Review -
High Definition Audio, 7.1 Surround Sound:

By Gill Boyd

Update: Harmony-Central.com - Avid to Acquire M-Audio: Another one bits the dust... "...M-Audio will become a business unit of Avid's Digidesign audio division and market its line of computer audio peripherals, PCI sound cards, keyboard controllers and control surfaces, microphones, speakers, and distributed software and proprietary sound libraries alongside Digidesign's award-winning Digital Audio Workstations for the professional and home/hobbyist markets." (8/17/2004)


Professional PC Audio Solutions Provider, M-Audio (formerly Midiman) has joined in the fray of the Consumer Audio Sound Card market. M-Audio introduces Consumers to their Pro Audio world with the M-Audio Delta Revolution 7.1 – High Definition Surround Sound PCI Card. Audio is a very subjective and personal experience whether you’re a music listening aficionado, audiophile, musician, just plain tone deaf or simply love music! Each inference or reference point has one thing in common – It’s all about the music! Get ready to become immersed in Revolution High Definition Surround Sound!

To get a feel for this card, we started with the usual progression of Stereo CD Digital Audio Discs, MP3s and CD Quality playback of Digitally Extracted Audio plus Recorded wav files. This allowed us to test Revolution Mixer variances and gain experience to create an acceptable User level comfort zone. In other words, we took out time in learning our way around the Revolution Mixer interface. The SRS Audio Multi-Channel Surround Sound enhancements are a nice added feature. If you only have Stereo Speakers the Revolution can accommodate you now and later when you’re ready to move into Discrete Multi-Channel Surround Sound playback!

Should we consider the Revolution 7.1 a Consumer or Prosumer Sound Card meaning better than Consumer quality yet not quite Professional? This would depend upon the perception and perspective of the intended User. The M-Audio Delta Revolution 7.1 is designed and marketed as a Consumer High Definition Surround Sound PCI Audio Card. We were both pleased and yet dismayed with the Revolution. Based upon the Chipset and performance, we were very pleased. And yet upon the chosen feature set implementation, we were disappointed. The Chipset can do more than currently configured.

After much consternation we settled in with what we can do rather than what we could not do. The Revolution PCI card is designed for Digital Audio Playback and does just that very nicely in both Stereo and Discrete 5.1 High Definition Surround Sound mode. The Revolution can also be used to record Digital Audio and can do what the On-Board MotherBoard Audio can do, only better. We tested the Revolution with the OnBoard MotherBoard Audio, Creative CT5880 Sound Chipset which is the Creative Sound Blaster PCI128 (WDM) Driver still active and fully functional. On this particular configuration both Hardware Sound Devices can coexist. We also installed Total Recorder from High Criteria for controlling Audio Recording with no problems. Total Recorder currently only records in Stereo. So far, so good and everything looks OK in Device Manager too.

Installation, Setup and Configuration was a snap in both WinXP Pro and Win2000! We’re Dual Booting through Hardware instead of software. This is a nice feature of the GigaByte MotherBoards supporting Athlon XPs. The Win2000 installation of the Revolution went without a hitch. After the fact – The Driver installation says install the card when you’re done. OK. What if we installed the card before we installed the drivers? Then just Reboot instead. Next screen – Yes, power my computer down now. OK. Also Reboot. Now Viola - You’ll see an M-Audio Revolution icon in the Windows System Tray. Configuring the Revolution Mixer initially yielded errors in Win2000. Subsequent Mixer interaction was positive with no problems or ill side effects. You’ll definitely use the M-Audio Revolution Mixer primarily for Speaker Setups and maybe in conjunction with the Microsoft Mixer for CD Digital Audio playback. CD-Audio Music CDs are now played as Wav data! We’ll share more about the Revolution Mixer later.

Revolution WDM driver under WinXP Pro prior to SP1 initially indicated up to 96kHz Sample Rates. The 192kHz Sample Rate was grayed out with Stereo playback. According to the Revolution ReadMe, Sample Rates greater than 100kHz are only supported on WinXP with SP1 installed. Verified. So now we have another reason besides USB 2.0 for WinXP Pro SP1 – For 2 channel, 192kHz Sample Rate support. The Revolution Mixer Sample Rate indicated adjusts automatically depending upon Digital Media content played.


