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BuildOrBuy Group Network
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BuildOrBuy Research: 
  1. Components
  2. Notes - Currently Media Experiments
  3. NTFS - NT File System
  4. Non Performance Rebate Rip-Off Issues
  5. Windows 2000 Event Logs; Event Viewer.
  6. Yamaha Audio Products & Technologies
  7. Dictionaries

Products, Topics and Subject matter we Research depend upon many factors including timeliness, historical value, hot topics and the technology 'WOW Factor'.

We're also researching Audigy problems and we're ok with Audigy on Win2000 using Joe's Specs above. Some WinXP Users are reporting less than stellar performance with everything from BSOD to system lockups to Creative's tweakitus. Having GigaStudio support is another issue with Audigy. GigaStudio requires GSIF drivers and Audigy does not have it! All new sound cards will have WDM drivers and require Win98SE and above. If you're wondering, GigaStudio is a software Hard Disk Streaming Sampler for Windows.

  1. GA-7VAXP Ultra (SerialATA) (2/4/2003).
  2. GA-7VAXP (FireWire).
  3. www.Giga-Byte.com - GA-7VRXP (ATA RAID) (4/26/2002).
  4. images/bullet2.gifwww.giga-byte.com:  GA-7VRXP
    1. images/bullet2.gifAxionTech.com - Product Info on GA-7VRXP


Current Research included but not limited to:

Windows 2000 Logon Security Issues...

  1. How to Enable Automatic Logon in Windows 2000 (Q234562) (1/26/2002).
  2. Windows 2000 Logon Passwords (Q258289) (1/26/2002).
  3. Windows 2000 Run as a User
  4. Windows 2000 Secondary Logon (Run As)
  5. Handle Logons in Windows NT and Windows 2000 with Your Own Logon Session Broker
  6. Auditing Windows 2000
  7. Windows NT and Windows 2000 Security Log Settings
  8. Windows 2000 Set-Up Procedure - DUN / LAN
  9. Windows 2000 Professional Dial Up Networking
  10. Annoyances.org - Get Rid of the Logon Screen
  11. Counterpane- Log Analysis- Windows Logging
  12. Step-by-Step Guide to Using Secondary Logon in Windows 2000
  13. W2K and NT Security Event Log Descriptions
  14. 2000 Event Log Management and Intrusion Detection (ppt)
  15. Windows 2000 Internet Connection Wizard - Seanet (DUN)
  16. Windows 2000 Logon and Authentication - Technical Articles ...


Previous Research Topics:

webcam.html - An experiment. Let us know if you're interested in our progress or research. We'e exploring Web Cam for SOHO Security & possible BuildOrBuy Event Session Streaming. Comments: WebCam@BuildOrBuy.net. For now, see: Surveillance - Digital Video Camera Surveillance.

  1. X10.com - Your Home Automation, Entertainment and Security Supersite!
  2. EarthCam - Webcam Network
  3. WebCam World WebCams Directory, WebCam Help,... first and biggest WebCam Portal!
  4. WebcamNow The most advanced free Webcam community
  5. [webcamXP] the ultimate webcam tool
  6. Internet monitoring, live streaming video, and webcam software from Surveyor Corporation
  7. WebCam - Truetech
  8. Standalone WebCam Server. Self-Contained Web Camera for Remote Monitoring Using Internet
  9. Surveillance Webcam Server


  1. Win2000 Migration Tools 
  2. Windows 2000 - User State Migration Tool - Resource Kit Tool.

  3. User State Migration in Windows XP

  4. Iomega.com: Download our FREE Migration Tool Software

  5. Windows Product Activation (WPA)
  6. 3 Ways Of Disabling Creative NewsUpd.exe -
  7. Solutions To Problems We've Documented @ BuildOrBuy
  8. Creative's Audigy Sound Card chipset -
  9. Windows 2000 & Windows XP - Which Way Do We Go? 
  10. Windows WDM Audio Driver Model -
  11. Win2000 Pro File Systems - FAT 32+ or NTFS and why... Short-term If you're comfort zone from Win98SE is FAT32, ok, keep it. Long-term - Users will prefer NTFS. Security, File Size and Disk Fragmentation are other issues to address.  For now, see: Defrag. Even NTFS benefits from Disk Defragmentation.
  12. Processors - Chipsets Rule! -
  13. Routers - What to Look For -
  14. WavToMidi Files Conversions -
  15. Security Issues - Protection! -
  16. Trade Show Dilemmas - Too Many?!?
  17. Broadband, ISP's and Data Centers & DNS Tools.
  18. BackUp Solutions - Tape, SAN / NAS, CD-RW... DVD-RAM or DVD+RW; Drive Imaging? -
  19. research-bak.html - Currently Disaster Recovery Solutions +.

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