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If I were Building a System Today... Rev 7 by Joe Whinery (5/12/03)


BuildOrBuy News -
BURN-Proof Technology:

Burn-Proof Logo. Click to View List! - A proprietary technology, which helps protect from Buffer Under Run Errors while burning CD-R/CD-RW's. BURN-Proof stands for Buffer Under RuN error Proof.

Certificate List of CD Drives - From the first BURN-Proof verification center in Japan.

BURN-Proof, developed by SANYO Electric Co., Ltd., is the technique to record the end point of the data and the following data beginning point without the gap even if the write error (Buffer Under Run Error) which occurs by data forwarding from host (PC) cutting temporarily while writing of the data from the CD-R/RW drive to the CD-R/RW media.

BURN-Proof prevents the record failure of CD-R/RW and it is remarkable as technology to make it be possible to use safely as the back-up media of choice.

When product has passed verification, it is issued an authorization proof and a product name as mentioned in the authorization product list. Note Firmware Version on Certification List. See Drive Manufacturer regarding Firmware Revisions. System Solution Center Tochigi Co., Ltd.; 'BURN-Proof' is a Trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

BP-Center: BURN-Proof verification center in Japan.

Burn-Proof Logo. Click to View List! is a Trademark of SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.

Burn-Proof Coverage:
  1. Sanyo's new HD-BURN Features: BURN-Proof - From CD-R (700MB) to HD-BURN (1.4GB). Currently for CD-R Data only!
    1. SANYO develops high density recording technology HD-BURN -Doubles the recording capacity of conventional CD-R media (9-25-02).
  2. images/bullet2.gifBurn-Proof Features PDF
  3. Original BuildOrBuy Coverage
  4. Technical Info - BURN-Proof
  5., NOT!
  6. CDR-Info, The Recording Authority
  7. CDR-Info, The Recording Authority
  8. images/ - cd-roms Product
  9. images/bullet2.gifBufferUnderrun error, destroying CDs


BURN-Proof (Buffer Underrun Protection) Aware Applications:
  1.  Burn CD Create audio and data music easily with our CD Burner! (12/16/2002)
  2. Audio CD Maker
  3. Golden Hawk Technology: CDRWIN
  5. Poikosoft - Easy CD-DA Extractor
  6. Sonic Foundry - CD Architect 5.0: CD Writing, Buffer underrun protection
  7. Sonic Foundry Downloads: CD Architect 5.0
  8. (Roxio) WinOnCD
CD-R Media
CD Record
CD Tests
Burn - Buffer Underrun Technologies
Yamaha SafeBurn



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