Revolution Mixer Configuration - 5.1 Surround Sound:

The M-Audio Revolution Mixer is fascinating. This Mixer has to be seen to be appreciated. Revolution Mixer changes are immediate. Nice Mixer implementation when you get the hang of it. No Help files nor bullet Help associated with the Revolution Mixer. The Windows Mixer has Volume Sliders for Wave (CD Digital Audio), SW Synth (Software Synthesizer – Uses whatever is available, Default is Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth) and CD Player (Analog not Digital therefore useless.).

Quick Switch Settings include: Master Presets for Headphones, Stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound. Additional Speaker Presets are defined under Current Sets for just about every Brand of Speaker imaginable. And for those Speaker Sets not thought of, M-Audio allows for Custom User defined Configurations. Slick!

Mixer Tabs:

  1. QuickSwitch Settings: Headphones, Stereo, 5.1, 6.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound.
  2. Current Set: Custom Speakers Sets both predefined and custom configurations.
  3. Speaker Setup tab: Speaker Metering indicates the selected Speakers highlighted. To view other Speakers in a given Speaker Set, click to highlight.
  4. Output Mixer: Self explanatory. Indicates individual Channel Levels for Monitoring.
  5. Surround Sound: Choose Sensaura Game Mode, No Surround Processing or SRS Surround Sound II and associated properties.
  6. Input / Output: Line / Mic Input Levels, Sample Rates and ASIO Buffer Size.
  7. About: Indicates SRS technologies plus Mixer and Driver versions.
  8. M-Audio logo: From the Mixer, clicking on the M-Audio label will take you to their web site. Smart and Unobtrusive Marketing!

Surround Sound Audio Properties:

  1. Windows Advanced Audio Properties: WinXP Pro.

  2. M-Audio Revolution Mixer Speaker Settings.

  3. InterVideo WinDVD 4: Included with Revolution.

  4. CyberLink PowerDVD XP 4.0: Included with LiteOn DVD-ROMs.

In Stereo w/Integrated Subwoofer mode, the SRS TruSurroundXT feature gets annoying quickly and sounds muddy initially. If you’ve ever had a sound card that sounded muffled, not here! Crank it up! So far, this card is responsive under WinXP Pro. Only Documentation installed: From Start, Programs, M-Audio Revolution, ReadMe & Uninstall. When downloading Revolution Drivers, we suggest also getting the most current Revolution PDF Manual & Quick Start Guide. Both are worth reading and choked full of details. These PDF files should also install as Defaults instead of having to hunt for them.

SRS TruSurroundXT from www.SRSLabs.com delivers Virtual Multi-Channel Surround Sound to any two Speaker Stereo System by adding three unique audio enhancement techniques according to SRS Labs – Virtual Surround With Dialog Clarity, Increased Bass, and Expanded Soundstage. Effects achieved depend upon the Content played. Results will vary. SRS Labs, SRSWOWcast technology was a more dramatic experience as witnessed when used previously in Windows Media Player. For Windows Media player, SRS Labs will be happy to upgrade Users to SRS Circle Surround II (CS II) - The 6.1 Matrix Surround Decoding System for a slight fee. SRS CS II is designed to enable up to 6.1 multi-channel surround sound playback from Mono, Stereo, Dolby Surround and Circle Surround (SRS Labs) encoded sources. For $14.95, get 5.1 Surround Audio from MP3s and RedBook Audio CD’s. This feature already exists and is accessible on the Revolution Mixer panel interface.

For Midi I/O, the Revolution requires purchasing additional Midi gear made for the job of Midi even though the VIA Envy24HT chipset supports that capability. Therefore, don’t expect GSIF driver support either on this card for Tascam’s GigaStudio. And no apparent support for Midi DLS – Downloadable Samples either. The key to understanding that issue might go to the Chipset implementation by M-Audio for High Definition Surround Sound playback. Think PC Home Theatre experience here!

Although the M-Audio Revolution does appear to have VST support according to the Revolution Mixer since the ASIO Buffer Size can be adjusted, we have not test for this capability yet. The Revolution Mixer does not indicate what version of ASIO is supported.

As for the price of the Revolution, we vacillate somewhat given the Price / Performance Feature Set Ratio. Considering what we get and what we’re doing, I’d like to have seen more Value for less Money as we all would with any product. High Definition Surround Sound & DVD Playback was our main concern. The Gaming aspect was not a priority with us.

