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Converting from NTFS to FAT32 in Win2K or WinXP:

By George Walker

If you wish to change your hard drive format on a partition or logical drive where the operating system is installed and you use Power Quest's Partition Magic, you will receive an error message #1681 during the process. The Process will hang up but "Control C" will allow you to recover, without making any changes.

To effect a smooth conversion go to www.PowerQuest.com - Master Error List (General) and print the Solution to Error 1681. Follow their instructions by turning off System Restore; and running the Compact Command " COMPACT /U /S /A /I /F *.* " from the Command Prompt (START-Programs-Accessories-Command Prompt ) followed by "CD/" to change to the root directory on the partition or logical drive that you want to convert ( Spaces in this command are required). Now run PM.. With this preparation Partition Magic will do the job.

  1. www.PowerQuest.com - Master Error List (General):

    1. Error 1681 Data is compressed or sparse:

  2. 156560 - Free Space Required to Convert FAT to NTFS:
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