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CD-R Media News:
  1. From George Walker: CD-R media testing for quality - Hardware Reviews - (8/26/2002).
  2. images/bullet2.gifr o x i o Choosing Blank Media for Music CDs (8/12/2002).
  3. Measures of CD-R Longevity Published July 17, 2001 (8/12/2002).
  4. High 32-40x speed media delivers unacceptable quality! (8/12/2002)
  5.  Feature The Harmony Central Guide to CD-R for Audio (8/01/2000).


CD-R Media Technology:
  1. Taiyo Yuden: CD-R Media Inventor (Cyanine [sy-a-neen] - Emerald Green & Cobalt Blue) Licensed.
  2. Mitsui Toatsu Media manufacturer of cd-r and dvd-r ! (Phthalocyanine [thalo-sy-a-neen]- Light Green / Yellow Hue) Licensed. 
  3. Verbatim, Mitsubishi - Read: Super Azo Technology / Metal AZO [ay-zo] Formulation (Sky Blue) Licensed. 
  4. Knock Off, No Name Brands - Copy Cats.


  1. TWiki . Wikilearn . ATIP [ATIP - Absolute Time In Pre-groove] What is ATIP and how does it work as copy protection?
  2. CD-R ATIP Reader
  3. CDR-Info, The Recording Authority: CD-R ATIP Reader
  4. CD Media World - CD-DVD Utilities: CD-R ATIP Reader
  5. Unrecorded Disc Tests - ATIP Data
  6. CDR Identifier by Glueckert, Wolf, Machelett & Partner: Read ATIP (Absolute Time in Pre-Groove) of a CD-R media. 
  7. images/bullet2.gifFeurio! CD Writer: Also Sold through Nero; Reads CD-R ATIP & Does Digital / Analogue Playback + selects which Sound Card to use if applicable!
  8. r o x i o Useful Links:


CD-R Media - Name Brands:
  1. Fujifilm: - Optical Discs
  2. HP CD-R - CD-RW media:
  3. Imation:
    1. Imation - Ask the Expert Archive: Why are there different colors of CD-R discs? Is there a difference between colors?
    1. What actually makes a Maxell CD-R appear green, gold, or blue-
  6. Memorex:
  7. Site Map for SANYO Laser Products - CD Tech Info -
    1. CD-ROM-CD-Audio Glossary by SANYO Laser Products
    2. SANYO Announces Name Change, Jan 10 2001: SANYO-Verbatim CD Company Announces Name Change (January 15, 2001).
  8. Sony Media Solutions:
  9. TDK:
    1. TDK CD-R Technology
  10. Verbatim: (Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)


Data Recovery
Digital Audio Extraction
DVD Recordable
Media Players
CD Media World - CD-R Quality
Recordable FAQ
CDR-Info, The Recording Authority
CD-R ATIP Reader
CDs 21 Solutions
Media Supply
r o x i o CD-R Glossary, cont.

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