No internal CD connectors, this card is strictly Digital! So if you’re wondering what happened to the analogue CD-ROM sound cable plug-in – Forget it! Yes, Digital Playback only! Even the Revolution Driver install screen alerts Users to the fact. Finally! By default, Enable Digital CD Audio for CD/DVD Drive(s) and Enable DMA transfer mode for CD/DVD Drive(s). A resounding YES to both of these! Redbook Digital CD Playback is IN, Analogue Playback is out! This Default configuration will adversely affect the CD-ROM front panel Audio Jack rendering that plug inoperable. This is a characteristic of Digital Audio playback rather than Analog playback of the past.

310439 - CD Audio Is Played Even Though an Audio Cable Is Not Connected to Your CD-ROM Drive: By Design.

Listening to Surround Sound Output whether from Discrete 5.1 Channel (AC-3) or Stereo CD’s enhanced with SRS Circle Surround II (SRS CS II) technology was a pleasurable experience. As tested, this card can coexist with other Sound Cards. As in times past, this all depends upon the Audio Chipsets involved. User experiences may vary.

Why now and why this card? The Revolution provides Audiophile quality 24-bit/192kHz playback and 24-bit/96kHz recording on a Desktop PC! With that criteria established, what makes the Revolution special – The ability to play Audio from both DVD-Video Discs as well as DVD-Audio capable. DVD-Video sounds superb in Discrete Dolby MultiChannel 5.1 (AC-3) playback using Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Speakers. Yes, six Speakers.

Sample rates greater than 100kHz are only supported on Windows XP with Service Pack 1 installed. AC-3 (Dolby Digital 5.1) under Windows 2000 requires Service Pack 2 installed. As shipped, we were able to test Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC-3) playback on both WinXP Pro and Win2000 using Klipsch Promedia 5.1 Speakers for Discrete Analog Sound. Even though the Revolution supports DTS (DVD-Audio), the included DVD Player software did not.

The OBEOut of Box Experience can only achieve 6 Speaker (5.1 Channel) playback. To hear the additional Speakers, the DVD Playback software must also support those Speakers. Quoting the Revolution PDF Manual, “You need specialized software to play back Surround Audio formats above Two Channels.” M-Audio has included the InterVideo WinDVD 4 application for Discrete Analog Surround Sound (5.1) & Stereo Playback. WinDVD 4 does support S/PDIF for Dolby Digital, DTS. Otherwise, you’ll see this Message: DTS Decoding is NOT supported by this version of WinDVD. Please select another audio track or visit www.intervideo.com to upgrade to WinDVD Plus with DTS support. Bummer! DTS (DVD-Audio) requires Upgrading to InterVideo WinDVD Plus with DTS Support. After visiting the InterVideo website, this actually entails purchasing both WinDVD Platinum 5 for Windows & the DVD-Audio Pack for WinDVD 5. In Full Screen mode, WinDVD 4 hides the Mouse Pointer within 5 seconds of inactivity. Nice feature.

M-Audio claims there is no DVD-Audio player while InterVideo claims there IS and they have it! Further research indicates the Creative DVD-Audio player IS likely to be the InterVideo DVD-Audio player. This DTS (DVD-Audio) player capability would be nice to have been included with the Revolution.


