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  1. Google Directory - Video Cards & Graphics Board Vendors:
  2. Google Directory - Virtual Managers:
  3. Open Directory - Virtual Managers:
Multiple Monitors:

Real Estate Rules! Multiple Monitor support for Windows started with Win98. Currently, the most efficient use of System Resources would be to utilize an AGP Dual or Triple Display Adapter, followed by a PCI card of similar capabilities. This capability should be further simplified and enhanced with the advent of PCI Express. PCI Express will replace AGP and currently plans to maintain backwards compatibility with current PCI Devices.

Today almost anyone can take advantage of Multiple Monitor support with CRT & LCD Monitor prices continuing to fall.

  1. Matrox introduces new Matrox QID - The Matrox Quad Information Display (QID) AGP Graphics Card represents the evolution of Matrox's cutting-edge Multi-Monitor Technology, offering high-performance quad-display support for dynamic public information displays (10/22/2003).
    1. Matrox Graphics - All about Multi-display:
  2. Expand Your Workspace with Multiple Monitors and Dualview: WinXP Pro
  3. 244800 - How to Adjust Multiple Monitor Layout in Windows 2000:
  4. Working with Multiple Monitors: Win98 & Win2000
  5. Multiple monitors overview: WinXP HE
    1. Install additional monitors
  6. 182708 - Hardware Requirements for Multiple Display Support in Windows 98:
  7. Multiple-Monitor Support with Onboard Display Adapters for Windows 98:
  8. How to Exploit Multiple Monitor Support in Memphis and Windows NT 5.0:
  9. 281565 - Display Resolution and Color Depth Settings Apply to All Users: "The screen resolution is a system-wide setting and is not related to individual user profiles."


Multiple Monitor Display Adapters:
  1. www.3dlabs.com:
  2. www.Appian.com: Quad
  3. www.arbor.com.tw: Image Processing, PCI-based Multi-Head Graphic Controller
  4. www.asanst.com: Multi-Monitor Graphic Card, ELK-MVP Series & MMGA Multi-Monitor Adapters - (AGP & PCI) Quad for up to 16 Display support.
    1. www.apacmicro.com: Alternate Site  
  5. www.ATI.com: Dual 
  6. www.Colorgraphic.net: 4 & 8 Displays per Adapter.
  7. www.DataPath.co.uk: Quad
  8. www.digitaltigers.com - SideCar Multi-Monitor Laptop Notebook Docking Station Multimonitor Multiple Monitors:
  9. www.elsa.com: Dual 
    1. www.elsa.com.tw: Alternate Site
  10. www.enseo.com - MVP Multi-graphics Cars: Dual & Quad
  11. www.Matrox.com: Dual, Triple & Quad
  12. www.nVidia.com: GPU Chipset Designs. Products built by other Manufacturers.
    1. www.evga.com:
    2. www.leadtek.com:
    3. www.maddogmultimedia.com:
    4. www.pny.com:
    5. www.prolink.com.tw:
    6. www.sparkle.com.tw:
    7. www.xfxforce.com:
    8. www.x-micro.com:
  13. www.ymouse.com - Y-see two Dual Monitor Adapter by P.I. Engineering: Link Change! Or...
    1. www.xkeys.com - Y-see two Dual Monitor Adapter by P.I. Engineering: (2/26/2004)


Multiple Monitor Display Controls & FAQ's:
  1. www.MultipleMonitors.co.uk -
    1. Multiple Monitors Guide Multiple Monitors - Choices & Options!
  2. Realtime Soft UltraMon:
  3. Oscar's Multi-Monitor taskBar:
  4. MaxiVista - Multi Monitor Software:
  5. www.microsoft.com - Expand Your Workspace with Multiple Monitors and Dualview:
  6. www.PanoramTech.com: Innovation in Command and Control - Bankrupt!
  7. www.realtimesoft.com - Multi-Monitor FAQ:
  8. www.scala.com: End-to-end solutions for creating and controlling Electronic Display Networks.
  9. www.multiscreenvideo.com - PC Videowall or virtual Multi-screen Solutions:
  10. Intel 82830M Graphics Controller - Multi-Monitor Understanding Options For Multiple Displays:


Virtual Desktop - Desktop Management:
  1. www.virtual-desktop.info - Virtual Desktop Managers:
  2. virtualdesktop.info - Virtual Desktop, Virtual Desktop Manager - Step by step
  3. www.8848soft.com - Windows Virtual Desktop Manager:
  4. images/bullet2.gifAndrei Gourianov - Software: GoScreen
  5. www.astonshell.com - Desktop manager and Shell replacement for Windows:
  6. images/bullet2.gifwww.desktopplus.com - Virtual Desktop Manager:
  7. www.enablesoftware.com - enable Virtual Desktop:
  8. www.easyfp.com - Virtual Desktop Manager ( Multiple Desktop Manager ):
  9. www.idyle.com - Desks At Will:
  10. images/bullet2.gifwww.oneguycoding.com: Vern
  11. images/bullet2.gifwww.shelltoys.com - Virtual Desktop Manager:
  12. images/bullet2.gifwww.softwareutilities.com - Perfect Screens - virtual desktops manager
  13. www.triplus.com - Virtual Desktop:
  14. Multi Desktop 2003 for Windows, True Multi Desktop for Every PC:
  15. www.xdesksoftware.com - Virtual Desktop Manager: XDESK!


Windows O/S - Multiple Monitor support...
  1. WinXP: Up to 10 Screens -
  2. Win2000: Up to 10 Screens - "Windows 2000 has a new multiple monitor functionality to increase work productivity by expanding desktop size. Connecting up to ten individual monitors, you can create a desktop large enough to hold numerous programs or windows. Use 'Display' in 'Control Panel' to configure settings for Multiple Monitors." 
  3. Win98, Win98SE & WinMe: Up to 8 Screens -
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