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Windows XP - NVIDIA Chipset Driver Installation Sequence Check List:

You will need ALL of your Driver CD'S for Motherboard Resources as well as your Windows O/S CD! If you do NOT have your M/B Driver CD, can you get your PC System functional? Be prepared! If you know your MotherBoard Brand & Model - Yes! By Downloading those Drivers from the MotherBoard Manufacturer's website. That applies for Updating your Bios too! This list pertains to ANY PC Build Session, from 2006 forward. This is also good to think about when your system decides to go South! Be Prepared! Does your Back-Up Solution also Restore your Data? Think Drive Imaging - Think Acronis True Image! KISS - Keep It Sweet & Simple!

Choose your Windows O/S (Win2000, WinXP Pro or Windows Vista!) & HD File System – Fdisk & Quick Format Installation (NTSF) - Done From Operating System (O/S) CD which happens to be a Boot CD if using Windows 2000, Windows XP Pro & Windows Vista!

Motherboard Chipset Drivers:

A.) Use MotherBoard CD for Driver Component Installation & Configuration:
Verify Make, Model & Revision Number if necessary to download Drivers!

  1. images/bullet2.gifAMD Athlon™ Configuration Information - Utilities, Drivers, & Updates
  2. images/bullet2.gifNVIDIA Chipset Drivers:
  3. Options: RadarSync - Drivers Update Services, Software Driver Updates:

B.) After installing M/B Chipset Drivers, include the following:

  1. Alternate HD Controller (Promise PATA/133, SCSI) – On Floppy if required! PATA/133 - Handy if migrating older Data HD's into a System with newer SATA HDs. 
  2. PCI Express Video Driver
  3. Additional Motherboard Resource Drivers:
  4. Onboard Audio
  5. LAN Card Drivers? You DO have a LAN Card in your PC?
  6. Other Device Drivers for installed components: Modem, SCSI etc.


C.) Applications:

Get your system somewhat Secure BEFORE getting out on the Net!

  1. Install Anti Virus - McAfee 1st. They're pickey about 'who's on 1st'! ! AnitiVirus & Site Advisor ONLY! No McAfee Firewall!
  2. Install Software Firewall - ZoneAlarm - Get your Firewall installed and operational before doing anything else requiring Network System Access!
  3. eTrust PestPatrol Anti-Spyware: If necessary or desired.
  4.  - Defrag Utility. Yes it helps. Purchase all 4 from .
  5. O/S Security Updates.

    O/S Updates (Run Windows Update) & Security Updates. See Tests For Security Checking Tools.
    DirectX & DirectX Video Capture Update - IF Required or Needed!
    O/S Hot Fixes (Win2000 or WinXP Pro). Time will tell regarding Windows Vista!

  6. Adobe Acrobat Reader - Probably on a CD with some of your Driver Documentation. Or D/L current version from Abobe.
  7. Install Printer Drivers:
    1. Generic / Text Only - Handy when you need ASCII text. Ex: Printing Device Manager Contents - Asset Inventory Management! 
    2. Specific
    3. PDF Printer Driver. Several options here. Everyone needs the ability to Print to PDF! Either a Free or PAID For Solution including but not limited to Adobe or Nuance Paper Port. Depends upon your needs or requirements! Options, we like options!
  8. Belarc Advisor - Free Personal PC Audit: Inventory your PC Assets!

Test Your System Vulnerabilities.

Security - LAN Security Precautions Preparedness & Back-Up Procedures. Go Acronis True Image Disk Imaging! It Works!

Another issue gone but still around for those with larger HD's in mind yet may not have installed the latest Windows Service Packs? Hello?
See: Bios HD Limitations - IDE Hard Disk Dives larger than 128 GB use 48-bit logical block addressing (LBA) as defined in the ATA/ATAPI-6 Specification. Remember Maxtor Big Drive Enabler? No longer needed in WinXP Pro + SP1. BTW: The 137GB limitation does not affect SCSI Interface HD Drives. Still curious to know if you're safe to run a larger HD safely without Data Loss? Try: - EnableBigLBA. Handy Tool. And... Eventually HD's fail. Get S.M.A.R.T. and pay attention before Disaster strikes! Pun intended! Use: HDINFO Tool, same source above,  to see if your HDs are having any issues. OR... A HD SMART Test - PassMark DiskCheckup - SMART hard drive monitoring utility.


And... For Windows XP Pro Users, install: WinXP User Profile Hive Cleanup Service, - Download details- User Profile Hive Cleanup Service. A service to help with slow log off and unreconciled profile problems.

This should help will get you started in the right direction! Enjoy!

D.) Create:

  1. Boot Floppy ERD (Emergency Repair Disk)
  2. AntiVirus Bootable Floppy
  3. Undelete Recovery - Also from Diskeeper purchased separately! Do you need it? Ever accidentally Delete something? Oops!
  4. Proceed with other applications as needed or required.

PC DVR Surveillance: Keep your Home or Business Secure.

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