DVD-Audio Discs tested with Revolution:
  1. VH1 Divas Live, Chapters 12 & 13 - Shania Twain: DVD-Video. Yea Smooth! When playing Discrete Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, turn OFF SRS CS II. Otherwise, the Voice gets lost in the mix as the Instruments come to the forefront. This is the DVD I use to configure all DVD enabled Systems.
  2. Faith Hill – Cry: Plays Surround & Stereo - DTS requires Player Upgrade.
  3. The Doobie Brothers – The Captain and Me: DTS requires Player Upgrade.
  4. Deep Purple – Machine Head: Plays Advanced Resolution 6-Channel Surround Sound & DVD-Video Compatible Dolby Digital.
  5. Queen A Night At The Opera: DTS requires Player Upgrade. This DVD-Audio Disc features DTS 24 / 96 – 5.1 Digital Surround & PCM 24 / 96 Stereo. Could not get the included InterVideo WinDVD 4 to play the PCM 24 / 96 Stereo tracks. Windows Media Player 9 would play the PCM Audio tracks only after closing InterVideo WinDVD. This DVD-Audio Disc was made for DTS! www.DTSEntertainment.com
  6. Diana Krall – Love Scenes: DTS requires Player Upgrade. This DVD-Audio Disc was also made for DTS!
  7. Pink Floyd – The Dark Side of the Moon: DVD-Video features making of the Sound instead of the actual Music. Plays fine. Poor Disc example for 5.1 Channel. We prefer just the Music, not the Video about the Music! I’ve heard the Windows Media 9 version of Pink Floyd’s Money from Dark Side of the Moon in 5.1 on the Revolution – WOW! Why did they release this album in SACD instead of a DVD version!?!
  8. Sarah Brightman - one night in eden - live in concert: DVD-Video, Stereo only not Discrete 5.1 Sound. Breathtaking & Dramatic Experience... In Stereo with SRS CS II turned ON! Digitally recorded 2.0 Dolby Digital Stereo Sound. www.AngelRecords.com

Another note for Firewall savvy and Security conscious minded Users, WinDVD Version (WinDVD.exe) MFC Application, as included with Revolution, wants Internet Access! A quick IP Search for the offending IP: Port 80 and Reverse IP lookup yields the same – This is www.Intervideo.com phoning home and not www.M-Audio.com in case any Users were wondering!

Installing the Revolution is only part of the equation. The Revolution Mixer defaults to Stereo. And so does the included InterVideo WinDVD Player. Both have to be configured for 5.1 Sound Playback if you want to hear Discrete 5.1 Surround Sound. Everything calls for something else. Both the Revolution Mixer and the InterVideo WinDVD 4 – DVD-Video Player are easily configured and reconfigured as desired after the installation procedure! M-Audio keeps the Revolution Mixer applet active in the System Tray Panel for quick and easy access. Nice default feature. The Revolution Mixer takes some getting use to. And for the impatient, the Revolution Mixer is responsive to quick changes. Occasionally the Sensaura mode will give you fits when attempting quick changes, so don’t. Sensaura is a neat toy for games which quickly becomes tiresome and can be turned off. On the other hand, SRS's Circle Surround II (SRS CS II) is a real plus and is used to decode music into 8-channel (7.1) Surround Sound. Windows Media 9 also supports the 7.1 Channel format of audio with full 24-bit, 96 kHz Audio. Yes, that's better than CD quality! Stereo music without the SRS Circle Surround II processing sounds hollow and flat. We will test the Revolution with HDCD later on.

If you have ever used or installed an M-Audio product before, then you have a handle on the Revolution Mixer Configuration. This Mixer is completely different from the default Windows Mixer which coexists with the Revolution Mixer. Use the Revolution Mixer to fully utilize the Revolution’s rich feature set. No comparison! And for Surround Sound – Get Immersed!

M-Audio has released several Driver Updates since initially shipping the Revolution. We did not utilize the included Driver CD and instead opted for the latest Drivers from the M-Audio website as urged by M-Audio. Good to know M-Audio keeps making a great product better through Driver Updates. The Revolution also shows up on the Windows Update site indicating M-Audio’s commitment to excellence. We have continually updated our Revolution drivers throughout our Tests to ensure System stability. We tested the Revolution on a Hardware Dual Boot Platform with both WinXP Pro & Win2000 on an Athlon XP Processor based System. The full Audio Bit Depth and Audio Resolution can only be realized under WinXP Pro according to M-Audio and Microsoft and not Win2000. Good to know in case any of us were thinking about High Definition Audio Content Creation. We found this to be true for recording using Sonic Foundry (Sony) Sound Forge Studio 6.0 – 32-bit depth / 96kHz sample rate possible and Sonic Foundry (Sony) Acid Pro 3.0 – 24-bit depth / 192kHz sample rate possible. Total Recorder 4.4 still indicates only 16-bit depth / 48kHz. Once upon a time, DVD-Audio was a ‘playback only’ option on a PC. Considering current market trends, DVD-Audio is easily within reach of PC playback and now PC Content creation on the Desktop since Sonic Foundry (Sony) released Vegas + DVD.

