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images/  Audio Technology
PC Sound Technologies:

PC Audio Playback & Recording Technologies first changed when Win95 was released. The PC Technologies in the works then, set the stage for what was to follow from Bootable CD's to Auto Run, then Auto Play CD's to CD Ripping & CD Recording in Stereo. PC Audio took another marked change in 1998 when Audio Codec Chipsets were enhanced to provide even better Playback possibilities.

We have since moved on from Stereo Analogue to Digital Multichannel Surround Sound Playback & Recording. Although Win95 introduced us to USB, Win98 made it possible to use it and then introduced us to Sony's iLink a.k.a. 1394 FireWire.

While FireWire sits still for Consumers, Yamaha has given FireWire another direction with their MLAN Technology for Musicians. Hopefully a better way to handle not only Midi (SMDI) Data but also a better way to handle the bandwidth requirements of Digital Audio Data Sampling. FireWire is definitely easier to work with than SCSI. And less expensive to implement too!

Have you noticed changes with the Digital Audio Media Players & Windows Media Technologies? Since Microsoft announced HDCD - High Definition Compatible Digital for CD & DVD, then they bought Liquid Audio patents and then announced HighM.A.T., who is really working the crowd? He who sets the standards, rule the standards.

And now, with all of those opportunities to hear Digital Audio anytime, anywhere and the ability to also create Multichannel Digital Audio through DVD-Audio, the Audio Video business machine introduced the world unto (DRM) Digital Content Management & Copy Protection schemes along the way. Whew! Oh what fun!

And still we ask, "Do you see this as a Product or a Service?" Keep asking that question while you listen to and record your own masterpiece. In the mean time - Enjoy The Music! GB


PC Sound Playback Technologies:
  1. Dolby: Dolby Digital (DD), AC-3 (Digital Audio Compression)
  2. DTS: Digital Theater Sound
  3. DTS Entertainment
  4. THX: Lucasfilm THX Multimedia
  5. Windows Media Version 9 - 5.1 Channel Sound  Are You Ready for 5.1 Audio on Your PC - Our latest PC Build Specs feature 6 Channel On-Board Audio. Does your current PC have this capability? Do you have the Speakers as well as the appropriate Sound Card for DVD-Audio? Whether you do or don't, read on to learn the current Technology enhancing our PC Digital Media Experience (11/7/2002).

  6.  Non-PCM Wave Formats and WDM Audio Drivers (12/4/2002).


PC Sound Recording Technologies:
  1. images/  Multiple Channel Audio Data and WAVE Files -


    Format GUIDs (globally unique identifiers).


  2. PCM - Pulse Code Modulation
    1. Red Book CD-DA, CD Digital Audio (Stereo, 16 bit / 44.1 KHz). In other words, the Audio specification for 16-bit PCM.

    2. DVD-Audio (6 Channel, Dolby Digital 5.1 - 24 bit /96 KHz or 2 Channel 24 bit / 192 KHz)
      1. Dolby MLP - Meridian Lossless Packing Technology
      2. A Listener's Guide to DVD-Audio
      3. PC Products
      4. Dolby to License Meridian MLP PDF


    3. Mpeg - Lossy Compression
    4. MP3 (MPeg Audio Layer 3) - Lossy Compression


  3. DSD (Direct Stream Digital) for SACD, Super  Audio CD [ScarletBook].
  4. Sonic Foundry Knowledge Base ACID Basics Item # 1608: Paraphrasing "5.1 Mixing with Acid 4 - PCM or DD/DTS 5.1; Use Sound cards with Analogue 5.1 Outputs. Audigy cards can use separate analog outputs for 5.1 output. This requires 3 cables (stereo front, stereo rear, center/LFE) running to the discrete 5.1 inputs." (11/16/2002).
    1. surroundpack: 5.1 Surround Plug-In Pack includes: AC-3 Encoder Plug-In & AC-3 DVD Burner!
  5. Sonic Foundry Knowledge Base ACID Basics Item # 1616: "5.1 surround sound vs. Dolby Digital (AC-3) in ACID Pro 4.0. Digital outputs do not support transmission of 5.1 channel audio that is not encoded into a digital format such as Dolby Digital. [Use an] AC-3 encoding program to create a Dolby Digital file." (11/19/2002)
  6. Digigram Multichannel Digital Audio Encoder - - "Multichannel encoding software for Dolby Digital 5.1 that creates a multichannel sound with no special hardware" and Full version of Xtrack included for Multitrack [PCM] digital audio editing (11/29/2002).
  7.  AC3 Decoder official page - Ogg, MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3 (11/30/2002).
PC Sound Technologies In The News:
  1. Minnetonka Audio Software: Minnetonka Audio Debuts Dolby Pro Logic II Encoder - Minnetonka Audio Software has announced that it has developed the first software application for Dolby Pro Logic II encoding: the new SurCode™ for Dolby® Pro Logic® II. The introduction of this Dolby Pro Logic II software encoder allows broadcasters, game developers, video producers, and audio professionals everywhere to easily encode surround sound into stereo delivery formats for television, games, cable programming, and many other media. The SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II encoder will soon be available for purchase from Minnetonka Audio (at and authorized dealers) as a standard Virtual Studio Technology (VST) plug-in, which is compatible with many Digital Audio Workstations. SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II will also be available as a stand-alone software encoder for the PC. Both versions will feature an MSRP of $495. "Dolby Pro Logic II is an exceptional surround sound technology and we are very excited to provide the first software encoder to the audio world," said John Calder, Director of Marketing at Minnetonka Audio. "We expect Pro Logic II software encoding to become a big part of the sound industry." (6/7/2003)

    1. SurCode -- Minnetonka Audio Software: Audio Software Encoders

  2. IO Bus - Peripheral Bus: - Intel kicks off nex-gen audio effort: "Azalia codecs sit on a dedicated bus linking to dedicated audio, telephony or communications devices. The bus runs at a selectable 3.3-1V. It supports 24 Mbit/second audio inputs and "double-pumped" 48 Mbit/second audio output." (5/19/2003).
  3. Stereophile Magazine - News Desk: "Intel's next generation "High Definition Audio" standards [program codenamed Azalia], which were announced at the Spring 2003 Intel Developers Forum." (2-25-03)
  4. PureNotes and Merging Announce First Noise Removal Implementation for DSD/SACD - Merging Technologies and PureNotes Ltd announced today that they will be releasing noise removal tools that can operate in Pyramix's DSD domain. A pre-release live demo of the technology will be available at the Merging Booth at AES Amsterdam from March 22-25, 2003.

    "The Pyramix digital audio workstation is, in our view, the most cost effective, high quality, real-time solution for professional use and is a technology leader in the DSD multi-channel record, editing and mastering market. Merging have always been interested improving the results of audio restoration and we are very happy to have this opportunity to work with them. Together we will bring a higher level of quality and ease of use to the noise removal market. I believe this is the first noise removal product that is designed for DSD/SACD." Said Manelli Hosseini, CEO of PureNotes Ltd. (3/20/2003)
  5. Dolby Surround Tools Now Supporting Pro Tools|HD (12/7/2002).
  6. images/bullet2.gifHighM.A.T. - High-Performance Media Access Technology (10/18/2002)!
  7.  Understanding Secure Audio Path (1/26/2002).
  8. Microsoft - HDCD - High Definition Compatible Digital® (HDCD®) is a patented encode/decode process for delivering the full richness and detail of the original microphone feed on Compact Discs and DVD-Audio HDCD - CD Players [High Resolution PCM Recording!] (1/22/2002).
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