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BuildOrBuy News
  1. Audigy by Creative Labs:
  2. Consumer Sound Cards chipsets '98
  3. DMX 6 Fire 2496 by TerraTec:
  4. M-Audio Revolution 7.1:
  5. Sound Blaster Comparison Chart: (10/29/2002)
  6. Sound Card Tests:
images/bullet2.gifWindows Catalog - Browse hardware, Sound, Sound Cards
PC Audio Sound Cards:

Looking for a Prosumer Sound / Audio Card? Choose a Sound Card based on your particular application requirements. Sound Card Selections - From The Applications' Point Of View! 

  1. images/bullet2.gifNew 'Everything' Sound Card from Creative's www.EMU.com - 24-bit/192kHz Desktop Sampling Systems (6/1/2004).
  2. 3DsoundSurge Soundcard - News: Beware of Pop-Ups!
  3. www.shure.com - Interfacing Professional Microphones to Computer Sound Cards (3/6/2003).
    1. shure.custhelp.com - Connecting a microphone to a computer? Solution Database

    "The easiest way to interface a professional microphone with a computer soundcard is through the use of an interface. We recommend looking at the Audio Buddy ($120) from M-Audio or the GCi404 from Rolls. Both of these interfaces will supply phantom power for any condenser microphones, as well."


  4. NATIVE INSTRUMENTS sound cards for use with Traktor DJ Studio (12/23/2002).
  5. images/bullet2.gifProAudio Interfaces, WDM Driver Model, Yamaha's MLAN, etc.
  6. images/bullet2.gifWDM - Windows Driver Model
  7. images/bullet2.gifCakewalk.com - SONAR WDM for Optimal Performance - Sound Cards
    1. images/bullet2.gifcakewalk.com:  Open Audio Hardware Guide (3/13/2002).
    2. Cakewalk - Creative Labs WDM drivers (12/7/2002).


  8. Sonic Foundry Knowledge Base Digital Audio-Video FAQs Item # 1146: Can you recommend a sound card? Pick Your Take! ;) Finally - Thank You Sonic Foundry! (8/8/2002)
  9. images/bullet2.gifNEMESYS - Recommended Hardware - Sound Cards for GigaStudio!

    images/bullet2.gifNEMESYS - Troubleshooting Guide - GSIF Sound Card Driver Update Links.

  10. Steinberg Knowledgebase Audio cards with ASIO drivers (2/2/2003).

    Audio cards with ASIO - Steinberg's Audio Stream Input Output Technology.

    images/bullet2.gifSteinberg - Testbase: List of tested Audio Cards. Link Gone. We are not able to keep this link current since Steinberg keeps moving it! Their site navigation has lots to be desired! Before hand we had suggested "Browsing by Manufacturer".

    This is getting to be a pain! Steinberg keeps changing the layout to this link making it impossible for us ASIO Audio Users to stay current! (Updated, Again 10/8/2002).

    1. www.steinbergcanada.com/support/audio_cards.htm: Link provided by Tony Chevalier! "Steinberg ASIO cards alive and kicking in Canada!" Excellent and stable link!  (12/24/2003)


  11. images/bullet2.gifHarmony-Central.com:   Steinberg ASIO 2.0: The Next Level of Steinberg's Audio Stream Input Output Technology (January 28, 1999).


  12. InterVideo, Inc. Support - WinDVDSystemRequirements - Audio/Audio Cards FAQ.
  13. images/bullet2.gifSoundcard Comparison Chart - CD Recording Software.com
  14. images/bullet2.gifPCAVTech Sound Card Technical Benchmarks
  15. www.soundcard-drivers.com: Need Sound Card Drivers? Check you Manufacturer 1st!
  16. Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS XL - Link gone! This product worked ONLY in Win9X due to the design of dual audio chipsets on-board. Live & Learn (8/8/2002)!


For any ISIS Drivers from Guillemot, go to: www.guillemot.com and drill down accordingly under "Support Drivers For Other Guillemot Products". SOL - GB.

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