Ever heard a noisy Speaker when nothing is playing and the Volume Control is turned up? The Revolution is quiet even when the Revolution Volume Controls are full volume using Klipsch Speakers. Since listening to sound can be very subjective, we’ll tell you what we think, if you have not already figured that out!

As with PC’s, Chipsets rule just like with MotherBoards and a great PC starts with a good Chipset. M-Audio chose a Chipset worthy of the Revolution by using the VIA Technologies Envy24HT PCI Multi Channel Audio Controller. M-Audio had worked with ICEnsemble on the Envy24HT prior to the VIA acquisition of ICEnsemble. And VIA appears to be way ahead of the Intel (Azalia) Audio curve as well.

Intel's Developer Forum 2004: Intel and Dolby announced the HDA (High Definition Audio) Codec Spec [Code Named: Azalia] providing three specifics for MotherBoard Audio:

  1. Support for up to 7.1 channels. Got it now with Revolution!
  2. DVD-Audio support (multi-channel 96kHz /24-bit, two-channel 192kHz / 24-bit). Ditto with Revolution and DVD Player Upgrade!
  3. Dynamic jack configuration (jack-sensing). As currently implemented on Intel MotherBoards, an annoying noise ensues when jack sensing is activated. Smart idea, yet an annoying implementation. The Revolution connectors are all properly color coded thus making connections easy, rendering jack sensing unnecessary.



Announced for the Microsoft WinHEC Conference 2004, Microsoft will introduce their Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) yet another new higher quality Audio spec to coincide with Intel's High Definition Audio (HDA) spec. Both Microsoft and Intel appear to be addressing DVD-Audio and Dolby 7.1 playback on Consumer Devices among other things PC Audio related. The Revolution 7.1 has that covered right now! Love it! Revolution rocks! All in all, the Revolution works for me!

If you experienced delays accessing M-Audio's web sites in 2003, that issue is resolved. They've since moved to a new web host providing the bandwidth required to meet Users needs (3/17/2003).


M-Audio Delta Revolution 7.1 PCI Audio Card Stats:

  1. M-Audio Revolution PCI Card Rev. 3 – Dated 01/03

  2. Chipset: ICEnsemble Envy24HT – ICE1724-0222CD 2IA0002631

  3. CE certified; No FCC ID noticed. American designed.

  4. See: Revolution Front Image & Revolution Chipset.

Connections – Top to Bottom: Digital Out = S/PDIF Out – RCA Electrical. No Optical S/PDIF Out. Mic, Line & Four color coded eighth inch Surround Sound 7.1 Analog Speaker connections. See: Revolution Connections.


M-Audio Revolution Inclusions:
  1. Revolution Users Guide & Quick Start Guide - Paper Manuals.

  2. Revolution Drivers CD, Version 121902.

  3. Applications CD includes:

    1. Ableton Live Demo 2.0.1.

      "This is a Demo version of Live. It is time limited to 30 minutes. Saving and Resampling is disabled. Live's ReWire engine has been installed. Live can now be used as a ReWire Slave. Please restart any ReWire host applications that might be running." Thirty minutes is just long enough to get into the frustration of configuring the app! M-Audio should provide better instructions here. We prefer Acid Pro even though Sony now owns that app. Since M-Audio is handling Ableton Live, they should provide better associative documentation. Pass.

    2. Arkaos VJ Lite. Requires QuickTime Download. Pass.

    3. images/bullet2.gifPropellerheads Reason 2.0 Demo. Great!

    4. images/bullet2.gifM-Audio ProSessions Sample Collection. 198 Files in 52 Folders = 159 MBs of a few Rex and mostly 1411 kbps Wav file Loop Data. A Keeper worth purchasing more of!

    5. images/bullet2.gifInterVideo WinDVD 4. Good start for Discrete 5.1 Surround Sound. Needs Upgrading.

  4. Impressions Bonus CD from www.dynamicgraphics.com - Irrelevant to Revolution. Includes MOV (Requires QuickTime 4 Installed. Included on CD.), EPS, JPG and TIF files. Nice Graphics.

  5. Game CD: Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 CD from www.ActiVision02.com

  6. images/bullet2.gifM-Audio, M-Powered V.3 Enhanced CD. A Collection of M-Audio Artists. Interesting CD and very appropriate to Revolution. An Eclectic Mix of Contemporary & Jazz Artists. Let's see more of this! Great music is just great music!

