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images/bullet2.gifSound Cards
Sound Card Tests:

One of the best ways to really test a PC - Check out the BuildOrBuy CD Indexes! Try the Audio & Video Testing applications.

  1. - Virtual Audio Labs: BIP Oscilloscope, etc. (8/20/2003)
  2. TDK Electronics - Knowledge Bank - veloCD - Archiving Vinyl to CD-R-RW: Sound Cards (5/30/2002).
  3.  7 Shades SoundPrism RTA - Real Time Spectrum Analysis at an Affordable Price!
  4. images/bullet2.gifAlgorithmix Sound Card Tester: From Tom Tyner. Does your Sound Card Measure up?
  5.  RightMark Audio Analyzer
  6.  PAS Products audio spectrum analyzer
  7. images/  PC Audio Tests & Procedures - Makers of Audio Precision System One (Discontinued), System Two Cascade Plus & ATS-2 Audio Test System.
  8.  Audio WinBench
  9.  FreeVIEW sound
  10.  Home of the MasterPinguin: Pinguin Audio Meter for Professional Audio Metering.
  11. images/  PCAVTech Sound Card Technical Benchmarks
  12. Audio Analysis & Processing - Sample Champion
  13. SEK'D: SONOSCOPE - Real Time Spectrum Analysis and Audio Measurement
  14. images/ Measure, Analyze & Control - Developers of SmaartLive and SIA Acoustic Tools sound system measurement, acoustic analysis and real-time control software (7/11/2002).
  15. images/ Sound Technology Spectrum Analyzer
  16.  Spectrogram: Audio Spectrum Analysis
Sound Technology
Web Casting
Brown Bear

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