  7. images/bullet2.gifMixman Studio: Coupon for Free Full Version copy. Good app.


Driver Updates:

New Drivers! Two driver updates issued since this card shipped. Drivers Tested, M-Audio, 2/3/2003; Driver Version:; Not digitally signed. Current Drivers as tested to date: 2003-03-07, version, Revolution WDM Drivers = Revo_10028_web.exe 8100 Kb (8 MB). New Drivers to be Tested: Revo_1028_sf.exe, Dated: February 13, 2004, Version:; 10.16 MB (3-8-04).


Surround Sound – Get Immersed! References:
  1. audioMIDI.com MAudio - Revolution 7.1: To purchase Revolution On-Line.

  2. images/bullet2.gifwww.M-Audio.com: Revolution

  3. images/bullet2.gifVIA Technologies, Inc.

    1. www.icensemble.com (VIA) - Chipset Controller – Envy24, PCI multi-channel I/O Controller chipset. Chipsets Rule!

    2. IC Ensemble to be acquired by VIA Technologies, Inc. (November 8, 2000).

      VIA Technologies Inc Announces Agreement to Acquire IC Ensemble, Inc, a US Based fabless chip design company specializing in high-performance Audio Signal Processing and Mixed Signal ICs.

    3. www.via.com.tw/en/multimedia/envy24ht.jsp

    4. www.via.com.tw/en/multimedia/audiopartners.jsp

    5. www.via.com.tw/en/multimedia/8-channel.jsp

  4. images/bullet2.gif(●) SRS Labs Inc.:

    1. SRS Labs Technology Demonstrations:

    2. www.srslabs.com/ConsumerTechMultichannel.asp

  5. images/bullet2.gifWindows Media:

    1. Surround Sound Showcase - Windows Media Audio 9 Professional:

    2. See if your PC is ready for 5.1:

    3. Are You Ready for 5.1 Audio on Your PC:

    4. Windows Media 9 Series: Streaming Audio Demos.

    5. Microsoft Windows Media - High Definition Content Showcase: "Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series is a breakthrough new set of codecs that enables high definition video at resolutions up to 1080p and multichannel audio."

    6. Microsoft Windows Media - WMV High Definition Video:

  6. T2 EXTREME DVD - Technical Support FAQ:

  7. images/bullet2.gifDolby Laboratories, Inc.:

    1. Dolby Laboratories Begins Licensing Dolby Digital EX - Dolby Digital EX (released in cinemas as Dolby Digital Surround EX), which adds a Center Rear Surround Channel to the 5.1-channel format.

    2. Dolby Digital Surround EX Films:

      1. www.dolby.com/movies/films_previous.html

      2. www.dolby.com/movies/films_upcoming.html

    3. Press Release: Dolby and Intel Launch Dolby PC Entertainment Experience for PCs with Intel High-Definition Audio

  8. www.surroundpro.com:Surround Professional Magazine - The Multichannel and High-Resolution Audio Authority & Surround Conference.

    1. Surround 2003:

  9. www.highfidelityreview.com - DVD-Audio & SACD Reviews:

  10. www.smr-home-theatre.org - Surround Sound Coverage and Forums:

    1. www.smr-home-theatre.org/surround2002/ - Surround 2002 Conference Coverage.

    2. www.smr-home-theatre.org/Audio/Surround_Music.html - Dolby Surround™ encoded music tracks to suit every taste, presented as high-quality variable bit rate MPEG Layer-III files. Produce your Own Surround CD from high-quality MPEG Audio Layer-III variable bitrate (VBR100) music files, all of which are Dolby Surround™ encoded stereo.   Can be replayed by two-channel systems but for best results should be Dolby Pro-logic™ decoded.

  11. Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity:

    1. www.hometheaterhifi.com/newsflash/surround-conference-9-2003.html


Technologies Still To Be Explored With Revolution:
  1. VST support (ASIO):

  2. DVD-Audio:

  3. HDCD - www.hdcd.com: Using 24 Bit Audio for Audio CD's (HDCDs).

  4. HiMAT - www.highmat.com

    1. www.highmat.com/howtouseit/create.asp

  5. High Definition Content - Windows Media Audio and Video 9 Series multichannel audio Content.

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